Taking a bit of a break from my current story. It is very dark, and I wanted to try and write something a bit lighter for a change. This is an extended scene from my other story. I got the idea during a math test (of all times). Here, Rumpelstilskin tries to handle a young, curious Emma. For now, a two-shot only.

"Little baby has no mommy!" a mean boy rushes up and pushes me off the swing set.

Face flat in the dirt, I can't help begin to cry as other boys circle me, pointing and laughing. I get up, but another boy pushes me back down. A few more other boys begin laughing at me too. The school bell soon rings and the other kids run back to school, screaming and shoving. Soon, I am left all alone in the dirt. Dusting off my shirt and wiping my eyes, I look up to see my teacher and two other grown-ups walking toward me.

An old lady with white hair and big glasses comes up to me, holding out her hand. "Emma, you won't be going back to class today. I've already spoken with your teacher. You need to come with me. My name is Mrs. Delano"

Not saying anything, I let her take my hand. I can see my teacher nodding at me behind her. She looks like she is crying. I am confused; grown-ups don't cry.

"Where's Miss Anna" I ask the old lady with white hair.

"You won't be going home with Miss Anna today" Mrs. Delano tells me.

I can't help burst into a new round of tears. I know what this means. Miss Anna doesn't want me anymore. She told me a few days ago she was having her own baby. I didn't think she wouldn't want me anymore too. I am going back to that place, the orphanage as the grown-ups call it, with the other boys and girls. Miss Anna won't come back. The other lady I was with before her didn't either.

"Don't worry Emma, it's only for a little while, you'll see" Mrs. Delano says. This what the other lady had said too when she had picked me up. I yank my hand out of hers.

"Grown-ups shouldn't lie!" I yell at her.

Mrs. Delano turns around to me, her face turning red. "Emma, I-"

"No!" I am crying and my yellow hair, which has fallen out of my pony tail, is getting in my eyes. Feeling mad, I wipe it, trying to get it out of my eyes. "The last lady said the same thing! She told my teacher I had to leave school too! Ms. Vina never came back and Miss Anne won't now! You're going to take me back to that place with the other boys and girls!"

Mrs. Delano doesn't say anything this time. Instead, she pats my shoulder as she steers me towards a black car and opens the door. In the back seat, I can see my little purple suitcase and a small box next to it. In the box, I can see my baby blanket. Snatching it out of the box, I hug it to me as I begin to cry.

The lady at the home, Miss Jenna, look very sad to see me as I get out of the car. Rushing out of the car to get away from Mrs. Delano, I run into Miss Jenna's outstretched arms as she hugs me tightly. Miss Jenna is an older girl, a teenager who often stayed with me before I left with Miss Anna. I am happy she is still here. She is the only friend I have.

"Honey, I am so sorry" she whispers to me. "If it makes you feel better, I am happy you're back"

I smile through my tears. Its not long before another lady pries me away from her, demanding I get my stuff out of Mrs. Delano's car. I am not able to see Miss Jenna again. She is told to go home with her mother before I can hug her again..

"She'll be here tomorrow" another lady, one with a mean face stares down at me evilly. Nodding, I do my best to wipe my face. Baby blanket in one hand and my suitcase in another, I am taken inside.

By the time night comes, I am exhausted. I am in a new bed. I wasn't even allowed to have my old one. The little clock on the dresser says its not even eight, so the other girls I am sharing a room with aren't in yet. I curl up on the bed with my baby blanket next to me. Another girl tried taking it away with her, but I screamed so loudly that she left so she wouldn't get in trouble. I was able to pull my big story book out of my suitcase. It is called Once Upon a Time, and is my favorite. Miss Jenna gave it to me and I take it everywhere. With it, I am left alone to my imagination, and most of the time, these are the only friends I need. Before I close my eyes, I wish for a friend that was real, at least one to have when Miss Jenna isn't here.

I am standing in front of a mirror. It is bigger than I am. I am wearing a long white princess dress. My hair is up on the top of my head and I have a glittering white tiara on top. I look like a ballerina. No! I look like a princess! Twirling around I admire the long dress and the white heels. I giggle. There is a high pitched humming sound coming from behind me. Looking around, I see I am in a strange place. For the first time, I notice that it is dark and foggy, like a scary movie. There is a big castle with a light in room almost at the top. I don't want to get my dress dirty, so I pick it off the ground and walk towards the castle. As I walk to the front of the castle, the doors swing open and there is a big stairway at the end of the hallway. The humming as gotten even louder.

"Hello?" I say. There is no response.

Picking up my dress, I walk up the stairs, my little legs hurting way before I reach the top. I get to the top and there is another door which opens up only slightly. Poking my head inside, I gasp as I see a dark room full of books. There are more books here then there were in the library at school. There are some strange looking bottles that are glowing.

"Well, are you just going to stand there like a frightened mouse or are you going to come in?" comes a really high voice.

This scares me, and I look in the direction the voice came from. There is a…grown up standing behind a large spinning wheel. There is gold glittering thread coming out of it. I can see the grown-up has on strange clothing, and the pants are shiny, and I'm guessing they are leather. I have seen a leather purse before and it was just as shiny.

The person standing behind the wheel giggles. "Come in dearie, don't be shy. You walked all the way into my home without invitation. What's stopping you now?"

