The Clues Of Caterina Valentine

Cat finally has the guts to tell the one she loves that she likes him. He feels the same way. Then things go wrong. After Cat gets kidnapped by someone in her past, Beck and the gang must find her. Just when things looks like they are on the right path, they find Cat's gravestone and a picture of the last time she was alive. They start trying to realize that she is gone, but something isn't right. They start receiving messages from someone named "C". Beck gets his hopes up thinking it's Cat, but wait. Isn't Cat dead?

Chapter One: Falling Down

Cat's POV

I was brushing my red velvet hair when I heard my phone go off, again! It's been ringing all morning. It's downstairs charging, so I don't want to bother it. I wonder who's calling or texting me anyways. I grab my pink book bag and go downstairs. I check the clock. Oh, no! I'm running late for school. I rush over to my mother.

"Mom, can you drive me to school? I'm going to be late!" I ask her in desperation. She gives me a smirk with those warm brown eyes.

"Sure sweetie. See this is why your father and I told to not stay up late with your friends on a school night. We knew you would sleep in. Frankie already left for school!" she says laughing. she can be serious, but when I give her my puppy eyes she laughs.

"Thanks, Mom, you're the best! And I know." I give my dad a kiss on his forehead and he hugs me. I run to my mom.

"Bye, Cat. Have a nice day and be safe my little cupcake." I love it when he calls me that.

"Bye!" I wave as my mom and I skip out the door. We drive up to my school and I have this bad feeling.

"Bye mija, I'll see you later." We share a hug. I walk out my car and go into Hollywood Arts. I shrug off the bad feeling. What could go wrong?

"Hey, It's Cat Valentine and not real-life Cat! Haha I'm so funny and I LOVE red velvet cupcakes! Anyways leave a message and I'll-" Beck Oliver pressed the end button on his Pear Phone. He's been calling his favorite red-head all day. Where could she be? She was going to be late for school. He didn't think that staying at Karaoke Dokie would make this happen. Suddenly, he heard angelic humming, he turned around and a squealing red head runs into his arms.

"Cat! I've been trying to reach you all day! I could of given you a ride to school." He tells her. She takes out her Pear Phone and her eyes grow wide. She couldn't believe the missed texts and calls she has. Most are from Beck and Jade.

"Wow, they really were worried. Maybe I should finally tell Beck." She gives him a smirked. "You called?" She says sarcastically. She laughs after Beck folded his arms and pretended to be mad. "I woke up late, so it was too late to call you and ask you to give me a ride. My phone was charging anyways, so I didn't see your calls." He didn't move. She batted her eyes and he looked into the sad, wide brown eyes.

"Fine, I forgive you!" He poked her nose and she grinned from ear to ear.

"Yay!" She jumped and squealed. She flipped her hair back and got serious. She looked at her hands and started fiddling with her fingers, something she always did when she was nervous. "Beck?" He looked to her with his chocolate brown eyes showing he was listening. "Since tomorrow's Saturday. Can I come over to your RV? I have to tell you something." She finally looked up at him and he smiled.

"Anytime you want Cat." She grinned again and went back to her bubbly self. Beck wondered what she had to tell him since she grew all serious. Cat remembered what happened when Beck and Jade broke up a year ago. Jade was totally fine with it, so maybe it is time. Cat was upset about Jade calling Cat a pet and talked to Beck about it that night. He told her that Jade couldn't live without her, and that Jade called Cat a pet just because of her pride. That night, Cat found Jade crying in her room. Jade apologized for calling Cat a pet and they talked things through. Cat even told her about the crush she had on Beck and it seemed more than a crush.

"Out of all the girls in the world, I'm glad that it's you who likes him. It's only a matter of time before you two go out, Cat." Jade tells Cat.

"How do you know that?" Cat asks.

"He loves you. He loves talking about you and you make him happy. Better than I can. This is how it's suppose to be."

That conversation seemed to echoed in Cat's mind almost all the time. The one and only Jade West pushed Beck out of her way just to talk to Cat.

"Cat! Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you! Don't you answer your phone?" Jade yelled playfully at the red head.

"Sorry, I overslept." Cat smiles sheepishly.

"Well, at least you're not late." Jade hands Cat her script writing book and starts to walk to class.

"Hey guys, don't forget me!" Robbie came up running with his hand up Rex's back.

"How could they remember you? They only want you to do their homework." Rex countered.

"Rex! You know that's not true! They're my friends!" Robbie yelled at the puppet.

"Friends? So you have a red airhead freak, a broody gothic girl, and a guy with long hair, as your friends? Nice friends." Rex commented sarcastically. Jade glared at the puppet wanting to bite off his head and Beck just wants to rip off the puppets mouth.

