Endless Night

[500 Themes: 155]

Barnaby is way too good at this.

Honestly, Kotetsu's still getting used to the sight of a man on his knees in front of him, a man's lips wrapped around his cock, stretched around him and so damnably talented with every lap and wriggle of that perfect, perfect tongue. He can't complain, though – never would even consider it, what with how much Barnaby seems to enjoy doing this, with how much he himself has come to look forward to it.

Barnaby's mouth is definitely something to anticipate and appreciate, after all..

In moments like this, Kotetsu is lost, because Barnaby is so good at swallowing all of him, at hollowing his cheeks with each suck and fluttering his lashes and flushing and exhaling hiccuping little moans when he pulls back. His fingers twist within blond hair, and he can't help but shove Barnaby back down between his legs, liking the way he chokes a bit, knowing it's mostly for effect because Barnaby flat out told him once that he's never had much of a gag reflex, anyway.

Kotetsu shudders as he looks down, listens to those obscene licks and slurps and moans, and knows that fuck, there's no way he's going to last much longer. He tugs on Barnaby's hair, wanting to warn him, but Barnaby just pulls back and Kotetsu just barely bites back a whimper as he watches that pink tongue drag over the very tip of his cock.

"Bunny – "

"… Come on my face." The younger man flushes deeper, his eyes hooding as if he can't quite look Kotetsu in the eye when he's asking for such a dirty, humiliating thing. "I… just do it."

"But – "

"I want you to."

Kotetsu swallows hard at that, his mouth dry and his pulse thudding hard in his ears at the novel request. He can't refuse – fuck, no, he can't refuse at all, not when the image is so appealing. Wrapping his hand around his own cock, he feels himself twitch and throb within his grasp, groaning low in his throat as he just thinks about it – what Barnaby will look like at his feet, flushed and mussed and with bruised, swollen lips, splattered with Kotetsu's come –

There's no holding back, and all Kotetsu can do is grip Barnaby's hair with one hand, keeping him in place as he spills himself over the blond's face, jerks his hips forward to grind against one, pale cheek and nearly shuddering with release all over again when he watches Barnaby's eyes squeeze shut and his tongue flick out, tasting him.

"… Fuck," he rather eloquently manages, and Barnaby lets out a sound that might have been a huff of approval. God, Kotetsu thinks, what have I gotten myself into.