Lost Family

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Ch. 1: Making an Entrance

It was your typical early Wednesday afternoon at The Dal Riata pub, just a few die hard regulars enjoying the relative peace before people got off work and the younger generations descended en mass. But that was to be expected for the only bar that was neutral ground for the Light and Dark Fae. Trick, the diminutive Fae that owned the place, was behind the bar listening to his favorite and only human regular.

"It's been a hell of a day, Trickster, so set me up with a glass of something to help me forget about it for a while," Kenzi stated morosely from her usual barstool. She looked as disheartened as she sounded and the barkeep looked at her with concern.

"What happened," Trick asked as he wondered when Bo would show up because her best friend was giving off the familiar aura of somebody that wasn't going to stop until they were beyond drunk.

"Remember that Land Wight Bo and me helped turn to mulch? (The bartender nodded) I've been seeing the friend that called us in on that case off and on but the ass only went out with me because he thought that we'd have a threesome with Bo," the human woman responded and had to quash the quick flash of jealousy when she mentioned her Succubus friend's name. It wasn't the other woman's fault she was born an über sex fae.

Trick had just handed the young twenty-something woman a drink when the pub door opened. A skinny teenage boy with raven black hair with a messenger bag over his shoulder stumbled into the Dal, his body trembling. But it was the power that rolled off of him that made everybody turn toward him; even Kenzi was able to feel it and joined the others watching the teen. Moira, the day shift waitress was the first one to break the silence as she approached him.

"Ya look wee bit young to be comin' into a pub but surin' ya look like you could use a good meal. Take a seat and I'll bring ya out some Sheppard's Pie," the fae woman stated while she directed the young man to a seat at the closest available table.

Everyone in the pub heard the raven haired boy's stomach growl but it was what happened next that nobody was prepared for. The youth's emerald green eyes changed to ice blue that glowed with his body shaking even more, he launched himself at the waitress. She moaned lustfully as his hands, which had also started to glow, grabbed the sides of Moira's face then pulled her into a searing kiss. The stunned silence was broken by several gasps as the teen pulled away from the kiss slightly and the crowd saw that he was sucking the older fae's Chi – Life-force. It quickly became obvious that the newcomer had no control over his powers and had entered into a feeding frenzy. Thankfully, a nearby patron was able to think on his feet enough to smash his chair into the youth. The blow wasn't meant to do more than knock the kid away from his victim but the overfeeding caused the teenager to slip into unconsciousness.

"Quick, somebody pick him up and bring him into the back while I check on Moira," Trick ordered, already in motion. His concerned expressed lightened a little after he felt a weak pulse coming from his employee.

A couple of the other patrons helped wrangle her limp form into a chair as another waitress brought out a glass of water and some smelling salts. The ancient publican let out a frustrated sigh as he glanced around The Dal and noticed a few people were already on their cell phones reporting the arrival of a new fae. So much for keeping a lid on this for a few hours – Trick thought as he turned and headed toward the back room. Kenzi had just finished a call and nodded; the silent message was clear, Bo was already on her way. After he made it to his destination, the small man started to examine his sleeping guest.

The young man's raven hair was unkempt but it looked as though it grew that way. The threadbare and stained clothes that he wore were at least three or four sizes too big and the sneakers on his feet were held together by a healthy amount of duct tape. Many would've thought the teen was homeless and stopped their examination there but not Trick. The former Blood King had noticed that the younger fae's skin wasn't filthy nor did it have any of the other indicators of a life spent on the streets. Thanks to all the Chi he'd absorbed, the sleeping boy's body had started to fill out and a little color appeared on his once pale skin. Trick had just started to go through his pockets when Bo, Dyson and Hale came into the room with Kenzi.

"The Ash and Morrigan heard about what happened and are probably about a half hour behind us if we're lucky," Dyson told his old friend and mentor.

"In case you were wondering, Moira is up and around but you're going to need to keep her away from Sleeping Studly there because she said, 'If he can give me the best orgasm of my life with just the appetizer then I'm definitely going to have to main course'," Kenzi offered as she gazed contemplatively at the unconscious teen.

"Any idea who he is," Bo and Hale asked at the same time.

