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Clues Of Caterina Valentine

Chapter Nineteen: We Found a Body

Jose's POV (Don't worry this is the first && last time I do this. It's just to show how Cat is really losing herself && is... Well broken & scared I guess.)

I walked in the hallway stopping outside Cat's room with her plate of food and water bottle. The blonde girl, I think her name is Haley or something, she couldn't come today because she had to do something for this one guy, Danny. Cat's ex-boyfriend.

I guess they're forcing Danny to do this because you can tell he doesn't want any part of this and that he really cares about Cat. Sucks for him, but he's up to something, not something bad... but I don't know. Maybe he's helping Cat?

I'm suppose to hit Cat. I can't do that. I just can't. She's already been through enough and I really need her to trust me. It will save the both of us from here.

I take a deep breath and twist the rusty knob and push the door making it scrap along the floor. I walk in slowly closing the door behind me. Cat immediately sits up and as soon as her eyes catch mine she throws her arms up flinching and squeezing her eyes shut.

"Don't hit me! Please." She begs her voice quivering at the end. Is she really this afraid? I can't believe what they're putting her through her.

"I'm not going to hit you, promise." She just starts trembling more. "I just came to bring your food." I show her the plate giving her a tiny nervous smile. She hesitantly puts her arms down and wraps them around her sides still shaking.

"Oh... I'm really hungry." That just makes me feel even more bad for her. "Where's my only friend here? She has blonde hair."

At first I don't know who she's talking about, but then it clicks. "Oh, she had to do something for Danny." She nods her head in understanding and I lay the plate in front of her. She flinches and scoots back in fear and I quickly step back holding my hands up in surrender.

"You're new, aren't you?" She asks me her big brown eyes staring at me. I nod my head.

"You know Mr. Vega?" I say kneeling down getting closer to her so no one can hear. She whimpers, but then calms down nodding her head slowly. "He sent me here to go undercover. He's going to rescue us." Her eyes widen and hope glimmers into her empty brown eyes. It's like she gave up a long time ago. I hold a finger to my lips telling her to keep the secret and she shakes her head in agreement smiling. I walk out of her room closing the door behind me only to be slammed against the wall with the guy's,who's always hitting Cat, hands balled up into my collar.

"What the hell, man!" He shouts in my face. "You do know that there's a camera in there!" Wait, what? Aw, man. What do I say? I need to make up a lie or else they'll kill me! "You were suppose to hit her!" Then an idea hits me!

"Yeah, I know, I know!" I say gently trying to push his arms away, but he just tightens his grip. He knows I could easily kick his ass, but just wait. "You see this was my idea." I put a fake smirk on and his eyebrows knit together in confusion. "Look, if we really want her to suffer, then I try to earn her trust by pretending to protect her and not hurting her. Then in the end I just snap and turn on her. You won't believe how bad it will hurt her." I say faking a smile and finally he drops his arms and folds them across his chest with a creepy evil grin on his face. "Just imagine you being locked up and beaten and taken away from everyone who cares about you. And the one person who was always there for you and the one person who you thought would be the light for setting you free, just turns evil on you. It will crush her and make her lose everything." I finish and he claps.

"So that's why you made that thing up about Mr. Vega, huh?" I nod my head. I can't believe I was best friends with this guy. "Man, nice. I thought you gone all soft, but you still got it!" We do our special handshake and go our separate ways.

What did I get myself into?






Jade, Beck, Andre, Tori, Robbie, and Trina all sat in the Alspat Cafe listening to the beautiful ceremony that was being held. Posters that students made were hanging up, a slides of pictures were being played on the big screen on the balcony, students that the gang didn't even know were going one by one to give speeches and their wishes on how they hope Cat comes back. It was just all so heartbreaking seeing how much Cat means to Hollywood Arts. Could three months really have passed since the day she was kidnapped?

