Toni's Dilemma

Saint Mark's , Portland- 1994

Toni Cipriani had been called into Salvatore's office, the young 24 year Leone wiseguy had impressed the Leone Family don over the past several months.

"Toni Cipriani, you have really impressed me over the past several months, there's just one thing I need you to do," Salvatore said. "The Gambettis have been causing me problems, go over to Shoreside Vale and kill their lead capo Fabio Gambetti"

"The Gambettis? They're the most powerful mafia in Liberty City" Toni said.

"Exactly, which is why I need you to do this for me" Salvatore said "Do this for me and I'll give the world."

Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale

Toni was obviously very nervous, the Gambettis were in the middle of a meeting. Toni was hidden in the bushes clutching his Colt Python. He had to wait for the meeting to end before he could kill Fabio. Midway through the meeting, one of the men looked over and noticed him.

"Hey what are you doing?"

His cover blown, Toni knew he had to act now. He hopped out of the bushes and took out 6 men before ducking into cover to reload and taking out the remaining 4 men. Fabio however had fled during the shooting.

Toni wasted no time and pursued Gambetti in his Leone Sentinel. Toni chased Gambetti across Shoreside Vale before he rammed Gambetti's stinger causing the car to flip.

The car smoked before catching fire. As Fabio crawled out the car exploded. Badly shaken, he rose to his feet before Toni came behind him and put the gun to the back of his head.

"Walk" Toni told him.

Toni forced Gambetti to walk to the edge of a cliff.

"You shall pay for this, news of my death shall spread quickly" Gambetti warned him.

Toni ignored him and pulled the trigger and shot Gambetti 3 times in the back of the head.

Toni watch as Gambetti's body fell into the water. He then took Gametti's words into consideration and realized they were true.

Toni fled to Francis International Airport and made a phone call to Salvatore to explain the situation.

"Toni don't worry, I've got a friend in Vice City you can reside with until this situation blows over" Salvatore told him.

And so Toni fled Liberty City, never to return for 4 years