Laying Low Elsewhere

It was gone, it was all gone. Everything Tommy had worked for had gone up in smoke, literally. The Boatyard, gone. InterGlobal, gone. Malibu Club, gone. His $85 million mansion, gone. It was all gone. In the blink of an eye, he had lost everything. Vice City wasn't his anymore. Tommy's thoughts were interrupted by a sudden news report.

"This just in; Gang violence rocks Vice City today as thousands of gang members belonging the Vance Gang destroy several major businesses in Vice City. They are believed to have been assisted by Liberty City maria the Gambettis. The businesses were owned by Vice City's most powerful citizen, Tommy Vercetti. Vercetti's mansion was also attacked and Mr. Vercetti is believed to be dead."

Tommy switched off the radio. Fortunately, Tommy had been a forward thinking man. Tommy knew that every dog had his day, so he struck up a business deal in Las Venturas, San Andreas. He invested in Caligula's casino, run by Triad leader Wu Zi Mi. Woozie wasn't his only ally in San Andreas however.

"So where are we going?" Toni asked.

"Las Venturas, I have a couple connections in San Amdreas." Tommy replied.

"S-San Andreas? I can't go to San Andreas, those mafia douchebags will tear me apart" Ken panicked.

"Calm down, Ken. After the death of Marco Forelli and Johnny Sindacco, the Leones became took over the casino, making a truce with the San Andreas Triads" Toni told him.

Six hours later, the helicopter landed on the site of Tommy's San Andreas safe house. A black man wearing a blue business suit was there to greet Tommy when he landed.

"Tommy Vercetti, how's it going, baby?!"

"L-Lance Vance? But y-you're dead, Tommy k-k-killed you" Ken argued.

"No he didn't man, it was a set up" Lance revealed.

"It was all Lance's idea" Tommy continued. "Lance faked the betrayal to draw Sonny into a trap so I could kill him. After my negotiations with the Triads, I sent Vance to look after our assets"

"B-But, why didn't you ever tell me?" Ken asked.

"Because Ken you were a drug up cocaine addict who probably would've sold us out" Tommy said.

"Fair enough" Ken replied.

"Damn, you think of everything don't you?" Toni asked.

"If all those mafia movies taught me anything, it's to 1) Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer, 2) Never Underestimate the other guy's greed, 3) Don't Get High Off Your Own Supply, and 4) Always watch your back" Tommy said.

"So what brings you here to San Andreas?" Lance asked.

"Your pin head brother revived your old gang, teamed up with the Gambettis, and tried to kill me." Tommy said.

"Damn it Pete, I told you not to get involved in the gang life" Lance muttered under his breath.

"Can you get him to call off the attack?" Toni asked.

"That wouldn't be the wisest move" Tommy said. "The Gambettis would find out we survived the ambush and use the phone call to track us or if Pete could unintentionally reveal our whereabouts."

"So we're forced to sit and wait until the situation cools down?" Ken asked.

"Unfortunately yes, until we can gain enough allies to help us take back Vice City." Tommy answered. "I'll call my friend Woozie and see if I can get his help."

"Woozie? As in Wu Zi Mi?" Ken asked. "Why didn't you say so, it just so happens I have a friend who's close with Woozie and it turns out he happens to be co leader of Los Santos most powerful gang…"