"Robbie! Tell your stupid puppet to stop being mean to us!" Cat shrieked at the shocked boy with the black afro.

"He's not a puppet!" Robbie yells at the innocent red head.

"Yes he is!"

"No he's not!"

"Yell at Cat again and I'll beat you silly." Beck growled dangerously. Robbie whimpered and stayed silent, but that didn't stop the puppet from talking.

"Haa, Robbie scared of Beck!" Rex teased.

"Stupid puppet, say something else and I'll thrown you in that trash can." Jade threatened and motioned to the trash can by Cat's locker.

"Something else."

"Argh!" Jade groaned and snatched Rex from Robbie's arms and slammed him into the trash can.

"Jade! How could you?" Robbie screamed in shot digging throw the metal bin.

"Hey guys. Umm, what happened here?" Andre came with Tori and they both looked at the heated Jade, Cat, and Beck while Robbie was searching in the trash can.

"I'm not going to ask." Tori took a deep breath then relaxed. "Hey Beck, Jade, and Robbie." Tori skipped Cat purposely. Cat rolled her eyes. Two could play that game.

"For the millionth time, Tori, I'm. Not. Your. Friend." Jade countered.

"Well I don't want to be friends with a gank." Tori responded.

"Hmm no wonder you hate yourself." Jade spat with venom.

"No, actual I was talking about you."

"Oh," Jade growled.

"Come on Jade, Beck, Andre, Robbie, and Rex. We're going to be late for Sikowitz class." Cat peeped up. Everyone followed her including Tori. "Umm, I said everyone, but you, so you can stop walking with us." Tori glared at Cat as she smiled.

"That was fun at Karaoke Dokie last night." Andre blurted out while walking with the others to class.

"You guys went to Karaoke Dokie last night?" Tori peeped out of nowhere.

"That's none of your business. Go somewhere else; you're no longer part of this group.

"How many times do I have to say it? I'm sorry!" Tori pleaded. Cat and Tori were still mad at each other about the whole Danny incident. Yeah, sure, Cat punched Tori in the face and they forgave each other, but it's about what happened after. Cat was going to give Danny another chance, it's just that she… she went to Danny's house one day to talk about it. She saw Tori on his lap kissing him hungrily. Cat remembered that night too well. The way she fell to her knees, cupping her mouth, and crying. Danny gave her a sad look, but didn't say anything. Tori couldn't care less at the time, but see Cat in the broken state that she was in, shatters her heart today.

"Are you going to break up with Danny?" Beck asked. No body turned to look at the pleading brunette behind them. They just kept walking forward like nothing was going on.

"No." Tori said matter-of-factly.

"Then you're not forgiven." Robbie stated harshly.

"Andre? What about you?" Tori asked. Andre shook his head no slowly.

"Sorry, Tor, but if you hurt the baby of the group, you hurt all of his." Andre said sadly.

"Sorry, Vega, but nobodies on your side this time. Not even your sister Trina." Jade smirked. Then everyone left Tori by herself. Cat twisted her head to look at Tori. Cat gave her a look of sympathy then went back to laughing with her group.

"Cat, Tori, on the stage!" Sikowitz enthusiastically yelled from the window he was coming into class with. Cat and Tori walked awkwardly to the stage. "Okay so Cat, you're Marcela and, Tori, you're Patty. You two girls are fighting because Patty kissed Marcela's boyfriend. Remember to do a fight scene."

"How come Cat has the pretty name, while I have an ugly name." Tori complained.

"My favorite niece is named Patty." Sikowitz said sadly.

"My name is Patty!" Some girl apparently named Patty called out.

"Oh, I love the name Patty then." Tori smiled.

"This should be interesting." Beck sighed crossing his arms over his chest.

"Trust me, they've been through this." Jade remarked sarcastically.

"And action!" Sikowitz told the two girls. Cat suddenly grew red and began shouting angrily.

"Patty! How could you do this to me? I thought you were my best friend!"

"Well I'm sorry Marcela. I guess I still had tiny feelings for. Plus when you came to his house and we were making out, he told me to come over!" Tori quietly said.

"No, I asked him if I could come over and he told me he had no plans!"

"So, that doesn't mean anything!" the two girls grew into a heated conversation, spiting venom with their words towards each other until finally Tori had it. "You skunk bag!" With that, Tori lunged herself on top of Cat with both girls shrieking. Everyone jumped in their seats wondering what would happen next. Jade was about to grab Tori by her hair and beat her into a bloody pulp until Sikowitz gave her a look. Jade flared her nostrils and sat back down. After fighting with Tori for a while, Cat ended up on top of Tori. She clenched her hand into a fist and was about to send it to Tori's face.

