"Miss PLEASE you have to leave"
"I'M NOT LEAVING HER!" Serah screamed at the doctor in front of her, the one trying to make her leave Lightning. The slow 'beep' of the heart monitor continued, the whirring of the life-support currently wired into Lightning's fragile and worn body, these were the sounds that haunted Serah every moment of the past few days. Ever since Lightning was rushed in from a failed mission, she had been comatose. She had nearly died out there in the field it turned out, trying to take on a king behemoth on her own. It was just so like her. Serah had refused to move, she had barely slept, desperate to be there when her sister would wake up. She had to be there for her.
"Miss Farron, your sister, she isn't going to wake up anytime soon. I highly doubt she is going to wake up at all-"
"SHUT UP! YOU DON'T KNOW HER" Tears flowed freely down her face now, and she didn't care enough to wipe them away. She turned on her heel and ran back into the room where Lightning lay, slamming the door behind her. Falling into the chair beside the bed, she pressed her face against Lightning's shoulder and wept. She couldn't face the thought of being alone, not after everything they'd been through, not after they'd finally come to terms with each other. She loved her too much to see her go-

Serah sat bolt upright, the beeping of the heart-monitor had sped up, faster and faster, Serah stared wide-eyed as suddenly the high-speed mountains of red stopped. Lightning flatlined. The monotone beep rang out around the room, and Serah's world seemed to slow down around her, the silence suffocating her. It all seemed to be in third person to her, the doctors running in, pushing her out of the way, she just stumbled backwards and watched on in shock as they tore her gown open and charged up the defibrillators. Each shock seemed to be slower and slower, Lightning's body jerking up and holding its position in the air longer. Then they stopped. Lightning stopped. Serah watched as they hung their heads and the head nurse turned to face her. Her sister was gone.


Serah jerked awake, eyes wide and shaking in fear, almost as much as she was. She slowly sat up from where she was resting her head on Lightning, staring up at her sister. She was still there. Serah sighed deeply and leant back in her chair. The same nightmare, four nights in a row now. How long was it going to be until she could have her sister back. All she wanted was to hear Lightning say her name again, to hold her hand. Anything. She looked up at the ceiling, vision swimming in her eyes as tears burn in them. Soon enough the tears were falling rapidly from her face, and she bought her knees up to her chin, hiding her face and hugging herself, she couldn't take it anymore. Then the beeping sped up.

"No" She looked up and stared at the monitor.

"Oh god please no please please no" Suddenly it beeped loudly, a different beep, high pitched and sudden. Lightning's eyes shot open and she jerked involuntarily. The medical team swarmed in and set about removing the tubes from her throat, checking her vitals. They couldn't believe it. She shouldn't even be alive. It took a while, but soon enough they left them alone. Lightning was glaring at the ceiling.

"C-Claire?" Serah tentatively walked up beside her sister and held her hand, squeezing it gently. "Claire please...answer me" Lightning blinked slowly and turned her head slightly to the side, facing her sister. At first Serah's world seemed to break, there was no sign of recognition in her eyes. But a smile slowly spread out across Lightning's face, and she reached her free hand up to brush away the tears rolling down Serah's cheek.

"I missed you Kitten..."