Chapter 4:
Dance My Darling, Dance

Orange light hit my face. My gaze stood firmly on my mobile phone, while the sun set. The view from the rooftop reminded me of home. It wasn't long ago since Tyler left to go home; I was actually surprised that he stayed for so long. It's been a whole 2 days since I moved but he hasn't called and he promised he would.

Why hasn't he called?

What could be more important, than calling the girl who you're supposedly in love with!

My brain rattled on for answers.

I'm tired of waiting around. If he hasn't called, it's his loss but I'm not going to give in.

I was determined, if he actually loved me, he would call himself not make me. Venom filled my blood.

He can't keep a promise? Huh, and I was hoping for wedding vows!

He's just like every other guy… Break a heart and move on! ASSHOLE!

There was a loud bang. My phone was now on the floor, resting against the glass divider. I let out a raging scream.

I'm not going to give in on anything.

His loss. His loss. HIS LOSS!

I kept chanting to myself. But to be honest, it wasn't working.

I got up and walked towards the stereo deck. I had rummaged through my pockets and got my Ipod out.

I'm not going to let him win. He can be screwing a bitch for all I care!

Anger was filled in my head.

There was no sound at all until 'Should've kissed you by Chris brown' filled the area. My mind was utterly blank. I threw off my pumps and walked over to a clear space.

My body moved along with the beat and my feat feeling the vibe.

After about what seemed like a minute, I heard a round of applause as the music stopped. My head darted towards the sound.

Thump … Thump … Thump

My heart was racing at the sight infront of me. My jaw nearly dropped.

"Hey Ade…"

"Hey, Tyler..."

"I can't believe you can dance…"

My eyes were glued to his bare chest.



"err, thanks" I didn't dare to ask him how long he stood watching.

I looked back at the deck

It read: 00:40AM

"Sorry, I think the music kept you up, I'm really sorry Tyler" I shuffled back and forth on the spot.

" 'Ay, it's okay, I couldn't get to sleep anyway"

I looked up at his face where his pearl whites were gleaming in the dark. His mouth moved but I could barely make what he was saying. I walked over towards the glass divider between the two houses, hoping I could catch what he said. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realised what was going on.

Tyler just jumped off his rooftop. His arms reached out to grab whatever was infront of him.

Please don't die, Please… Please… Please…


My head was tucked into his chest, his hand placed at the back of my head, our legs entwined and his ticklish, soft breath against my neck slowed down. His free hand, tried to get us both. But then we both fell to the floor again.

My heart was skipping beats.

He had no shirt on but he still tucked my head into his chest? why?

"Ade, wrap your legs around my waist" his voice was stern that caused my body to shiver against his.

I slowly slipped my legs around his waist. My brown eyes were closed when he pushed himself onto his knees, his free hand moved swiftly down my back. I shuddered at the touch. Our skin molded into one when I wrapped my arms around his neck and slid my fingers through his hair. Both his hands where now on gripped tightly on my ass. I had an urge to kiss him, non stop…

Now, now … deep breaths Ade, you cant kiss him because, well you don't know him do you? And anyway, how do you know he feels the same way? You can't ruin the day of friendship, just because you like him. It might not even be love…

I moved my head, so my mouth would be at least an inch away from his ear.

"Tyler, put me down… puh-luh-ease?" I tried my best to say it in my most seductive tone.

His grip against my ass had only tightened, which just made me moan slightly in my throat.

Ignoring me, I was carried towards the glass doors then down the staircase and was only a foot away from my bed, when out of the blue there was a knock on the door.

"Adrianna, it's me!" she knocked a couple more times.

Mum couldn't see me like this, not when Tyler's holding me by my ass like there's no tomorrow

I felt my feet touch the ground. The tight grip was no more, instead I felt a hand against my waist. The gold door knob turned.


"Now why weren't You - " her glances shifted between me and Tyler.

"Hm, Hey Mrs. Knight….."

"If you two were going to…" her eyes directed to the bed "Then you should've locked the door"

"NOOO! MUM!" I insisted "It's not like that…."

"Right… Im sure it's not…" her eyes looked at Tyler, who was, yes … shirtless.

Tyler let out the cutest laugh, moved his fingers through his brown hair, and met my mums eyes

"Don't worry Mrs. Knight, it's not what it looks like" he paused for a second, glanced to me and then continued

"Adrianna here loves to dance in the cold and well she put on quite a performance" he winked at me and then glanced back at mum "but dumbo here hasn't learnt to fly with ears, she lost her balance and I jumped to help"

I smacked the back of his head but he just winked and laughed. My mum soon joined in.

"Not fair! I'm no Dumbo" I let my I-am-an-angel-that-you-can't-resist face on before carrying on "but, Prince charming here can't go out with a shirt anymore… I wonder why"

I smirked at him before putting my elbow on his shoulder.

"okay, I do think that's enough excitement for one day" She laughed "Now will the happy couple go to bed?"

At that moment, I felt like I was the sun. I was very sure that my skin burnt up.

Mum was now out of the room but I still couldn't get past what just happened.

"Right now my Dumbo" he smiled that hey-you-know-you-want-to smile "I better go"

He completely let me go and was about to head for the door

"Hey PRINCE CHARMING!" I called out "Teach me how to fly" I winked

"Oh I would, but prince's don't do that"

"Big headed much?"

"Too flirty much?" he called back

"Am Not!"

"Are too" he winked, I could tell his eyes were gleaming with joy.

"Says the master winker"

"You think I'm a master winker" he touched his chest and mouthed the words 'Thank You'

He had left me speechless, my mouth hanged open as he turned again but stopped, stretched his arms over his head.

"Oh and Dumbo"….

"Don't call me dumbo!" I was annoyed, I don't like it when people tease me.

"My number's in your back pocket" he looked back with a teasing smile and left.

There was an eerie silence.

What just happened?

And where the hell is this leading to?