Off the Map

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"You don't understand."

Kotetsu flinches when the younger man's hand hits the kitchen counter, when green eyes bore into his skull. There's no escaping it now; not that he had much of a chance, anyway, but now Barnaby has reached a point of no return. The store's been out twice this week, and really, that isn't his fault. It's Barnaby's fault for liking such a popular flavor –

"It's a texture thing."

"A texture thing," Kotetsu weakly echoes, rubbing a hand over the back of his neck.

"Yes. Ice cream is all about texture." One of those long fingers jabs in his direction. "You don't understand because you just like plain vanilla – even though that vanilla would be even better if you added some sort of crunchy topping to it. Oreos, perhaps."


"But red velvet is perfect because they actual put real cake into it. It's like eating a cake, but an ice cream cake, with ribbons of that perfect cream cheese icing and that sort of fuzziness of the cake – "

Kotetsu had no idea that ice cream could be fuzzy.

Barnaby stares at him, incredulous. "Are you listening to me? There are many reasons why this ice cream is perfect, I'm just getting started."

"Believe me, I know," comes Kotetsu's put out mutter, and Barnaby huffs, and continues.

For a good 45 minutes, even.

Once that is over, and after Barnaby retreats as a grumbling mess to their shower, Kotetsu flees. Well, not really flees, per say – he goes on the hunt, because god forbid if Barnaby goes without this damned ice cream for another day.

It's fortunate that the seventh store that Kotetsu checks has it (and not the twelfth, because that's happened before), and that he can return home promptly to present the proverbial kill to his mate.

As long as Barnaby is happy, he supposes.