Blaise managed to corner Cho Chang alone between Transfiguration and Divination. She took one look at him and arrogantly shook out her long dark hair. He assumed she must be jealous of not being the only exotic student in Hogwarts: Italian was a great way to charm himself bedmates.

"Chang." He smiled pleasantly, though it looked slightly frightening. No one paid any attention to Blaise aside from his looks, so it was odd for her to see him smiling of all things. He seemed like the kind of guy to disappear and reappear like magic – which he actually could do, thanks to careful apparation.

"What do you want, Zabini?" She scowled. "You know I don't fancy Slytherin blokes."

He clutched his chest as though wounded. "Oh how painful! You see, I was wondering something."

His head lowered, gleaming eyes surveying the girl from her own level with the harsh velvet intensity of a predator. "It might be a bit embarrassing, but how is Diggory?"

"How is he?" She asked curiously, despite her misgivings. "I don't understand. Well enough, he seems."

Blaise chuckled lowly. "I meant how is he, Chang. Not how he's feeling."

Cho revealed the moment she got the question when her face heated up furiously, but the Slytherin didn't miss the flush spreading past her neck. Interesting...

"That's none of your business, Zabini!" She said angrily, walking away at top speed as though he weren't able to catch her with his cheetah-skills. He sighed and rolled his eyes. He supposed that was answer enough. And he thought girls liked talking about sex!

He made sure to give the Weasley twins a calculating look as he passed; they put their red heads together as though plotting, but glanced up at Blaise's strange smugness. They abandoned their current path in favor of walking on either side of him.

"Oy, Freddy, I didn't know Slytherins could smile."

"Right you are, Georgie, and a terrifying sight indeed!"

"One might wonder why the ickle snake's smiling, Freddy!"

"Right you are Georgie, and he's awfully pleased."

"Pleased as pie, I'd say!"

While anyone else might get a headache from the high-speed conversation, Blaise knew it was a tactic to catch him off guard. These two used their twin status to great advantage to confuse people into making blunders, but he knew the game almost as well as they. He had one great advantage though: they had no idea he was playing the game at all. The other houses only knew The Animal existed but not its identity.

He had no doubts that his life would be infinitely more tiresome if the twins caught on but he was determined to show them up before the seventh years left. He had a reputation to keep up within his own house.

"What are you on about?" He asked with a carefully composed face and raised eyebrow. He ruffled his curls to draw attention to the meticulous disarray; While the twins had their tactics, he had his own.

"Well, Zabini, you are a mighty suspicious character." George slung an arm around the Italian's shoulders, followed by his brother. Blaise would've shrugged it off, but he was more interested in laying low than freaking out. Besides that, his... hearty appetite had no issues whatsoever with physical contact.

"You wound me." He retorted whimsically.

"Right you are, Georgie. Mighty susssssspicioussssss."

He was distracted from his irritation at Fred's constant admiration for "how right" "Georgie" was by what sounded like an odd attempt to speak parseltongue. He snorted.

"I'm hardly suspicious." He sighed dramatically.

"Walking down the hall-"

"Happy as can be-"

"Staring us down! Almost like he's got a score to settle!" They leaned in to peer at Blaise as he made a disbelieving sound.

"Silly." He said. "Now unless you want to put those mouths to use in a broom cupboard, I've a Divination class to get to."

"Oooooooooh," The twins said wickedly, leaning in. "Too busy for that now, but we'll take you up on that if you're not careful!"

"Right you are, Georgie! Mayhaps his tea leaves will tell ickle Zabini the future of his crystal ball?"

The twins laughed maniacally and disappeared into a side alcove. Blaise peeked in after them, only to see a dead end and no Weasleys. His secret was safe, however. After that proposition the loons would be far too busy ogling his ass to worry about any unfortunate incidents.

He wouldn't hurt them too bad. In fact, they would probably enjoy his genius too much to be angry at all. Observant as the eagle. Slippery as the eel. The Animal knew his game well.