"No idea, there wasn't a wallet in his back pocket but I just found these," Trick replied then held up a folded scrap of parchment and an ornate wooden stick.

Unlike the others in the room, the Fae Elder knew exactly what implications of that stick were and he needed to get as much information as he could before their impending visitors arrived. He unfolded the parchment and nearly dropped it when he found Bo's name along with that of the pub in crabbed script. He handed the velum off to Dyson who shared it with the others before he gently started to slap the sleeping form on the cheek.

"Wake up, I need you to tell me your name," Trick stated firmly.

"Harry," the now glassy eyed teen slurred and was prevented from slipping back into stoned oblivion by a few more slaps to his cheek.

"Harry, do you know what you are?"

"Course I do, I'm a Wizard," Harry answered then started to giggle while Bo, Dyson, Hale and Kenzi looked at each other in confusion.

"Damn," the Elder muttered before he asked his next question. "Why are you here?"

"Goblins… had to get out of England… too much, couldn't take it anymore… find family," the stoned fae managed to get out but everyone could see that he was fading fast and was only going to be good for a couple more questions tops.

"What family, what are their names?"

"Aunt… grandmother… great-grandfather… Bo… Aife… F…" was all the boy was able to get out before he passed out again. Bo gasped then looked at the hard at him.

"Dyson, I want you, Hale and Kenzi to go out into pub and wait for The Ash and Morrigan to get here; I need to make a call," Trick commented as he moved to a nearby phone and started to dial.

The trio left while their unofficial leader started a hushed conversation with somebody over the phone. Ten minutes later, he hung up and furtively glanced at his granddaughter and great-grandson; not that they knew that yet. Trick had vowed to protect his grandchild when Bo first came to his attention and that same vow was just extended to cover his great-grandchild as well. He maneuvered around his two descendents until he reached the messenger bag somebody had left on the floor. As a result, the Elder failed to notice when the others returned with The Ash, Morrigan and their retinue in tow. Much to the surprise of those still conscious, Trick's arms disappeared inside the bag along with his head and torso.

"Dude, that's some bag," Kenzi commented excitedly as thoughts of all the things she could do with a magic bag flitted through her mind at the same time the barkeep removed a carved stone bowl from the bag then placed it on an end table.

"I got in touch with a contact at the Gringott's branch in Salem, who in turn transferred me to Griphook at the London branch. That young man is Harry Potter," Trick began while his back was still turned but was quickly interrupted.

"The Boy-who-lived? Interesting, Fae Wizards are extremely rare in the Old World but there hasn't been one in North America since the first Viking colony," Lochlin – the new Ash – cut in and caused the other Elder to turn around.

"What's a Gringott's and what's with that whole boy-who-lived thing," Bo asked.

"There are really wizards," Kenzi added excitedly.

"Of course wizards are real; we've gone to same lengths to keep ourselves hidden from them as with the humans. While the average magical human believes we are nothing but myth, the scholars among them have put forth theories that we're extinct. The irony of the whole thing is they have contact with Goblins, Sirens and the half-fae Veela and think of them as simply being creatures," The Morrigan answered curtly, annoyed that the human girl was involved in what was clearly Fae business.

"I've never heard of Veela before," Hale offered with a half shrug.

"The Veela race started out as the daughters of Succubi and human wizards. The two forms of magic reacted strangely and allowed the children partial access to their Fae Abilities only slightly altered. The race further evolved as generations of Veela mated with wizards," Dyson explained to his partner and an interested Kenzi.

"Enough, I think we should get back to the immediate matter at hand," Lochlin interjected then nodded to Trick to continue with what he'd learned.

"As I was saying, Griphook is the Account Manager for the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter at Gringott's – the wizarding bank run by goblins – in London. From what he told me, Harry only awakened with the last few weeks at most and there had been an incident involving the man he'd thought was his uncle. The teen panicked, grabbed all of his things and found his way to the bank. Once there, he asked to see somebody in charge and was taken to see Griphook. The short version of things is that the past school year had been pretty rough for the boy and ended with a tragedy that wasn't his fault. The result of which, the local wizarding paper started a smear campaign against him. Harry needed to get out of the UK so he asked for an Inheritance Test which revealed that not only was his mother, Lily Potter nee Evans, adopted but she had a biological sister and mother that were still alive," Trick began and was thankful that those that had been present for the earlier questioning hadn't mention his omission.