"And scene!" Sikowitz leaped in front of the two girls. Cat hopped up happily and the bell rung.

"Oooh, the bell sang! Time for lunch!" Cat skipped out of class, but someone tapped her on the shoulder. Once she saw who it was she gasped. "I don't want to talk to you!"

"Cat, please! We need to fix this. Just please hear me out." Tori pleaded desperately, not letting Cat go. Cat could have easily pushed Tori out the way, but she didn't.

"I'm sick and tired of fighting. Especially over a boy! I guess I'm listening." Cat assumed.

"Thank you. Look, I'm so sorry. I knew you were going to give him another chance and the whole reason I went to his house was because I was jealous and I didn't want you to have him. I was so conceited and didn't know that I was hurting someone as sweet and innocent as you. you've never done anything bad to me and I just pretty much stabbed you in the back for no apparent reason. Seeing you in that broken state at Danny's house shattered my heart into a million pieces and knowing that I caused it made it worse. Please forgive me!" Tori was practically begging on her knees.

"You know that I was just barely starting to trust you and that you took that away." Cat said quietly. Tori nodded. "I think that we should slowly become friends again. I forgive you, but remember that we are not best friends yet."

"Oh my gosh, Cat. Thank you, thank you , thank you!" Tori had tears of joy. "let's head to lunch."

"Kay kay, but I better find Jade." Tori nodded than headed off.

"So, who wants to watch movies in my RV later?" Beck asked the others nonchalantly.

"Cool with me."

"Sounds fun."

"I don't care."

Andre, Robbie, and Jade responded.

"Cool, umm. Where's Cat?" Beck questioned.

"Umm, I don't know." Jade rubbed her lips together. "I still need to find her so she can do her performance at lunch."

" Her-," Jade cutted off Robbie by storming out the room. She caught sight of her favorite magenta colored hair friend skipping away from her locker. "Cat Valentine!" Jade was shouting which made Cat stop skipping, it made her squeal and run quickly to her best friend, Jade. "Okay, enough of the love!" Cat stopped bouncing up and down and calmed herself down.

"Guess what? Me and Tori are cool now." Jade raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry we're not really friends again."

"Good. Oh I'm deciding to change the song that you're singing at lunch." Jade was pulling Cat to the bathroom with a duffle bag in her hands.

"What? But I loved the song I was going to sing." Cat started to whine so Jade pulled some lyric sheets out of the bag and threw them at Cat. "Rude!" Cat glared at the goth and started reading the sheets. "Really a Selena Gomez song? ….. Ooh, I love this song!" Jade was pulling out an outfit from the bag and threw it at Cat.

"Go change into this."

"But, Jade Lunch is about to start and-"

"Change." Cat grabbed the clothes and stomped into the bathroom stall.

Minutes later, Cat is standing on the Hollywood Art's cafe's balcony waiting for the music to start or for Jade's cue. Jade was talking to Tori, so that meant the music was just about to start.

"I hope you know that this song is dedicated to you." Jade sneered at Tori. "You know, this is stupid and we're trying to be the bigger person. The fighting stops,"

"Hey everybody!" Cat cheered over the microphone. She was dressed in a gold glittery tank and some short shorts.

"Now." Jade smiled at Tori who nodded at Jade. Tori was just happy that this feud was finally over.

"Okay, so is everyone having a great lunch?" Everyone cheered at the little red head and she giggled. "I'm going to sing a song and it's dedicated to a special friend." Cat put quotation marks around when she said special. "This song is about how when everything falls down-" Jade signaled her to hurry up and to quit talking. "well you'll see." The music starts and she goes into harmony.

"Oh, oh, oh... Oh... Oh... Oh, oh...Oh, oh, oh... Oh... Oh... Oh, oh...You walk and talk

Like you're some new sensation

You move in circles" Cat spun around playfully and started walking up and down the balcony. "You don't need an invitation

You spend your money

You can get no satisfaction

You play it right so you can get the right reaction" Cat started dancing, sliding side to side, and making swift movements with her feet."It won't be long my darling" She shook a finger to say no and then made a "call me" sign with her hands.

"Pick up the phone

Nobody's on it

Where are your friends now baby" She shrugged her shoulders. She sure was having fun on the balcony while singing for once.

"AREN'T THEY the ones supposed to be there for...! (you...!)When you're falling down" She started bouncing up and down learning the beat. She couldn't believe people were actually enjoying this. Her friends and everyone were cheering her on and started dancing to the music as well.

"The world starts spinning round, You...! (you...!)" Cat spun around and giggled. She didn't care if it was unprofessional. She was having a great time and no one could ruin it.

