Okay, here is your new chapter. As I told you before, I am backa nd I'm ready to give you some more of this story.



I laid on the soft bed crying my life away. There was nothing else I could do. I was kidnapped and taken away from the only place I ever loved. I was away from my home and spacious valleys. Away from Angela, her husband and her ornery children. But worst of all, I was away from my mother. The only person to ever love me truly in my whole entire life. The only person who protected me and cared for me as a child was gone.

How long I cried I do not know because I felt as if there was nothing I could do. Here I was, in the Underworld the God Hades nonetheless. And I was to be his bride. Unwillingly of course. I am to be Hades' bride. I cried even harder as that thought played around in my mind.

After I could produce no more tears, I just laid there. Unmoving and cold inside. I stared at nothing but the black, seeing as the candles died out as I cried.

I stared at nothing.

I felt nothing inside.

And to be honest, I actually welcomed it.


I stood next to her bed as I softly glided my fingers across her white silk sheets. I tear escaped my eyes as a memory flashed across my eyes.

"Mommy!" My little Isabella squeaked as she jumped from her bed and into my arms. I squeezed her softly as I held her head close to my heart. I picked her up and spun her around. Her giggle filling the room along with my soft chuckle.

"Isabella, you are to be in bed my young butterfly." I said as I walked slowly to her bed. I was hoping she was up. I had to go out east for the harvest and I rushed back home as quick as I could to tuck her into bed.

"I wanted to wait for you mommy. I wanted you to tuck me in." She smiled up at me as I laid her in the bed and placed the blanket up to her chin.

I smiled wide as I stared into her eyes. She was the most adorable five year old I had ever seen. I gently laid next to my delicate daughter and held her close.

"Well I'm here now butterfly. Let us go to sleep." I said as I laid my head next to hers.

"Good night Mommy. I love you." She yawned as she cuddled closer to me.

"Good night Butterfly," I softly answered, "I love you as well."

I softly hummed a melody as I gazed upon my little baby girl as I slowly drifted to sleep with her.

"Isabella," I chocked as the tear fell from my face. "I will bring you home. I promise whoever took you will suffer. I swear it."

I looked up at the sky as a thought crossed my mind. I quickly wiped the tear's track from my face as I gently closed my daughter's room and called Angela.

"You are not to leave this house. You are to stay here until Isabella returns. If you need anything send you're husband. If you dare leave this house you will feel my wrath as you never felt it before." I threatened as I stared at Angela.

She shakily nodded her head, "Yes, Mistress."

I quickly headed outside and than once in the wide, open clearing I descended into the clouds, heading straight for Mount Olympus.

Now I had to put Renee's point of view in here because she is a very important person to this story. I promise in the next chapter there will be more of Bella and Edward but I had to put Renee back into this story. Until next time my lovelies!