A/N: I'm sucker for kid fics and de-aged fics. This fic is set during early season 2.

"This can't be happening," Elena sighed as she paced through the Salvatore Boarding House. "This is crazy. Even for us. Damon, what happened?"

"Hell should I know. I wake up. Downed a blood bag. Yelled for Stefan. No answer. Yelled again. No answer. I start heading up stairs and what I hear I can only describe to be as a small 'coo'."

"A coo?"

"Yes, a coo. And-"

"Then what happened?"

"Let me finish, Elena. I walk into Stefan's room only to find a small child where my 162-year-old brother should be."

Damon and Elena look over to the Stefan's bed. A small boy, a little under the age of 2, was halfway under the covers staring at a loose thread on the quilt.

"Are you sure that's Stefan?" asked Elena.

Stefan picked up his head to give Elena an intense look.

"See that. That is Stefan's forehead-brooding look. I'd recognize it anywhere," Damon said with a grin.

Stefan then turned his attention to Damon. Glaring daggers.

"You're only proving my point, Stef."

"Okay, okay. Let's focus. Is this a witch's doing? Or something else?" Elena asked as she started to pace again.

"Only way to find out is to consult a witch."

Elena took out her cell, "I'll call Bonnie-"

"No, I think the less people in Mystic Falls know about this, the better."

"Then what are we going to do? We can't leave him like this!"

"Calm it down, Elena. I know a witch a few states over. Road trip time. Pack your bags. We leave ASAP!"

Elena gave Damon a look and said, "We can't just leave now. Think of Stefan. He's practically an infant now. We can't just throw him in the car."

"You're right," Damon sighed, "You go pack, I'll duck tape two pillows to Stefan. Bubble wrap his feet and hands. Problem solved."

Elena gave a frustrated sigh, "Please at least attempt to take this seriously. What are we going to tell everyone about us leaving town?"

"You tell people you're taking a road trip with your boyfriend. Just don't tell them that he de-aged 160 years. We'll pose as a young couple on the road with their son. Alibi for here and for the road. You're onboard with this. Right, Stef?"

Damon makes a move towards the bed and hoist Stefan up into his arms along with a tangled blanket. "But you could use some clothes first."

"Alright, if we're going to be this, we have to work together. That means no fighting from the both of you."

"Do you think I'd stoop so low to argue with a 2-year-old Stefan?"

Stefan and Elena nodded their heads excessively. "Shut up!"

"If were going to pretend to be his parents, it has to be convincing. Damon, you have to be a loving, affectionate father. Stefan, you have act like an infant. You can't doing anything that seems too advance"

"So all you have to do is lay there and drool on yourself," jested Damon. Stefan shot him a look.

"Stay put and behave. I'll be back in a little bit with supplies. Along with some new clothes for Stefan. It's going to be a long trip." She gives Stefan a kiss on the cheek before heading out the door. A little smile forms on his face. The smile is then squashed by Damon peering down at the little Stefan in arms while snickering affectionately. Stefan turned red and buried his face into his brother's shoulder.

"So cute, Stef. Trying to hide." Damon continued to smile down at his brother. But he started to have some serious thoughts. "Hey Stef, I know you can understand Elena and I just fine but I haven't heard a peep from you. Can you still talk?"

Stefan lifted his head and stared at Damon. Looking him directly in the eyes, his mouth started to curve. Then, very quiet like whisper, came the sound, "day…"

"Day?" Damon replied.

Stefan tried again, "Day…..mmmmm."

"You can't form full words or sentences today? Maybe you're younger that 2?"

At this realization, Stefan's eyes started to well up. Unable to control his baby instincts, fat tears started roll down round baby cheeks. He tried looking away from Damon when little sobs started to escape his mouth.

"Whoa! Hey, Hey, Hey – Stefan, look at me!"

Stefan was starting to panic now. Trying desperately to free himself from Damon's arms.

"Stef, Stef – calm down. It's alright," he held his brother closer, "Please don't cry. You know how I get when you cry. I can't…" He looks down at Stefan, "Shhhh. I gotch ya. I'm here for you, little brother."

Stefan nuzzled his head onto Damon's shoulder. His crying stopped, only left to sniffles. After about 10 more minutes, the only thing that can be heard was the soft breathing of a sleeping Stefan. Damon placed his little brother on the sofa and pulled a blanket over him.

Damon was lost in thought. He whispered softly to his brother, "You were trying to say 'Damon', huh?"

He patted Stefan's back lightly, "Don't worry, Stef. I'll fix this. I promise."