"When you're falling down

Now it's not all about, You...! (you...!)

When you're falling down,

You know I'll be around...

When you're falling down, falling down!" She started to whisper the next line. "You're falling down, you're falling down... You're falling down" She went back to singing and being silly.

"What's out of place when you look into the mirror?

The truth is blurry but the lies are getting clearer

Your eyes are fixed, your smile is so elastic

You gave me roses but they're all just made of plastic It won't be long my darling

Pick up the phone

Nobody's on it

Where are your friends now baby?

All of the ones supposed to be there for...! (you...!)When you're falling down" Cat started to jump up and down again as the music went through her. "The world starts spinning round, You...! (you...!)

When you're falling down

Now it's not all about, You...! (you...!)

When you're falling down,

You know I'll be around...

When you're falling down, falling down!Smile for the camera, everybody's looking at ya!" Cat pretended that she was taking pictures with an invisible camera. "Smile for the camera, 'cause they're all about to trash ya

Smile for the camera, camera... (camera)

Smile for the camera..

Who's gonna catch ya?

You...! (you)! (you...!)

When you're falling down

The world starts spinning round,

You...! (you...!)When you're falling down

Now it's not all about, You...! (you...!)

When you're falling down,

You know I'll be around...

When you're falling down, falling down!Smile for the camera, everybody's looking at ya!

Smile for the camera, 'cause they're all about to trash ya" Cat squealed and was done acting silly in front of everyone. She felt better, but she really thought that it was stupid to sing a song just to forgive someone. "So what did you guys think?" She asked in a high pitched voice. The Café erupted in cheers. "Oh my gosh! I feel so loved!" she giggled and hopped down the stairs and ran to where her friends were. Jade was the first one to give Cat a hug since she pushed the guys out of the way. Beck was next and he kissed her on her forehead just like he did when she saved them from being stuck in the RV. Trina came out of no where to hug her best friend, pushing Robbie and Andre out of the way.

"Oh my God, Cat! You were amazing, but never better than mwah." Trina pointed to herself and Jade rolled her eyes.

"Please, Cat has more talent in a finger than you have in your whole entire body." Cat slapped Jade's arm. "Ow!"

"Be nice!" Cat laughed.

"When am I going to get to hug Lil Red!" Andre pouted folding his arms. Cat wrapped her arms around him and he smiled. Robbie held out his arms pouting and Cat leaped in them happily. Tori came over sheepishly and began to speak.

"You guys, I'm so sorry! I'll dump Danny. Being friends with you guys is way better." she looked like she wanted to cry. They all thought about. Tori wasn't a bad person. She just made a mistake; everyone makes them. At least she learned her lesson.

"I hope you know that Cat sung that song because it meant that we forgave you." Beck said. Everyone hugged Tori, well except for Jade.

Beck couldn't believe that his plan worked. He told Jade to make Cat sing a song and it worked. Everything was better than it had started. There was one thing bad though. He had a gut wrenching feeling and it had to deal with Cat. Didn't everything end well at school? Yes, but that feeling was still alive in the pit of Beck stomach and it was something he could not shrug off.

Okay so There's Chapter 1 and iThink That It's Pretty Stupid, But iHad No Idea On How To Start This Story. IDon't Hate Tori She Is Actually a Big Help To The Story. So Yeah. At Least Three Reviews and I'll Update and I'm Putting a Preview So You Can Know What Happens Next.

Preview on Chapter Two: The White Van

Beck was holding Cat's hands not wanting to let her go. He noticed that the white van still hasn't left. "Are you sure that you want to walk home alone?" Cat nodded her head. Why was Beck even worrying?

Yeah, it's not like it's night time yet, Beck." She said. She sounded so sure of herself so he let her go. "Bye Beck, bye Jade, bye Andre, and bye Robbie." She waved at her friends before walking out the door. They all waved back and watched her leave.

"Dude, why did you make a big deal about her walking home? Yeah, sure I don't want her to walk home alone either, but it's not like she live so far away." Jade said. She had a point. Why was he worrying."I don't know it's just that-" The group of friends all snapped their heads to where the screaming was coming from. It was coming from outside. Then they all realized that the person that was screaming was calling their names.

It's Lil Red!" Andre shouted. They all saw Cat forcefully being thrown into the white van that Jade had suspicions about earlier. The van started to drive away with Cat screaming in it.

"Andre, Jade get in your cars, now! Robbie you call the cops and we'll try to chase that van! Try to get a hold of Tori's dad!" Beck yelled at everyone while Jade and Andre headed to their cars and Robbie started to dial 9-1-1. They were going to get Cat back somehow.