"Easy Sandy, this is going to hurt me a lot more than it's going to hurt you." The masked vigilante known as Spider-Man sent a smashing kick into the face of Sandman. The man's face smeared off in a cloud of sand but just as quickly did the villain mold his hand into a hammer. Peter's spider-sense went off like crazy but before he could react he felt a smashing blow to his side that sent him flying.

"Yep, that definitely hurt me." He grimaced and picked himself up. He dusted the sand off of his skin-tight costume and looked at his opponent. Okay...so how to approach this... Sandman although pesky was a rather tough opponent. Practically invincible. And he needed to get this done fast. He had homework to finish. "That was rude."

"You were asking for it." Marco remarked and grinned in satisfaction.

"Asking for what? A better bad guy to fight? A new car? Deodorant? No wait don't tell me...water?" Peter shot a web at the nearest fire hydrant. Oh please gods of science let this work. If it does I swear I'll use twenty sources for every paper I write from now on. He pulled hard and water spewed out. Immediately Sandman flinched and backed up, the components of his silicon body becoming soaked. It wouldn't completely stop him, but it'd at least distract him until Peter could figure out some way to contain him.

Think, Spidey, think. Ah-ha. That would do perfectly. All he had to do was start the cement truck and... "What is that?" Marco exclaimed his eyes widening in fear. Immediately he retreated into a grate leading to the sewers.

'What are you- Oh crap." A brilliant flash of light shun in Peter's eyes and he shielded his face with his hands. Yeah this didn't look too good.