The bedroom invasion
By: Miss Puppet

Rated: T
Fandom: Calendar Girls
Pairings: Ruth/Tim Wellington
Disclaimer: Another thing that isn´t mine. Belongs to Buena Vista International and Touchstone Pictures.
Spoilers: It´s a follow-up on the movie, so you should watch that first. Set in my ´Woman of Yorkshire´ universe.
Summary: Ruth has become a rather reluctant damsel in distress.
Genre: friendship/romance

A/N: I had so much fun with these two while I was writing ´Woman of Yorkshire´ that I can´t quite let go of them yet. The following story is actually sort of an out-take from WoY and takes place after chapter 4 in which they were supposed to go to the Farmer´s Market but never made it there because Tim overslept.
This could have been chapter 5, but I thought things would have moved too quickly between them if I had followed this route. However it does make a nice, separate story.

Chapter 1

She had been asleep for a little over an hour, gradually entering the deep, dreamless state of perfect restful slumber when she suddenly almost bolted out of bed, startled awake by the feel of something touching her face. In the fairly dark bedroom she could barely make out the large, apparently large-winged creature, flapping frantically around the room. The whatever-it-was advanced on her suddenly and started to circle around her head, the tips of its wings occasionally making contact with the top of her head.

With a shriek she slid back under the covers, pulling them around her as tightly as she could, lying there with her eyes shut close, trembling in terror. She remained like that for some time, curled up in a tight ball. After five minutes or so, the shock and sleep began to wear off somewhat and she tried to rationalize her fear. Whatever it was, it almost certainly wasn't mortal, now was it? It was probably a rather large bird or some sort of bug. The question was, how did it get into her bedroom?

And how was she ever going to get rid of it?

Still with her head securely hidden underneath the covers, she worked up the courage to gingerly slid her arm out from underneath the duvet in the direction of her nightstand. After some groping around she found the switch to bedside lamp and flicked it on, quickly retrieving her hand back under the duvet. This little endeavour alone had left her with a hammering heart and she realized full well that the biggest confrontation was yet to come. The yellowish light of the lamp was penetrating her white duvet and lying there, with her eyes wide-open underneath the suffocating mass of blankets she realized she had to take a look. Whatever it was, at least she would be able to see it properly now.

Tightly gripping the edge of the duvet in both her hands she took a deep breath and pushed it down a few inches, her eyes just peeking out. Her eyes scanned the room frantically for a glimpse of the fearsome intruder, but she didn't see a thing until she looked at the ceiling lamp and spotted a large, black creature hanging upside down from it.

With another shriek she dived back under the covers, covering her face with both her hands.
A bat… How on earth had a bat managed to find its way into her bedroom? Living in such a rural area as Knapely she was accustomed to various specimen of wildlife finding their way into her home and she had never been too bothered by it. She could handle the occasional spider, bumblebee, newt or even a grass snake. But this was something different all together. It was a bat. And it was huge! Shuddering, she contemplated on her next course of action, until she heard soft meowing coming from the door.

Rolling over to the side of her bed she poked her head out, her neck and shoulders still securely covered by the duvet and spotted Ollie, her large tomcat sitting in the door opening, his eyes transfixed on the bat hanging from the ceiling lamp, his tail tapping rhythmically from the left to the right and making that typical clicking noise cats use to make when they found their prey to be just out of their reach.

Usually, Ruth found it very endearing when Ollie did that, but now she only growled in frustration. "Did you bring it in, Ollie?" she asked warily. "How are we ever going to get rid of it?"

The bat was still hanging there, immobile and with its great black wings securely wrapped around its body. Knowing that she wouldn't get any sleep at all if she remained like this for the rest of the night, Ruth summoned every bit of courage she possessed.

"On three…" she told herself. "It's only a few steps to the door, you'll be fine. It's not coming after you and even if it did, it won't murder you."

She took another deep, shuddering breath. "Right… one… two… three!" On three Ruth threw the duvet away and made a mad dash to the door, covering her head with arms, not even daring to glance to the bat. Startled, Ollie rushed into the living room as well and Ruth closed the door behind her with a rather louder bang, pulling the door handle for good measure, ensuring that the door was well and truly closed.

"Right. Now what?"

Shivering, she made her way to the living room and sat down on the couch. It was late October now and the nights were turning very cold, this one not being an exception. What was she to do? Ruth quickly ran through her options. She could sleep on the couch for one night and deal with the situation tomorrow. Only, her spare blanket was in her bedroom and there was not a chance she would go back in there now.
She could try sleeping without a blanket, perhaps if she just snuggled deep into the pillows of the couch…? Another shiver ran down her back as a rush of draft passed across her bare feet and she realized what a ridiculous thought it was. They would most likely find her tomorrow morning, frozen to death.

She could call someone. The question was whom? Briefly she thought of Rod and Chris, but then she realized they were away for a mid-week. Then Annie crossed her mind, but she rejected the idea as soon as it came. Annie was terrified of all kinds of bugs and wild animals. Celia and Frank perhaps? For a brief moment she amused herself with the mental image of Frank bursting in, dressed in full gear, his riffle in front of him, ready to take down the bat. He would probably shoot right through the roof of Maple Cottage. Jessie and Richard then? Well, Richard was of rather advanced age already, she wouldn't want to risk him getting a heart-attack. Her conscience wouldn't bear it.

Of course there was one other option. She could call Tim.

A little about the how and why of this story. I come from a family of great cat-lovers and between four cats we´ve received our fair share of many mice, small birds, frogs, newts, butterflies, a couple of rats, pigeons a couple of crows and on two separate occasions a bat. From all the treats the cats bring in, I loathe the bats the most. Because they do flap around your head and are just plain creepy. That said, I don´t care much for the rats either.
Anyway, Minky, our eldest cat brought in a living bat two times. Fortunately she didn´t bring it into the bedroom, but having one in your living room is not much either, I can tell you that much.

And as always, I´d like to hear what you think!