A/N: This is a drabble I wrote a while back for a request on tumblr. Because I haven't done anything in a while here, I thought I'd post it up.

This is my first and only GerIta fic I have ever written in the four years I've been into hetalia.


Words: 447

It was like teaching a child how to walk.

Feliciano found it adorable. The way the other grew flustered when he did things for him. The way other tried too hard to do things for him. The other simply didn't understand the free flowing form of love and emotion, and as he watched the other struggle with it, he found it terribly adorable.

" Mmmmm Ludwig…" he had asked Ludwig if he would take him out to the bakery down the street earlier, and though his first reaction was a strict "nein," after some bothering he found Ludwig buttoning up his coat and walking down the block with him. " Isn't it a beautiful day?" he offered the solemn German a sunny smile.

" Uh… ja… I suppose it is nice…" blue eyes looked around for what seemed the first time since they had stepped out of the apartment. Colorful leaves decorated the trees and fell around them, and there was freshness in the crisp autumn air. Feliciano couldn't help but smile at how the other looked so natural in that setting.

It wasn't long before they got to the bakery, and Feliciano had picked out an assortment of sugary sweets while Ludwig sat there, a bit dumbfounded. After a bit of prodding, the German ordered a single piece of cake, and they both went to sit down at one of the little tables to enjoy their sweets.

As they ate, Feliciano kept up a stream of friendly chatter as always, and it wasn't until Ludwig was almost done with his cake that Feliciano stopped at all to let Ludwig get a word in edgewise.

" May I try a taste of your cake Ludwig?" two harmless looking brown eyes looked up at him.

" Uh… ja… sure…" he was going to move the plate across the table so the other could take a taste, but instead, the Italian moved his chair closer to his. The smaller hand was laid casually over the larger, rougher one, and Ludwig blushed a bit, looking down in surprise. Looking back up, he was about to ask why, when the smaller man leaned in kissing him.

It was a sweet, kiss, and Italy nearly smiled into it as he felt Ludwig stiffen a bit at a loss of what to do. He led him gently though, deepening the chaste kiss into something a little more before pulling away.

" Was… what was that?" Ludwig was slightly red.

" I was taking my taste Luddy!" he smiled brightly and licked his lips, and he laughed cheerily as the other only turned a brighter shade and looked away awkwardly.

It was adorable, really.