He paused for a moment then continued. "After the results from the test, Griphook sent goblins to retrieved that pensieve (he pointed to the stone bowl) – a magical device used to review copies of a person's memories – and a box of Lily's memories along with a new bag to hold all of his things. He convinced Harry to place copies of all of his memories to date into the pensieve then placed a Stasis Charm on it so that nothing spilled out. Once the duplicate memories were put into the bowl, Griphook gave him his Aunt – Bo's – name along with the name and location of The Dal then arranged for the boy to be sent to the Gringott's branch in New York. From there, Harry was directed to catch the next flight here from JFK International. The rest you all know."

"Harry is pretty famous in Wizarding Britain so I have little doubt that despite the current smear campaign against him, his disappearance is causing quite the stir as we speak. There will more than likely be several legal issues that need to be addressed before Britain's magical government locates him; one of which will be over his Magical Guardianship. I suggest we all view his memories then disseminate anything deemed relevant to those that need to know so the young man doesn't have to answer the same questions continuously. Then we will let our new arrival have a couple of days to settle in; on Friday night, we'll host a Gathering here at The Dal so that he can meet both the Light and Dark Fae on neutral ground. (He held up his hand to stop Bo's forthcoming protest in its tracks.)

"Bo's introduction to our world was mishandled no matter what anyone says. My predecessor and the Morrigan should never have forced her to choose a clan without first learning every aspect of her heritage. I won't let that happen to Harry. He will be allowed to learn about the Fae at his own pace then at the end of summer, when the issue of his continued magical education must be decided, he will make his choice. Should he choose the Light Fae, I will become in Magical Guardian while Bo retains physical and legal custody. If he joins the Dark Fae, The Morrigan shall be taken over as his Magical Guardian with custody remaining as stated previously. Should he choose to his Aunt's path of neutrality, then Trick will step in as Magical Guardian. Are we all agreed," Lochlin declared then waited long enough for everyone to nod their assent before motioning to the pensieve.

Trick explained how it worked then Kenzi held onto one of Bo's hands as they all place a finger into the stone bowl. The human and six fae that mattered (the two groups of guards stayed behind to… well guard) we magically sucked into the pensieve. After a moment of disorientation, they found themselves in Harry's earliest memory.

"This is so cool; it's like being inside a 3D movie," Kenzi squealed enthusiastically but her enthusiasm soon died as they were forced to the horrors of Harry's childhood.

As they sifted moved from one memory to the next, everyone became enraged as the abuse and neglect worsened until the arrival of the teen's first Hogwarts letter. They thought their mounted fury would subside but it merely simmered just under the surface as they watched Harry's botched re-entry into the Wizarding World. It was three hours later when they finally worked their way through his past four disastrous years of school and the events leading up to his escape from England. Bo and Kenzi were positively livid and the others were barely able to contain their own anger; The Morrigan already decided to get a hold some contacts in London to deal with those Dursley cretins permanently. In her mind, regardless of what he chose, Harry deserved some Fae Justice for all he suffered at the hands of those worthless humans.

What followed their return was a brief primer on the Wizarding World for the majority that hadn't known about it before today. The Light and Dark Fae leaders soon left with their guards followed shortly by Dyson and Hale. Kenzi watched as her best friend cried over the sister she never knew and the nephew that had endured more than anyone should have ever had to. As Bo mourned, she glanced at Trick and noticed the pain he shared with her.

"You're my grandfather; I always felt a connection between us but never understood why you cared enough to look out for me," the succubus stated wearily as she felt the full force of the day's emotion toll.

"Yes, there were several times that I wanted to tell but it never seemed to be the right time. Add to that the fact that I have more than my fair share of enemies, I wanted to keep you safe. You, and now Harry, are the best of my line and hold our people's fate in your hands; he doubly so because Griphook told me that a false prophecy was made over a decade ago to bring hope to the beleaguered witches and wizards of Britain during their last war. That prophecy is why your sister's family was targeted by that vile thing and his minions; and why the last of our kin was consign to a childhood in Hell. I'll come over to your place tomorrow night for a proper introduction then all of us, Kenzi included, can sit down and go over all the paperwork still in Harry's bag," the older fae answered then called out for someone to help the two women get the still sleeping youth out to Bo's car.

