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- 4 Hours Into The Trip –

"Damon, I think we should pull in for the night. There is a motel up ahead." Said Elena pointing to a sign off the road.

"What? We haven't even been on the road that long. "

"Yeah, but look at Stefan. He is exhausted." They both turn to see a conked out Stefan. Damon paused before saying, "Alright, fine. I could use break anyway."

They pulled into a Motel 8 right off the road. They decide on two adjoining rooms.

Damon was setting up the travel crib Elena had packed. Standing in the doorway between the two rooms, she looked at both Stefan and Damon with a smile. Stefan was curled up on the double bed. Damon was intermittently looking over his shoulder while putting on the finishing touches to the crib.

"It's really sweet," Elena spoke up.

Damon looked up at her. One eyebrow rose. "What are you talking about?"

"It's really sweet the way you've been constantly keeping an eye on him this entire trip. The whole time in the car you would look in the rearview mirror every 5 minutes to make sure he was ok."

"Whatever." Damon responds.

"You know, Damon, It's okay to worry about someone. It okay to care, to feel."

"According to you Elena, I don't 'feel'. So I might as well live up to that standard."

"Doing a pretty crappy job of that so far."

Damon just gives her a glare.

"Are you sure you're fine with watching Stefan yourself?" Elena asked. Trying to change the subject, "You've been taking care of him all day. I can keep on eye on him for the night."

"It's fine," he responded. Eyes becoming soft, "I don't mind."

"Okay." She gave him a smile. "Night guys."

"Night" came a small squeak from the bed. They both turn to see Stefan sitting up, his free hand rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Stef, you're talking!" exclaimed Damon as he moved towards the bed to kneel next to his brother. "Can you say anything else?"

Stefan sat there looking up at Damon with tired eyes. "mmmmm….day…..monnnn." He stopped. After moment of hesitation, he reached his arms up towards his big brother and said, "Damon, shleepy." Damon lifted his brother up and Stefan rested his head on Damon shoulder.

"I guess that's Baby Stefan talk for 'Help me to bed, Damon. Now!'."

"You make him sound so demanding."

"Well, I didn't hear a please."

"Hungwee," came another sqeak from Stefan. He lifted his head from Damon to look at both Damon and Elena with pleading eyes.

"You hungry, Stef?" said Damon and he reached for his duffle to pull out a water bottle of blood. "Drink up."

Stefan looks at the bottle and then looks back at Damon. "Nooo…," he says shaking his head.

"Are sure, Stefan. It's your favorite – Bambi."

Stefan just looks down at floor while continuing to shake his head.

"Damon, do you think…..maybe….in this form…body….he's not a vampire?..."

"I dunno. This could be apart of the curse."

"Hang on a sec." Elena rushed back to her room and returns moments later with a sippy cup. "Here, Stefan. Do you want some juice?"

Stefan gives Elena a shy smile and accepts the cup. He lays his head back on Damon's shoulder while drinking the cup from the side.

"Here. I also these snacks for him."

"You really thought of everything, didn't you?"

"After all this time, I've come to expect everything. Here. Feed him. Put him to bed. We've get long day ahead of us tomorrow. Night, Damon." She turns and closes the door behind her.

Damon stares at the door before turning his attention back to Stefan, who was already munching down on the snacks.

"You finish your dinner, Stef. I'm going to take a quick shower before bed." He set Stefan down on the bed and walked into the bathroom. When he retuned 10 minutes later, he found Stefan passed out again. He lifted his little brother off the bed and into the travel crib.

"Goodnight, baby brother," he whispered. He crawled into his own bed and was relieved the call it a night.

Late in the night, a small cry woke Damon. His eyes opened on the alarm clock standing on the dresser. 1:15. He had only been asleep for 3 hours. He turned his head to see Stefan standing up in the travel crib making whiny noises at Damon.

"Go back to sleep. I don't have time for this, Stefan." He turned over with his back facing his brother. Not 2 minutes later, he heard a crash. He turned to see that the crib had tipped over and a now sobbing Stefan was on the floor.

"Shhhhhh, brother, Shhhh," he said and he tried to calm him brother. He must have rocked the crib trying to get out and pushed too hard. Stefan continued to cry even with Damon there to comfort him.

He went over to the bag of things for Stefan that Elena bought. Maybe there was something to help calm him down. He searched the bag to find a packaged pacifier. He stared at it for a second before thinking, might as well.

Stefan accepted the pacifier and he started to calm down.

Wow, that actually worked Damon thought.

Stefan was stated to fall back to sleep so Damon thought this was the perfect opportunity to place him back in the crib. Only Stefan wouldn't let up on the death grip he had on Damon's shirt.

"Guess you're sleeping with me tonight, you little monster."

He got under the covers and held Stefan close. Stefan finally eased up on Damon's shirt and settled into his brother hold. It was a closeness that neither of the brothers had felt in a long time.


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