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What have I done?

I was truly disgusted with myself. How could I have placed my hands on her like that? I dare I just treat her as if she was just another one of my servants?

I paced my study for who knows how long. Once the incident with Isabella happened I was filled with so much rage that I barely knew where my body was going. I just kept on walking and somehow appeared in my study. But once I slammed the door behind me reality had sunken in. I haven't left the room once despair took control inside me.

My beauty. I had scared her. Not just with a red marking on her beautiful alabaster skin but how she perceives me as well. I saw it in her eyes once she looked up to me from the floor. How her eyes stared at me with shock, confusion and ultimately...fear.

I could hardly breathe for a second as the thought of her never returning her feelings invaded my mind.

"My Lord."

I didn't dare look in her direction or else she'd see right through me.

"How could you have resorted to that? Do you know what you have done?" She said her voice just raising an octave.

"You will watch your mouth Alice" I shot back slightly turning my head towards her but still keeping her out of my view. "I am master here and you will not raise your voice to me!"

"My Lord I do not know what this action will cause for the future." She said more gently and calmer but I could still sense the anger in her voice.

Her comment peaked my interest.

"What do you see Alice?" I swallowed as the unknown sparked more fear into my chest. "Did I do too much harm?"

I heard her take in a breath and I took advantage of her unawareness to look upon my small adviser. Her eyes though slightly open her shaking rapidly and her white soulless eyes unknowingly stared at the ceiling. After a few more seconds her eyes gained their gray color and focused upon my face.

"Not all is lost."

I tried my hardest to keep my face stern but she could sense relief pouring from my pores.

"You may go." I replied more softer this time but turning my back to her again.

"But my Lord, if you truly wish to win her affection you must never hit her again. For the next time will damage her beyond repair." With that, Alice quietly took her leave towards the direction of her quarters.

She was still lying on the floor but this time her cries have silenced.

As I silently walked closer to her I realized that she had fallen asleep sometime while she cried. I slowly bent down on my knees as I used my hand to move her glorious hair away form her face. Here eyes her slightly pink and puffy and her cheeks had dried tear streaks.

So beautiful

I could have stayed there forever just looking at her face as if she were a goddess herself but I knew from experience how uncomfortable this floor could be.

I gently picked her up in my arms careful not to wake her. As I did her face turned to lie upon my chest, exposing my damage. My heart clutched in my chest as I stared upon the angry welch. It was still bring red and felt a little warm too. My hand accidentally grazed her cheek as I placed her in the middle of the soft sheets and I heard her whimper in pain.

I almost whimpered myself as I quickly ordered a servant to fetch a wet rag. I grew impatient as I awaited the servant while still gazing upon my hurt beauty in my bed. A boy no older than 14 appeared with a white rag on a golden tray and I snatched it out of his shaking palms as I slammed the door in his face.

I carefully took the rag from the tray and placed the cool towel upon the marking. She breathed gently as I did so and somehow her face seemed to relax. I gazed upon her for a few minutes more and then seated myself in the chair where the confrontation took place.


I opened my eyes slowly as the pain in my cheek made me awake. I lifted my hand to try and inspect the damage but I felt something cold and fluffy instead.

I lifted myself up slowly and stared at the small rag. The incident then coming back to me.

"You are awake." I heard is voice by the fire.

"Yes." I curtly replied as I refused to look his way. Anger rising up inside me again.

"How is your pain?" He asked.

"It is tolerable." I said as I stupidly pretended to be interested in the blanket that I ran my hand across.

I then got off the bed and walked to his sitting figure. I don't know why I was but I unknowingly walked towards him. I boldly stared into his face as he stared back into mine.

I don't know what I was doing but for some reason I needed to see his face as I said my next words.

"Fine. I will be your submissive little servant. I know now you will never take me to my mother nor my home but this will never be my home. I regret her going out o that field and I curse anyone who does. You have not only taken me from my mother but you have also taken me from freedom and ever being happy. I'm only here because you are a selfish, deranged god. I don't blame Zeus for cursing you to be damned to this hellhole for you truly deserve it! You are nothing but an evil monster and no one will ever love you! I will only remain here to live but I will never be happy here!"

I stared into his eyes as the words spewed from my mouth but like a raging waterfall I couldn't stop them and I truly meant them.

He just stared at me. His face not angry nor showing any emotion. It puzzled me. Why wasn't he reacting? Why wasn't he angry?

He then lifted his hand slowly and placed it lightly on my shoulder. I was confused and a little frightened by his action.

"I am sorry I have caused you so much sorrow." His voice was dripping with sadness and some sort of resignation.

I stared at him demanding to explain his words but her just leaned towards my head and placed a gently kiss on my forehead with his warm lips and left the room never looking back at me.

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