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I soared through the sky with nothing but my darling Isabella on my mind. I realized some things just didn't add up. And I wanted my answers and there was only one person who could give me them.

It was once I saw the golden gates did I slow my speed. I was pretty sure with the speed I was flying I could have easily broken a mountain but I could care less. I was on a mission and I was not giving up until I had my joy with me. My baby girl, Isabella.

Once I approached the gates I lightly placed my hand against the handles and the doors instantly parted. Only a god or goddess had the power to open these dorrs. Not even a demigod, more less a human could even try.

I walked along the emerald road as i sought out my target.

Many of the other gods and goddess were about their own businesses. A few tried to speak to me but I believe they took one glance at me and decided to hold their tongue.

After about 30 minutes of walking did I hear his screeching laughter. Which only meant one thing. He had company.

As I grew closer I could also hear a faint giggling as well. As if she would stop me.

I stood impatiently outside his room, behind his blood red silk curtain. I snatched back the curtain to an unpleasant sight but all I could do was think of my baby.

"What happened to my daughter?" I seethed as I stared at his shocked face.

James stared at me in shock as his female companion, Athena, other known as Laurania, Sat across his lap with her bossom provacatively close to his face and her hand too close to his member. Upon her seeing my face she turned completely red and scurried out of the room. James trying desparately to straighten himself and go after her, but I was in no mood for this.

So I caught him off guard by closing my hand around his neck and using all of my might to slam his body against a pillar, causing it to break under his torso.

"Where is my daughter?" I screamed as I flung him on the opposite pillar. My anger and impatience growing as he didn't answer.

"What are you talkin about Renee?" He barely whispered as he tried to stand on the cracking emerald floor beneath him. Dust and pieces of pillars scattered the elegant floors and marvelous decor but I charged at him again, my hand automatically curled up in a fist.

"Wait!" James cried as my fist stopped just a hairline away from his right temple.

I breathed heavy and labored as I stared into his gray emotionless eyes.

"Renee, if anythig would have happened to Bella, I would have stopped it myself. Renee she is you daughter and a demigod nonetheless. I know nothing of Isabella's absence." He replied quickly and unsteadily.

"you're lying." I whispered as I dropped my fist and slammed him to the emerald ground, braking away the elegant floor. Just like my heart.

"You are sworn to a promise." I replied to him as I walked away, dusting of my hand in he process.

"I could tell in your eyes. I am the creator of he promise, do you not remeber? But no bother," I said quickly fixing myself. "I will find my daughter and I know you had something to do with her disappearance."

I glanced back at him showing all the hatred and seething anger I could.

"When I find out the truth, and I know you were indeed involved, I will make you suffer."

With that I left him alone as I transcended into the sky, causing a hurrican to form as my presence to the human world below.

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