Blaise entered the great hall for supper along with Draco, both wizards making comments about their Potions test of that day. Blaise was looking about the hall as he spoke, handsome face still but for his eyes. He spoke to Draco.

"I suppose even Professor Snape is accustomed to Luna if he's willing to let her wear those silly glasses."

Blaise locked eyes with the Weasley twins as he approached his seat, both redheads leaned close together and wearing threatening grins. He made sure to sigh languidly as he sat, stretching to the point of his shirt riding up, though the twins couldn't see the skin that revealed. He licked his lips pointedly.

"Ridiculous." Draco scoffed. "I could swear she spent more time staring at her arm than actually taking the- Blaise? Who on earth are you air-snogging?"

"Just setting the stage." He remarked to his friend. "This will be my year."

"What do you-oh. The first years next September will live in absolute fear of you."

Zabini tore his eyes away from the twins, who were beginning to pretend-snog in his direction, and smirked at Draco. "They already do."

The Slytherins sitting closest to them noticed the exchange with the Weasleys, curiously watching Blaise. They expected something huge from him now, some inter-house crusade from The Animal. As things were going, he didn't think he would disappoint. He made sure to wink at Pansy and Goyle with a cruel smirk before getting up to slink towards the Hufflepuff table, putting on all the charm he could muster.

It was impossible to look at a Hufflepuff anymore, he realized, without wondering a number of things. What were they hiding beneath those robes? Who was their last partner? Was Zacharias Smith as good at giving head as those lips promised? It was maddening to look at a Hufflepuff and think of nothing but sex. He absolutely had to know the truth.

Uncaring of Cho Chang's possible retaliation, Blaise slid into the space between Justin Finch-Fletchley and Cedric Diggory with a mysterious smile. He knew people liked mystery, and no one outside his house really knew him. All the better.

"Evening." He greeted smoothly, resting a propped hand against his neck to drag the collar of his shirt down. Casually, of course.

"Zabini." Cedric said, surprised. His eyes were drawn to the movement at the Italian's neck and Blaise watched, transfixed, as his throat moved to swallow. "What's a Slytherin doing at the Hufflepuff table?"

His smile widened slightly to show a small sliver of teeth, like the purposeful movements of a wolf. Like an animal. "Just curious. I heard something about Hufflepuffs that I'm... interested in confirming."

Cedric looked at Justin's lecherous grin. "I think I know what he's talking about, Cedric. Zabini, where'd you hear that? No one ever asks about a Hufflepuff."

"That's not important." Blaise's returning expression matched Justin's for its lust. "You interested in proving whether or not you can huffle my puff?"

Both wizards laughed, a sound that Blaise couldn't help finding suddenly attractive. He'd never in his life heard a Hufflepuff sound so dark. Cho was nowhere to be found, but he noticed Fred and George watching. He winked.

"It would be a pleasure." Cedric growled. "I'll get us in the prefect's bathroom tonight."

"You won't know what hit you." Justin cooed.

When Blaise woke the next morning in his own bed, everything was pleasantly sore. Even the slightest stretch gave a satisfied popping of bones, and he took a moment to just lay in his sheets and bask in the morning-after sensation of satisfaction. He would hurt like hell that day, but it was worth it.

The Sorting Hat was right. Hufflepuffs were beyond anything he'd ever experienced and he would never again be able to sneer at them or even look one in the eye without remembering the most awesome sex of his life.

Draco's head popped in through the bed hangings without care for his privacy. He'd meant to wake Blaise, but his words morphed into a teasing "Ohhh." upon seeing the Italian laying as bonelessly as a cat.

"Looks like someone had a good time." Draco laughed.

Blaise exhaled with a sigh, the noise coming out higher-pitched than he'd intended. "Oh yes. The best time of my life. We've been missing out."

Draco reeled back in shock. "Do you mean to say you and I have ignored someone who is good enough to leave you looking like this?"

He rolled into the bed, glaring imploringly at Blaise. Whatever The Animal had last night, he wanted in on.

"Draco, I think we need to change the Hufflepuff qualities to include Sex Gods."