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I walked down the rocky terrain as I became lost in my thoughts. I decided to travel up to earth for awhile to escape this depressing place I forced to live. I felt anger brew inside me when I remembered how I was tricked into this horrid place. How bad the betrayel stung.

I shook my head to forget these thoughts. Or at least until I was back 'home' again.

As I walked through the portal I breathed in the fresh air. My eyes closed as if they had a mind of their own once I could smell the air and nature fill my body. How I missed the sun! It had been far too long.

My name is Hades. Or at least that's what the mortals think. Only the gods themselves know my real name but don't dare speak of it. Ever since I was banned to the Underworld my name was also taken from me. But how I missed my name.

I opened my eyes and began to walk idly through a blossoming valley. So many wildflowers to see and I didn't have the pleasure to havethem where I lived.

I sighed as I realized I would soon have to return back. I had duties to do and I couldn't neglect them. Or else my brother would have my head.

I laughed to myself as I thought how that would play out.

Just as I was about to return on the trail back to the Underworld I heard the most beautiful sound in my life. My heart soared as I realized that this exquisite music was someone singing. A woman.

I snapped my head around my surroundings trying to locate this voice. Once I realized it was coming from my right my feet automatically walked towards the music. It was as if my body was hypnotized by this angelic sound.

After probably five minutes of walking I saw a little clearing. I swallowed as my feet continued with their journey. Once my eyes were able to see the valley without escaping my place within the shadows my beathe was caught in my throat.

Can it be! I thought to myself as I struggled to breathe. Surely I'm in the Underworld again or asleep.!

I couldn't believe my eyes. There standing in the middle of the valley with white Lillies surrounding sat the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life.

Her skin was pale and smooth. Her hair was dark as chocolate and fell gracefully down her back. Her eyes were like a doe's, big and innocent yet soft and full of wonder. Her shape was small but healthy. She looked about as tall as my shoulder and hands to tiny. I swallowed as I drunk in the rest of her. Her lips were plump and red as a berry. Her nose so small but cute. And there was a small blush on her cheeks as she began to giggle to herself.

My eyes closed by themselves again as That giggle danced in my mind.

"Bella!" I heard an all too familiar voice say. I opened my eyes to see my angel look to her left and smile as she stood up.

When I saw who was approaching her I had to take a double take. Surely this couldn't be! This must be a mistake! I thought to myself as I stared at the woman in front of me.

It then hit me like one of Zeus's lighting bolts. She was the daughter of Renee, the goddess of the earth.

Renee embraced my angel as I then remebered her name.


II then watched as my angel walked off with her mother, Renee hugging her close by her side. I continued to watch as I saw her disappear in the trees, taking my heart with her.

Isabella thought to myself as I said her name again.

"Isabella," I whispered as I remembered her face, her smile, her giggle. I then felt empty as I realized who her mother was. But then my heart pounded harder as I realized I had to see her again. Regardless of her mother or anyone else. Not even my own brothers would be able to stop me this time.

"You will be mine!" I growled as the sky grew dark and thunder crashed above me. I then retreated back to the Underworld as a plan began to form in my mind.

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