Later that night at Bo and Kenzi's place…

Harry's eyes slowly opened at the smell of food reached his nostrils and his stomach growled. He still felt a tad loopy but his mind was becoming more coherent by the second. He started to feel around for his glasses out of habit but soon realized his vision was perfect as he looked around his strange surroundings.

"Good, you're up. My roommate, Kenzi just got back with a couple of tons of Chinese take-out because we figured you'd be starving," a feminine voice called out from the open doorway to his left.

The confused young wizard noticed a tall attractive woman that appeared to be in her late twenties with long black hair and deep brown eyes. She was dressed in tight jeans, boots and a loose fitting red tank top. Something about her called out to him, not in that weird sex/hunger way like that waitress he'd accidentally attacked earlier but like she somehow filled a void in his heart.

"Who are you," Harry asked tentatively.

"I'm your aunt, Bo," she began but was quickly cut off when the teen launched himself off the bed and threw his arms around her in a tight embrace.

"I'm so sorry; I never meant to hurt that waitress. Please don't send me away," he sobbed.

Bo, startled at first, returned the hug then started to run her fingers through her nephew's hair in a soothing manner as she eased his worries. "Moira is just fine but we need to make sure the two of you aren't alone anytime soon because she wants more. As for sending you away, you can forget about that right now; I just got you and there's no way in hell I'm giving you up. Now go clean yourself up in the bathroom over there then come out to the living room and we'll talk."

She eased the two of them from the embrace then headed toward the food. The still emotional wizard followed her directive and used his time in the mostly exposed bathroom to get a hold of his mental state while splashing water on his face. When he was calm, he simply followed his nose until he reached the living room. There was a younger black haired woman dressed like one of those Goths that he'd heard about back in Surry but very attractive with her heart shaped face and ice blue eyes. Luckily his other Hunger was sated because he wanted her. He pushed those carnal thoughts asides and made his way over to the comfortable looking chair next to the couch.

"Harry, I'd like you to meet my roommate and best friend – Kenzi. Kenz, this is my nephew – Harry," Bo introduced the two.

"Hey, kiddo, welcome to our humble Crack Shack. It's a bit of a fixer upper but its home," Kenzi bubbled with a smile that raven haired teenage boy found very beautiful.

"Hi. I think your place is bloody brilliant; it might be the Burrow or, God forbid, the Dursley's, but its homey and makes me feel like I belong," Harry responded then grabbed a container of Kung Pao Chicken as he sat down while the human and older fae smiled at what he said.

Warmth spread through Bo's heart and she thought that it wasn't going to take much to get use to having him around. She'd been alone until she'd found Kenzi and forged a family with her, Trick, Dyson and Hale but Harry was a piece that she'd never realized that she was missing. Plus, he was the only connection to an older sister that she'd never gotten the chance to know. She swallowed the pot sticker that she'd been eating and directed her attention to her nephew.

"I know that you've got a million questions, bud, but I'm going to ask you to hold off on them for a while and just be blunt for now. Harry, you're not just a wizard, you're Fae just like your mom, me, our parents and grandparents. Even the Potter's had to have some strong Fae blood in order for you to go through a full Awakening like you did. I'm not sure what type of fae was in your dad's family, but it looks like you ended up a male version of what me, Lily and your grandmother are. We're Succubi and you're an Incubus," Bo rushed out before she lost her nerve.

"So, what you're saying is that I wasn't a big enough bloody freak already so my mum's side of the family had to add more? It's not the Fae thing because that makes a weird sort of sense to me but there's no way that I'm an incubus," Harry started to counter then blushed as he remembered what happened between him and Hermione.


