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When the word is like this it means that is a thought.

When the word is like this it means that it's using ASl (American Sign Language).

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The road is calm, there was never a lot of traffic. I look at the backseat and see a beautiful face. She looks so peaceful when she's asleep. I think with a goof smile at my face.
A few minutes have pass and I can see the guy I was looking for. Stanley Richmond. And he was with his sister Bonnie. Perfect!

I stopped the car and that made Hope wake up. She looked around and said:

"This is Jericho?"

"Yes Hope, it is. I am going to leave for a few minutes, stay here and behave ok?"

She laughs at me.

"Got it dude!"

I see Stanley and I walk towards him.

"Ow! I can't believe it! Jake Green! How are you doing man?" Stanley says while hugging me. "When did you get back to town?"

"Just now... Is that Bonnie?" I say looking at her.


"You grew up!" I answer.

"Wait a minute where the hell have you been?" Stanley says.

"Ahn, around..."

"Jake, no one has been 'around' for 5 years."

Think fast Jake, fast!

"The army, I've been in the army."

"Good for you. Hey, who is that?" Stanley says finally looking inside my car.

"Ow, that is Hope. And she is the reason i came to you first. I have some business here in Jericho and it might get... ahn... Intense. So I wanted to know if you or Bonnie could keep an eye on her until I come back." Then I turn to Bonnie. "Bonnie could you keep on eye on Hope, please? You don't have to worry 'cause she knows a little of ASL."

"No problem Jake, I also have to babysit my brother." Bonnie respond while we both start laughing.

"Ok, ok. Very funny you two! But seriously Jake, who is she?"

"Well, she is my daughter."

"What? Since when?"

"Since she was born, no, well, technically she is my daughter since her mother got pregnant."

"Ow... How old is she? Who is her mother? Where is her mother? Wait, is that a wedding ring? So that means that you are married now?"

"Stanley breath! Ok now. Let me answer those questions befor you start asking more ok?"


"Hope is 3 years old, I am married to her mother Katherine for 4 years now, and Kat is on her way here, she is probably already in Denver where she is going to get a cab and come here to meet us. I told her your adress already and she will be there to pick up Hope in a couple of hours, ok?"

"Ahn, ok. No problem. But dude I can't believe that you got married! I always thought you would come back still single and would try to get Emily to marry you. After all it always seemed that you two were soulmates."

"No we weren't. I love Kat more than I ever thought I could love someone. A lot more than I ever loved Emily, but if you want my adivice, you shouldn't talk about Emily were Kat can here you."

"Why? She's is the jealous type?"

I laugh. "No she's not. Unless it's Emily that we are talking about. I think it's because besides her, Emily is the most serious girlfriend I ever had."

"Ow, got it. But how Katherine looks like? Is she hot?"

Now I start laughing really hard.

"You didn't change a bit!" I try to calm myself down. "Wow, let me get Hope out of the car so you can meet her."

I walk towards the car to see Hope reading some fairytale. She doesn't notice me until I open the door.

"Ow, hey daddy!"

"Hey sweety, let's take you outside so you can meet Stanley and Bonnie. Got it?"

"Got it dude!"

I laugh and help her out of the car. In the minute that she is out she start fixing her hair. I look at her and can't help to feel pround of my self for putting in the world such a cute girl. She's the perfect mix of me and her mother. Kat always says that Hope is the mix of the best of me with the best of her. I take her hand and we walk towards Stanley and Bonnie.

"Guys, this is my daughter Hope. Hope those are the friends that I told you about, that's Stanley and that's his sister Bonnie."

"Hi Stanley! Hi Bonnie!" Hope says blushing.

"Hello Hope! It's so nice to meet you!" Stanley says while taking her of the ground for a hug.

"Hello sweety!" Bonnie says and hug her in the minute Stanley let Hope goes.

That is when I see someone that I don't recognise.

"Who is that?"

"That is from the IRS."

"IRS? Not going well?"

"No. Forget it! How about you and I go out tonight so we can catch up! You can bring your wife too, I'm sure that Bonnie can take care of Hope!"

"Ahn, I would love to but I just came here to see my grandfather. After that we gotta get back so... ahn..."

"Ok. Bonnie?" Stanley turns to Bonnie that is busy talking to Hope. Hope hear Stanley calling and sign to Bonnie that he is calling her.

"We need a pie..." Stanley starts saying but Hope interrupts.

"Pie? There is pie here? Can I eat? Please! Pretty Please!"

"Hope that is rude." I say serious.


"What? No need to apologize princess! Your father used to do the same thing! Just wait until he leaves that we will give you a hole pie! Just for you!" Stanley says.

"Really?" She asks smiling.


"Ow! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Hope says while jumping and hugging Stanley.

"Now Bonnie, the pie for Jake!"

Stanley say and then I turn to Bonnie.

"Thank you!"

We all laugh and then Stanley start hugging me.

"Welcome back to Jericho Jake!"

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