Sikowitz walked up to the microphone and began to speak. "You know how everyone wants to help find Cat and there are barely any clues as to where she is?" He asked his voice cracking at the end. Everyone nods solemnly wondering where he was going with this. "Well, the police are having search parties around this area and they have given the students and staff of Hollywood Arts permission to help pass out flyers, inform people on the street of what's going on, and even help them look in the woods for any signs of Miss Valentine." Sikowitz looked like he's been crying, but even so, everyone erupted in cheers and were celebrating that they could help find Cat.

"Okay, so what are we doing?" Andre asked feeling a little better that police were actually trying to find his best friend.

Tori thought about it. "Maybe we should split into groups?" Tori gave a suggestion and it lit up the others faces. "Oh, we'll since you guys like it then... Me and Andre will do flyers!" Tori yells pulling Andre's arm making him yelp and grab his guitar. She really wanted to work with Andre because he's really been there for her and because she loved the butterflies that would grow in her stomach whenever she was around him. The only problem was that she didn't understand them.

"How do you know that I don't want to work with him?" Jade growled making them stop in their tracks while Beck, Trina, and Robbie stood there awkwardly. Andre is Jade's best friend and is one of the only true friends that she's had since middle school and she wasn't going to let Tori just sweep in and take him away.

"Because I'm his best friend!" Tori playfully said not knowing that Jade was being serious.

"And I'm not?" Jade snapped feeling a little offended that Tori would think that she had no true friends.

"No." Tori said trying to hide her smile, but then Jade's nostrils flared. Tori froze realizing that Jade was being serious.

"Oh." Jade said glaring daggers at Tori and to think Jade was starting to be nice to Vega.

"Oh my god, Jade, I was just playing you can come with us!" Tori tried to reason. Jade folded her arms, man, she missed Cat a lot and Cat wouldn't want everyone fighting and being sad, or mad at each other.

"Yeah, we could pass out flyers, make a poster, start shouting and acting stupid to get people's attention, and we can even sing a song." Andre said smiling at Jade squeezing Tori's warm hand and motioning to his guitar. Jade thought about it. It did sound fun and she hasn't had any fun in a while.

"Yeah, I guess." Jade shrugged pretending not to be interested.

"So, I guess us three could be together?" Trina asked hoping Beck and Robbie won't pair up and leave her. She honestly didn't want to be alone right now.

Beck shrugged dully. "I guess." He said making sure his long sleeves were down even though it was starting to get warm. No one could ever know his secret. Robbie nodded happily. Maybe Beck will finally start acting a little more like himself.

Jade noticed how Beck kept making sure his sleeves were down. Something was really really wrong with him. She had to do something about it or at least know why he kept doing that. He better not be doing what she thought he was. "Um, maybe Beck and I could help Sikowitz with whatever he's doing, Trina and Robbie could go look in the woods with police and other students for any signs, and you and Tori could do what you said you were going to do." Jade told Andre and the others.

"Wait, you don't want to come with us?" Andre didn't mind spending time with Tori by himself, but he hasn't had a real conversation since they got into that car crash. He really wanted everyone to heal instead of being broken like him and the rest of them have been.

"I do, but..." Jade tried to come up with a good excuse without saying that she actually cared about her friends, but it was getting harder and harder to keep this tough act up even though she just wants to curl up and cry. Maybe Trina was right. They really do need to talk. "I just think we could do more if we were split up like this." Everyone nodded in agreement.

Beck rose one of his eyebrows wondering why Jade wanted to be with him, especially alone. Didn't she like Cat's brother? Oh wait, she better not be trying to get back together with him. They are done. He's in love with Cat and there is no question about that. Jade grabbed one of Beck's arm and lead him into the school looking for Sikowitz without another word.

Robbie and Trina headed with the group of students and police who were about to go into the woods a couple of miles away from Hollywood Arts. "Alright, so here is what we have to do." A cop started while a blonde female cop gave every person gloves and a flashlight.

