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Knowing what Bunny's cock feels like now is something of a distraction.

Frankly, it isn't something Kotetsu ever thought he would crave. Prior to Bunny, his interest was with women – specifically, a single woman and the idea of being fucked into a bed was really not a regularly reoccurring thought.

It isn't now, either, but there is that occasional… want.

Or in this case, need – especially with Barnaby out of town, out of his reach on some modeling gig. Kotetsu finds himself alone, unable to sleep, tossing and turning and in the moments that he does find some semblance of slumber, jerking awake moments later, his overactive mind telling him exactly what was keeping him awake.

Images. Vivid ones. Of Barnaby pressing him back into the mattress, littering his throat with bites as Kotetsu growls and groans underneath him, arching up into the hard, long press of the other man's cock, sliding deep inside of him –

He's so hard it hurts.

Lube-slick fingers aren't enough, no matter how he stretches himself, how he presses them inside and rolls his hips back onto them. He could cry from the frustration, because when was the last time he was this horny without Barnaby around? Kotetsu exhales a useless, ragged groan into the pillow, and then remembers.

They aren't an often-used thing, but they have them nonetheless for the rare occasion that Barnaby manages to convince him that it's not only just fun fucking him with his own cock. Kotetsu feels a little dirty fishing out the dildo, long and hard and thick – bigger than Barnaby, but that almost makes it that much more appealing.

Fuck, he bets Barnaby has secret cameras recording all of this.

It's with a shaky breath that he slicks the thing up, rolls onto his side and bites into his lip as he presses the head of it against himself. Definitely thicker than fingers, than Barnaby, and oh, it aches when he sinks the first few inches into himself, leaving him sucking in a ragged breath and arching his back. He twists and wriggles the dildo inside of him, pressing it deeper, sliding every hard inch of it into himself until the flared base is all that really remains into his hand and Kotetsu just shudders for a moment, feeling his own muscles twitch and clench and savoring how full he feels.

He wants more than ever for Barnaby to be the one fucking him.

Rolling onto his stomach, he hisses at the feeling of his own hard, leaking cock grinding down into the sheets, pleasantly trapped between his body weight and the bed. Kotetsu's far too preoccupied with the dildo to even think of touching himself – because god, god it feels good working that thing in and out of himself, slick and hard and curving to drag and press into him just right. He's stretched so full that his toes curl, that his thighs tense and jump and spread wider as he fucks himself – groaning, damn near mewling into a pillow that smells of nothing but his lover, heady musk and fresh shampoo as he shoves the dildo in and holds his hand against it, making it all the easier to grind back into it.

For all he prides himself on his endurance, there's no clinging to it now – not when he's imaging Barnaby fucking him like this, shoving his face into the bed and using him until he's shuddering and squirming. Kotetsu comes with a ragged, heated exhale, hips lurching backward as if that would push the dildo in deeper still, as if that would make Barnaby come inside of him, make him fucking mark him.

Damn it all, Barnaby needs to come home soon.