Hogwarts Hospital Wing an hour after Harry returned from the Graveyard after the Third Task

Harry was lying back in his usual hospital bed and had given up on getting to sleep anytime soon. Not just because of the inevitable nightmares about Cedric's death and Voldemort's return, but also due to the fact that his nerves were still on fire from being under old snake face's Cruciatus Curse. The rest of wing was empty, not even Madam Pomfrey was there because the real Mad Eye Moody had been in such rough shape when they found him that he needed to be sent straight to St. Mungo's. The Headmaster had pretty much ordered that the school's medi-witch be the only one to treat him. He was about to start counting the empty beds just for something to do to take his mind off everything else when the door opened then closed seemingly of its own volition. The green eyed teen knew that one of his friends had snuck in under his Invisibility Cloak; and it was a pretty good bet that it was Hermione. A guess proven true a less than a minute later when she dropped the cloak.

"Oh Harry, I was so worried about you and couldn't sleep until I made sure that you were alright," the bushy haired brunette witch cried then gingerly pulled him into a hug.

Despite the pain, something began to shift inside of Harry; it had actually started in the graveyard just before he was forced to duel Voldemort. His body began to heat up then it was like a dam broke and power like he'd never felt before coursed through him; a deep rooted hunger took hold and overshadowed the pain. His hands began to glow as they slid up his female best friend's back until they cupped her face. Hermione let out a lust moan then crashed her lips into his. The kiss was all passion and need; Hermione moaned louder as the minutes passed and the impromptu make out session became even more heated while Harry started to suck some kind of energy from her but stopped after a couple of pulls.

Neither teen was coherent enough to notice when Harry instinctually banished their clothing to floor next to the bed wandlessly. It was only after his raging hard on was pressed into her clit while her dripping sex coated his shaft that realized anything. Even then, it was mostly ignored once the raven haired boy attacked one of the teen witch's breasts with his mouth. She moaned louder and ground herself onto his hard cock but he moved his still glowing hands down to her hips then held her in place so she wasn't able to move any more. Hermione whimpered with the need for release as he switched his oral assault to her other breast.

"Please, Harry," the bushy haired Gryffindor begged then soon found their positions switched and her body was now underneath his.

Harry kissed his way down her body until he pushed her legs further apart. Acting solely on instinct, he devoured her sex with his mouth and tongue. The taste was like nothing else he'd ever tasted and he wanted more. Eventually, he focused on her engorged clit; sucking it into his mouth then lashing with rapid strokes of his tongue. It wasn't long after that that Hermione screamed as she experienced her first orgasm of the night. While she was the height of her climax, Harry slithered up her body then entered her with a powerful thrust and took her virginity. The intense pleasure managed to mask the pain of her hymen being torn. Hours and countless orgasms later, the pair fell into an exhausted sleep.

Harry woke up the next morning alone but without any pain and full of energy. Hermione stopped by on her way to breakfast and told him that while she would never regret what the pair had done the night before, it couldn't happen again because she loved him strictly as a brother then left in an awkward silence. Things hadn't improved during the train ride back to London later that afternoon. In fact, it had gotten worse because Ron had walked in on him giving his Tournament winnings to Fred and George as seen money for their joke shop. The jealous prat demanded to know why he hadn't been given the thousand galleons before he ended their friendship. Ron then turned around and told his mother when they reached King's Cross Station and Harry had his first toe to toe with the Weasley matriarch that only ended once it was pointed out that the money was a gift to be used however the twins wanted.

*End Flashback*

"Never mind," he amended and blushed redder under the knowing smirks of his aunt and her friend.

"Alright then, uncomfortable moment over so let's move on. After we finish eating, me and Kenz will help you unpack your stuff and burn the majority of your old clothes. The two of us, along with a few others have already used that pensieve thingy and went through all of your memories and we all decided that you need a whole new wardrobe. Or as somebody put it 'He's a super sex fae and has a rep to uphold. Those nasty assed hand-me-downs just don't cut it.' That means tomorrow morning we're all going shopping – no complaints. Around dinner time, your great-grandfather is going to stop by so we can go over the paperwork you brought with you.

"Friday morning will be for relaxing because that night there's going to basically be your Coming Out party at The Dal. There are going to be fae from both sides there to help answer your questions and ease you into our world," the succubus explained in between bites.