"Why do we need gloves?" Someone asked. Robbie rolled his eyes.

"So we don't get our DNA on important evidence making it look like we did something." Robbie told them as he put his gloves on. He was a little scared of what he would find. What if Cat's dead body was somewhere out there and he found it? He didn't even want to think about it, but the image flashed through his mind anyways.

"That's right, son!" Another policeman said high fiving him. "Alrighty then. Are we ready?" Everyone nodded or yelled or cheered excited that they could skip school and do this, but almost everyone feared the same thing. Cat's dead body being out there, especially Trina.

Jade and Beck walked in the halls about to turn to the hall where Sikowitz classroom was until Jade grabbed Beck's arm making him turn to her. Beck furrowed his eyes at the girl wondering what she was doing.

Her eyes didn't move away from his arm. Her other hand rested onto of his wrist her fingers just barely under the sleeve ready to pull it up. She gulped. Could she really do this and find out if he was or wasn't cutting? She slowly looked up to his face and he just stared down at her like an innocent child. She couldn't do this. Could she really just trust him? She should. She's known this boy since elementary and she knows better than to accuse him of self harming.

"Whatcha doing?" Beck asked casually finally breaking the silence once her eyes drifted back to his arm. His heart was racing, but good thing he was such an amazing actor. What was she thinking? What was she trying to do? Was this why she changed her mind to go with him? To see what he was hiding under his sleeve? Beck tried to come up with the answers to his own questions, but mentally shook his head. 'Don't think that or she will find out.'

Jade finally snapped out of it. "Oh, nothing. I was going to tell you something, but... I forgot." Jade trusted Beck. He was her best friend. He would tell her anything. Well, maybe not anything since they weren't that super close since the breakup, but she trusts him.

"Oh, ok. I hope it wasn't that important then." Beck said awkwardly pulling his arm out of her grasp.

"You guys want to help?" Sikowitz said walking up from behind them.

"Um, yeah. That's why we came here." Jade said rubbing behind her neck nervously.

Trina flashed her flashlight through bushes trying to find something. There was an odd stench in the air close by her and she knew she was getting closer to it because the smell was getting stronger. Robbie was a couple feet away from her looking behind a tree at the really pretty flowers. They smelled wonderful compared to the weird stench around him. It smelled kind of like metal. Maybe he could give one of these flowers to Trina to make her feel better.

Trina knew she was close to figuring out what that smell was. It was really strong as she kept crawling farther and farther away from Robbie. It smelled almost like... blood. The Latina flashed her light then gasped. She saw something pale sticking out from the bushes. "What is that?" Trina whispered to no one. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She ran her flashlight over it before letting out a loud shrieking scream.

Robbie's head snapped into the direction where the scream echoed. "Trina... where are you." Robbie mumbled underneath his breath worried for his friend. He walked quietly in the direction he last saw her. Then he stopped. Trina was standing there trembling like she's just seen a ghost. "Trina!" Robbie ran to her hugging her from behind as she immediately collapsed into his arms. "What's wrong?" He asked her. Her shaking just got worse.

"There's..." Trina's cracked. She couldn't say anything more without crying. Robbie followed to where she was pointing to. The bushes. His heart froze once his eyes laid on it.

"What happened?" The female officer yelled running to them along with a few other students from school. Robbie couldn't do anything but point as Trina looked up at him still in his arms. Tears were brimmering in her eyes. The officer kneeled down and gasped.

A pale hand was sticking out the bushes lying limp on the ground and long brown thick hair covering the arm was all that could be seen.

The officer moved her gloved hand through the bushes to see more. She turned back around to look at Trina and Robbie. "It's a girl's dead body. It looks like she was recently put here. I'm so sorry." Trina turned to Robbie and sobbed uncontrollably.

"It's okay, Trina. It might not be her." Robbie tried to convince himself more than Trina as tears slid down his cheeks.