I step inside and approach what I am thinking is a man. He has curly hair and his skin is a color I've never seen before. It's almost green. He is smiling at me, but it doesn't look like a nice smile.

"Are you the boogeyman?" I ask.

"Oooh! Very direct!" he lets out a laugh, "No, no, I am not, dear Emma"

"You know my name!"

"Yes!" he goes back to his spinning. "And, I also know you like to read stories. Now, let's play a little game. You like games, don't you?"

I nod, feeling brave. I come closer. There is a full moon out, and it makes his skin look like he just got out of a shower.

"Of course you do" he finally stops spinning and looks down at me as I come to his table. It is full of more weird bottles, and I reach to touch one, but a cold, wet hand slaps it away.

"No touching!" the weird man almost snarls at me, before bursting out in another giggle. "Now, let's play our game. I want you to guess what my name is. Now, you will only get one clue. Do you understand the rules?" I nod again.

"Finish my sentence" he says, he voice suddenly getting deeper, "Today I brew, tomorrow I bake; And then the prince child I will take! For no one knows my little game! And oh I am glad that no one knew that the name I am called is-" he stops and points to me.

"Rumpelstilskin?" he looks nothing like the Rumpelstilskin in my story book.

"Oh! So smart!" he waves both of his arms as he walks around the table, "So, so smart!"

He is so very tall. I can see now that his skin is in fact, greenish grey. He is also very thin, which makes his face remind me of a fox. Kneeling down, he is soon looking me directly in the eye.

"Are you afraid"

"No" I am being truthful when I say this.

"Do you think I'm going to eat you?"

"No. Rumpelstilskin looks like an old man with a long white beard" he laughs again while I talk, "And he steals babies, not eats them. You look nothing like him"

"How old are you, dearie?"

"I am six!" I say proudly.

"Oh! Such an old woman already aren't ya!" he giggles almost as much as the girls in my room, and soon, I begin giggling too.

"How did I get here?" I ask him.

"You needed a friend, didn't you?" Rumpelstilskin says, "And you're in luck! I am looking for a friend too!"

"I got no friends, and I don't need none!" I say to him, "Except Miss Jenna!"

"Is that why you cried?" he voice drops again. He is now right in my face. Before I know what's going on, he snatches me up close to him, his hands so tight that I cry out. "You know, princesses aren't suppose to cry!"

"You're mean!" with all my might, I kick him in the shin and he drops me.

"Such fire!" he says this, pointing in the air with such force that he is suddenly on his tippy toes. "Yes! Very good!"

"You're weird, mister"

"Now, that's not a nice thing to say to a friend" he frowns at me. He suddenly folds is hands in front of his stomach.

"You're not my friend!" He is weird, even if it is mean to say. One minute he is yelling and the next he is dancing.

"Oh no" he circles around me, "You asked for a friend, didn't you. I want to be your friend" he suddenly stops, and uses both hands to point two long fingers at me, "For something in return, of course"

"You don't buy friendship" I stick my chin up in the air.

"Everything comes at a price, little dearie"

"Well I couldn't give you a baby" I say, "And, I don't have any nice jewelry to give you. But, you can take the boy who pushed me off the swing set"

He laughs his weird laugh again. "No, no, little Emma, I want something far more special" He gets down on one knee and is again, eye level with me. "Now, you are a smart girl, do know what a benefactor is?"

I shake my head. That is a word I don't know. Miss Jenna used to teach me big words before I left a few months ago with Miss Anna.

"It means you'll let me help you" Rumpelstilskin nearly whispers as he brushes a strand of my hair out of my eyes, "Little Emma, all alone. Its not your fault, really. What I want, is to be your helper. What I want is for you to be here, so you can become the princess you'll grow up to be. In return, you'll find your home"

He is looking at me so kindly. Most people look at me like I've done something wrong, or that they feel bad for me.

"So, do we have a…friendship?" Out of nowhere, he pulls a rose out from behind his back.

I gasp. It is so pretty! No ones ever given me a rose before! Smiling so much that it hurts, I take it from him and smell it. It smells as pretty as it looks.

"I thought so" this is the last thing I remember before I wake up.

"Wow, you're really into that book today aren't you!" Miss Jenna sits next to while I am eating lunch. "I knew you would like it as soon as I saw it!"

"Miss Jenna, I had a dream a few nights ago about Rumpelstilskin!" I beam at her as I look up from the book. "Except he didn't look anything like in the other stories!"

"Oh wow!" she laughs with me, "Be careful not to make any deals with him or he's gonna getcha!"

An older lady calls to her, and she has to go before I can tell her more. Alone again, a girl tries to make fun of me for reading. I always read. I don't know why everyone else thinks it's funny. I am no longer sad about Miss Anna not coming back. I am reading my book with a new interest after my dream, and I am too busy to think about it. I can barely keep my eyes off it. Today, I don't have any school as I just came back this week. I have a few days to get settled in. That night, while everyone else is watching a movie in the big room, I am curled up in my bed with my book. I don't even remember falling asleep.

I am in the dark place again. Looking down, I am in white dress and heels. There is a big mirror in front of me again. Like my last dream, my hair is on top of my head with the tiara again. There is a full moon, and it reflects off the walls around me. I am not in the swamp this time. I am in a room. There is a click of behind me, followed by a giggle. With a huge smile on my face, I turn around and see my friend, also smiling.

"Little dearie, are you ready to begin?"