Title: Let's Do the Wacky

Author: Wingweaver

Disclaimer: Kaleido Star and its characters all belong to Junichi Sato and Gonzo Digimation Holding. No copyright infringement was intended (I merely borrowed the characters for a spot of fun).

Author's Notes: Well, well, well looks like we reached the seventh chapter! I know you guys want some Sora/Layla action already but don't worry because SOON—I'm setting everything up to make it happen.

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Chapter 7: Layla's Amazing Discovery!

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The door swung open violently and slammed against the door with a loud thud. The sudden loud noise surprised the occupants in the room; it made one of them jump back from the other as if they were burned. Layla walked in calmly as if nothing happened but despite her cool composure, she was seething inside.

Her eyes moved back and forth between Tenshi and Sarah. Tenshi looked ready to bolt and Sarah was calm (smiling even) but as much as Layla wanted to rip that smile on the diva's face, she came (burst in) here for someone else. She'll deal with Sarah later when she's done with Tenshi.

"Sarah?" Layla addressed the other blonde on the room but her eyes never left Tenshi's form. "If you don't mind, I would like to have a few words with Tenshi. Alone."

Sensing the tension in Layla's voice the smile on Sarah's face was immediately gone. She gave the younger blonde a strange look for a moment before nodding her consent.

"Alright, I'll leave you two at it then!" She said, walking out of the room and closing the door behind with less force than Layla had done earlier.

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"Hmm… I wonder." Sarah said after the door closed behind her with a click. She tapped a finger on chin while thinking about Layla's odd (violent) behavior.

"Miss Sarah, what's going on?"

The blonde turned around and saw May looking a bit disheveled.

She had decided to visit Layla earlier because she hadn't found time to talk to the blonde due to their busy training schedules. And with her lack of new clues or discoveries, she thought it would be a good idea to ask the blonde about Tenshi.

When she had knocked and entered the blonde's dressing room, she attempted to broach the topic (of Tenshi Azamuku) but Layla did it for her and asked not only about Tenshi but of Sora too.

She eagerly answered the blonde's questions as best as she could and even told Layla of the 'things' she found out about the boy the blonde was fine and even gave her opinion on some parts (both cringed when the tampons were mentioned). That is, until she mentioned the part of Sarah and Tenshi's relationship.

The blonde reacted by tensing up and the look on her eyes changing into a murderous look before suddenly storming off. May, not knowing what to do, followed Layla.

"I'm not entirely sure…" Sarah answered, a finger still tapping her chin. "…but I think Layla knows."

May frowned. Of course, Layla knows. She was, after all, the one who told the blonde of Sarah and Tenshi's affair but she was curious of the blonde's violent reaction.

"And you're okay with it?" May asked.

She walked towards the other and wrapped an arm around May's shoulders before walking away.

"I don't see anything wrong with it and I think it would be good for Tenshi to have someone else besides me."

Is she saying what I'm thinking?! May's eyes widened.

"He's a very good boy but he's been so tired lately, I thought Layla might help him out. She might be able to him company when I'm not around."

Oh god! Too much information! Too much!

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The tension was so palpable in the room that a knife can cut through it. Most of the tension came from the enraged blonde who was glaring at Tenshi, hoping that he would keel over and die or maybe spontaneously combust. As long he suffers a long agonized death, it didn't matter to Layla.

"Miss Layla—"

"You bastard!" The blonde interjected, her face contorted in anger, the composure that she had tried to hold on slipped away the moment her name left the young man's mouth. She rushed up to him, cutting the distance between them to less than a foot. "I thought you were different! I thought you cared for her!"

"W-what?" He backed away until his back hit the vanity table, leaving him no room for any further escape. "Miss Layla, I don't understand!"

"Don't play dumb with me!" She pressed further.

Tenshi lifted both hands to cover his face. He had never seen the blonde so angry before. Even when she had slapped Yuri for saying that she and Sora couldn't perform the Mystical Act, the blonde was still calm and perfect as ever.

But this…

Layla caught both of his wrists in one hand and pulled them away from his face. Her gripped around them was so strong that Tenshi thought they might break. If she wasn't so blinded by her own rage, she would've noticed how small they were and how soft the skin felt.

"Miss Layla, please let go. You're hurting me…"

A familiar started tune, jarring the blonde from her angry haze. The tune stopped and after a moment it started again. The tune was the song to their show Freedom. Her grip loosened on Tenshi and boy took the opportunity to get away.

He looked into his bag and took out his phone, the lights flashed on the device flashed on and off repeatedly. The words 'Press release' and 'photoshoot' blinked repeatedly at Tenshi, reminding him of the reason why they were in costume. He pressed a button and the device stopped its incessant ringing.

The silence that followed was overwhelming both of them stood unmoving, as if waiting for something to happen. He slowly turned to face the blonde, still expecting to see look of rage on her face but instead found Layla looking at him oddly. This unnerved him, first Layla seemed ready to tear him apart earlier and now she isn't. Not to mention that his cover was nearly blown.

"I think… I think we should go. If we don't leave now, we're going to be late and today's the press release." He said, after a moment and walked towards the door. "We don't want-"