Tori and Andre finished the song as they sat on a corner with people surrounding them. Andre looked around after he stopped strumming. Some were crying, close to tears, quiet, or sad. He turned to Tori and she was close to tears and he noticed that tears were running down his cheeks. He was crying? When did that happen? His phone rang.

"Robbie?" Andre asked to the other line. "Rob... I can't understand you. What? Bro, what happened? Just spit it out. Why are you crying?" Tori furrowed her eyebrows. She could hear crying and yelling from his phone, but she couldn't really make it out. "No..." Andre stared into space and he could feel his heart shatter into a million pieces. "Okay, we'll be there. Ight."

"What happened?" Tori asked her eyes wide with curiosity. Andre loved how innocent she looked.

"They found a dead body. It's a girl." Andre whispered emotionless. He couldn't believe it. He felt numb, but it couldn't be her, could it?


"They want us to confirm if it's her or not."



Beck was pulling out his keys waiting for Jade to finish printing out the flyers while Sikowitz was talking to someone on the the phone. By the looks of it, it didn't sound good, but what's the worst that could happen? Beck ran his fingers through his greasy hair. Man, he felt himself falling apart. Maybe Trina was right, everyone did need to talk. No, he wasn't ready for that.

Sikowitz walked up sadly to Beck who was the closest one to him. "Beck…?" The boy in question turned his attention to his um… unique teacher. "You know how we sent search parties to look around this area for well, um, anything to do with… Cat?" Sikowitz had a hard time saying the student's name. Beck nodded his head not wanting to think what could come out of his mouth. "They found a body." Beck's whole world froze. He dropped his keys and his eyes welled up.

"No…" Beck furrowed his eyebrows. He felt so betrayed. "No. You're lying." Beck's voice was barely above a whisper and he couldn't look at his teacher so he looked down to his shoes instead.

"Beck, I couldn't lie about something like this. Trina smelled blood and she wanted to find out what it was. Then she saw a pale hand and brown hair and..."

"NO! No, no, no, NO!" Beck yelled squeezing his eyes shut so his tears couldn't leak out, but they did anyways. He covered his ears with his hands. He didn't want to hear it. "You're a liar! How could you? I thought I could trust you!"

"Beck... It might not be her. They want you and Jade to confirm if it's her or not since you two have known her the longest." Beck fell to his knees fighting his tears, but he couldn't hold it in anymore. Just the thought of it being Cat, there he said her name, kills him. He's in love with her and there's a chance she could be gone. He didn't even get the chance to tell her he loves her. Sikowitz crouched down to Beck trying his best to comfort his student.

"Hey, guys! I got the flyers now let's get this over with." Jade said proud of her work until she saw the mess that was on the ground. Sikowitz was comforting a crying Beck try his best not to cry as well. She felt her stomach drop. "What happened?" Sikowitz gave her the saddest look her. "Guys?" No answer. "Tell me." She demanded fearing the worst, but there was no denying that something she wished, hoped, prayed wouldn't happen had happened. "Please?" Her voice whimpered.

Jade laid down in the backseat of Andre's car in a fetal position hugging Cat's piggy with a mustache stuffed animal to her chest. Sikowitz told her and they were now on their way to confirm if its Cat or not. She didn't want to ride with Beck, Trina, and Robbie because Beck was having a breakdown in the backseat, just like she was, while Robbie drove Beck's car, and Trina was crying in the passenger seat. Almost like what was going on in Andre's car. She couldn't handle this. She just wanted to cry and scream so bad. Tears leaked down her cheeks and she could hear Tori crying in the passenger seat. Jade didn't want to be the one to confirm if it was Cat or not, because if it was, she'd have to live with the image of her best friend's dead pale face for the rest of her life. The image entered her mind. She couldn't handle this.

Tori sniffled whipping her face with her hand turning to Jade. "Jade, I'll go with you. It's not her. It can't be." Tori waited for Jade to say something, but Jade just whimpered hugging toy tighter. "Yesterday Jose said she was alive just beaten. This couldn't have happened in just a day." Tori tried reasoning.

