Chapter 1:
Saying Goodbye

I lay on my bed, indulged in the white duvet which had gold floral designs covering them, thinking why it always has to be me? First I was the new girl, who nobody wanted to know. I was apparently 'weird' but then I was finally being me … or becoming. I finally was one of them… one of the populars but my parents had to land a great job in Chicago! This may sound selfish, but I just couldn't live a normal life, could I?

"Snap out of it Ade … Your Adrianna knight. Your parent's knight in shining armor" I said to myself.

I got off my bed and started packing until my cell phone started to ring. I followed the sound of my phone, not knowing where it was. 'Must've hid it somewhere' I thought to myself. I walked towards my closet. The sound grew louder. I knew it wasn't in my closet. So I slid the mirrors. A spacious room was at my feet, just waiting for me to step inside it. It was my little hide out. And the best thing was… No one knew about it.

Flashbacks appeared. That day, when I kept my first secret, I stole purple paint, so I could decorate the room. My parents were furious to know that a new set of paint was 'stolen'. They thought they might have put it somewhere else, so they checked the entire house. There was no trace of it, so they forgot about the whole thing.

I stepped into the lavish territory, the cell phone still eager for me to pick it up. I ran towards the glass coffee table and picked it up. Without a thought, I touched the accept button. Then put the phone against my ear only to hear …

"What's wrong with you, I've been ringing like mad"

"… Hey" a grin crept onto my face. I knew exactly who it was.

There was a deep sigh from the other end which was followed by a small chuckle.

"I need to talk to you" his voice sounded warm "look out of your balcony"

At that moment, I walked out of my space, slid the mirrored doors back. I realised I was staring at myself in the mirror. I never do this … So why now?
While the cell phone was still hooked to my ear, I walked towards the double doors, which had a gold border. I slipped my hands, lazily onto the gold handle, opened the doors. Just at that moment, I felt the cool breeze kiss my cheeks. I could smell the distant ocean. My curls whipped me across my face as I looked below. My feet swept me towards the spiral staircase which led to the garden. As I opened the gateway, I knew he was looking at me. What was so special of me?
I was only wearing a white tank top, ripped denim jeans and black sneakers. It was only ordinary me.
I had reached destination: Garden. My phone still hooked to my ear. I just couldn't let go. I felt myself, settling my phone into my pocket.

"Hey … again" he said
A smile glowed on my face.

"Hey … once again" I mumbled
There was an awkward silence. We could only hear the waves crashing into each other, the wind howling around us. Except for that, it was silent.

"Look Ade, I know … that, it's hard for you." He consoled "But, everything is going to be -"

"To be okay..." I cut him off "Well it's not! And you know that! So why, Drew, Why are you trying to comfort me!" my voice raging in anger and disgust with myself.

All of a sudden, there was a tight grip on my wrist, dragging me towards the beach. My golden brown eyes shimmered, as the sun went down. I looked towards Drew's Face. It was perfect. He was perfect. I felt an absolute shock to myself.

'ADRIANNA! This is Drew we're on about, the same guy who befriended you, when no one was there. ' I thought.

We came to a halt, his soft hands, still firm against my wrist. He was looking deep into my eyes. We were so close that I could see my reflection in his Hazel blue eyes. I was so hypnotized, that I didn't realise him leaning in. I didn't realise my eyes close. I was so hypnotized until I felt his moist warm lips touch mine. I locked my arms around his neck, while he held me by my waist.
I felt myself let go of the worries. I was happy again.
We lingered for a while until he let go. My arms still locked around his neck. I slowly opened my eyes. I was staring at him. I never had noticed his facial features before. I felt his cheek bones, still looking straight into his eyes. I leaned in but this time I kissed him harder.

After a while, we broke off from the kiss. But still embracing the moment we had together, because only in a matter of time I'd be heading to Chicago to start a new life.

"I … Why …" I muttered, what am I supposed to say?

"I love you" he whispered in my ear.
The voice echoed in my head. I'm not invisible anymore.

"I've always loved you" his voice returning to normal "Since I first met you, I felt a tingling sensation. Every time I talked to you, I couldn't resist but hug you. I wanted to be close to you but when I found out you were leaving I decided to drop by and… it's taken me all my guts to tell you, I love you."

He smiled. And I, well I threw myself at him. Sobbing in his embrace. My head leaning on his chest and his arms wrapped tightly around me. The wind blew sand grains all around us as if confetti was thrown.

Out of the blue, my phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I felt the tickle of short buzzes being sent across my body. I had to let go the warmth and check my phone.

"It's late … and … I've got to go" I groaned

"Wait" Drew exclaimed, pulling me closer to him.

He wiped my tears away. "I'll always be with you" as he said this, he gave me a caring kiss on my forehead.

This may have been the last moment I was able to treasure with him. But I wouldn't take chances.

"Promise, you'll call me?" I looked once again in those hazel blue eyes.

"Promise" With this, he held me close for a moment.

We both looked up at the stars. The moon shone on the ocean. It was truly a moment I'd never forget. He held my hand and we started to walk back. The sneakers on my feet making prints. The wind bringing us closer together. We were strolling like a couple. Like a perfect couple.