"I guess that's alright, I'll hold off most of my questions for tomorrow and Friday nights but can you tell me what you mean by sides," the recently awakened incubus responded but the two women could tell that he was less than thrilled about the shopping part of things.

"Okay, here's a brief overview. Fae is the general catchall term for all of us; from a scientific view it's our Genus, whereas our individual flavor of fae would be our species. Our kind are further divided into two camps or sides; Light and Dark. Regardless of side, we all feed of humans in some way but we don't have to kill. What that means is that until you learn to control your powers, you won't be feeding off any humans. From that memory we saw between you and your friend in the hospital bed, witches and wizards are a safe alternative just like other fae are," Bo answered then the trio fell into a comfortable silence while they finished eating.

The next couple of hours were spent by Harry getting to know his aunt and her friend. As the stories were winding down, Bo's cell rang and she had to leave to help her friend, Dyson. With nothing better to do, the fae wizard and human woman moved back to the bedroom where Harry had awoke to unpack his stuff. Kenzi was still in awe of the how much stuff the magical messenger bag could hold.

"Dude, that bag of yours is the shit! I need to get me one of those, how much do they actually hold," the Goth girl gushed excitedly.

"Well, we can get you one when we go to the nearest magical shopping area to pick up my school supplies. I was told that the Undetectable Expansion Charm on the bag can hold up to a 20'x20' room's worth of stuff. While I'm thinking about school, what magical school did you go to," Harry explained then looked at her earnestly during his inquiry at the end.

"Hate to break it to ya, kiddo, but I'm just your garden variety human," Kenzi sighed with a hint of regret.

"No, you're a witch; I've always been able to sense magic but after my Awakening it got stronger. I can feel your magical core. Granted, something is partially blocking it but I can still feel it pretty strongly. I just thought you were recovering from an accident or something," the teen countered sagely.

"Damn, that's what Grandma was always bitching about; first it was about how my parents were stupid then it was about how stupid I'd been to run away when I was younger. She always claimed we were descended from an old family of Gypsy witches. This is so freakin' cool! Now I won't be the weak link any more. We totally need to get this block shit taken care of then maybe get me some tutors or something. Ya think ya can hook a girl up," the no longer just-a-plain-human shot out in a single breath.

"Well, when you can come with us to Gringott's when we go; they've always been straight with me and I'd trust their Healers to take of you. They should even be able to recommend some tutors. You can look through my old school books and I can help you out some but I'm not a teacher," Harry retorted honestly.

"Sweet, I can't wait to go all hardcore witchy on some dumbass fae that thinks I'm nothing but a Happy Meal," Kenzi exclaimed then continued to help the teenager get his things put away.

The newly discovered witch squealed like a fangirl when she learned about his trunk then again after she found the Owl Order brochures that Harry had received when he got his new bag. The green eyed boy paled when she'd pointed them out and he rushed to the nearest window. He was accosted by an irate snowy owl that'd been waiting for hours to be let in. Kenzi laughed her ass off at the surreal sight.

"Ow Hedwig, cut it out girl that bloody hurts. I didn't mean to forget about you but it's been a rough day so cut me some slack," Harry whined to his familiar as he hastily searched for some owl treats to placate her.

"Well, bubba, it's your own damn fault your bird's pissed. Hasn't anyone ever told you that girls hate to wait or be ignored – no matter the reason," she giggled.

Hedwig finally settled down after Kenzi cooed over her and told her that she was the smartest and most beautiful owl in the world. With the room squared away, at least for the moment, Harry decided to call it a night while his companion asked to borrow one of his first year books to read. He picked out Magical Herbs and Fungi, his first year Potions text and a book he'd secretly bought on magical theory when Hagrid had taken him to get his school supplies. As he drifted off to sleep, he wondered what his great-grandfather was like but that soon gave way to the horror over his impending shopping trip with two eager women.

Kenzi settled herself back onto the couch and flipped through the books on magical herbs and potions then understood that her Grandma had taught her some of that when she was a little girl. She put those books aside for the moment and lost herself in the tome on magical theory. Bo found her asleep on the couch a couple of hours later and was pleasantly surprised when she learned her best friend was a witch. She encouraged the younger woman to follow up on that as they both made their way to their beds.

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