"Who said that it wasn't her?" Jade shouted anger in her voice. "Why do you think they want us to confirm it, huh? I don't think that they just want us to suffer."

"Jade! It's-"

"No, she's right. Either that or whoever that dead girl is looks a lot like Cat." Andre said cutting Tori off. They both didn't want to believe it, but what else could they do?

As soon as they arrived and Beck's car parked next to them, Tori hurried out the car pulling Jade with her and grabbing Beck from his car. She knew that they wouldn't go voluntarily, that's why she held their wrists tightly and lead them into the building as Trina, Robbie, and Andre followed behind.

"Frankie?" Jade asked as Vega dragged her into the waiting room noticing Frankie sitting down. His face was red with anger, his arms were folded over his chest as he pouted slumping in his chair.

"Why won't they let me see if it's my sister or not!" He yelled frustratedly. Jade felt bad for him. He was probably taking this the hardest since he isn't exactly mentally prepared especially with these kind of things. "They said I can't handle it." He mumbled, but everyone heard him. Andre sat down patting his shoulder while Trina sat with Robbie putting her head on his shoulder. She couldn't handle this.

No one could.

Tori pulled Beck and Jade until they reached a door. A woman opened the door rushing them in. Jade and Beck gulped once they saw the metal with a white cloth over something. 'The body.' Tori thought whimpering noticing how cold it was.

"Okay, guys, I'm going to pull down the cloth down to this girl's neck, since they found her naked, and you guys will tell me if it's your friend or not. Poor, girl. She was obviously raped and sexually assaulted many times." Beck glared at the woman. If this was Cat, he couldn't imagine what he would do. "Okay, ready?"

"No." Jade grumbled fearing for her life. Jade whimpered as the woman put her fingers on the cloth ready to pull it down. Tori covered her mouth with her hands, why did she get herself into this? Beck put his hands against his forehead feeling sweat on it.

The woman slowly pulled the sheet down revealing frail brown hair and very pale skin. That couldn't be Cat. The sheet was now down to her neck showing the face. The three teens let out a sigh of relief smiling.

"No." Jade shook her head smiling still taking in deep breaths for holding in her breath so long.

"It's not her." Tori said wiping away tears if relief. The woman looked to Beck who was smiling like a boy who had just gotten candy.

"That's not my Cat." He shook his head not able to remove his smile. He actually felt like things were getting better. All those he emotions he showed today was for nothing, but he was happy that Cat was still out there somewhere.

The doctor nodded pulling the sheet back up to cover the body.

"So?" Robbie asked sitting up once Tori, Jade, and Beck came in looking like they just saw a miracle happen. Trina, Andre, and Frankie sat up as well wanting to know.

"It's not her." Tori declared smiling.

Preview for Chapter 20: Not Healthy

Jade followed Tori up the stairs and hid behind the wall as Tori walked into her bathroom. Something was wrong with Tori, she could tell. It wasn't healthy.

Not that she cares or anything like that.

Jade listened on for a little but her face turned into confusion once she heard coughing. 'Wait a minute.' Jade slammed the door open and there was Tori kneeled over the toilet trying to make herself, but didn't work since she hasn't eaten yet. Jade couldn't believe it. "What are you doing?" Jade asked anger evident in her voice, but she wasn't yelling. Not yet, at least.

"Um, I wasn't feeling too good." Tori lied. Jade felt so betrayed.

"How long?"

"How long what?"

"How long have you been doing this!" Jade yelled. Tori gulped. She's never seen Jade look so betrayed.

"For almost a month. I never puked before. I just haven't been... eating good." Jade's face got red as she took a step closer to the brunette and Tori took a step back.

"Why do you do it!" Jade yelled more angrier than before grabbing the toilet paper roll and throwing it frustratedly at Tori.


"Because why!"

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