Lost Family

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Ch. 6: Culture Shock, Pt. 2

12 Grimmauld Place, London

Harry pulled back from the kiss as the noise levels reached eardrum shattering volume when Sirius bark of laughter over The Godfather joke, Ginny's scream and many shocked but happy "Harry's" where joined by, and eclipsed by, the Human Howler herself.


The temperature started to drop as Lord Black started to show his anger but it was the raven haired fae wizard's neutral expression accompanied by his magical aura flaring that dominated the room and brought it to silence. With a quick look at the teen's face, Sirius sat back with a sneer contented to watch how the youth handled the situation.

"Who are you to question or make demands of me, Molly Weasley? I know who I am; I am Lord Harry James Potter-Perevell – Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble Houses of Potter and Perevell, and Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black. The last time I checked, your name didn't appear among the members of those families. Now, the two women you falsely accused of being a harlot and a strumpet are my Aunt – Ysabeau McCorrigan, and my wife – Lady Kenzi Alexia Potter nee Czigany of the Ancient Romany House of Czigany. And while I appreciate the concern my disappearance may have caused – a situation I corrected by letting both Sirius and Hermione know I was safe – I've been living with my family and actually enjoying my Summer Holiday for a change. As to your final claim, you never raised me nor are you my mother. That particular distinction belongs to the woman who bore me then gave her life for me – Lady Lily Aife Potter nee McCorrigan! That's right; my mother was adopted so I never had any relation to those muggles. Now if I were you, Mrs. Weasley, I'd keep a civil tongue in my mouth unless I wanted to lose it," Harry intoned in a deadly calm voice but any response was cut off when the only Weasley daughter's brain clicked on only one sentence and let loose the temper she inherited from her harpy of a mother.

"Take your hands off my man and hand over that ring you bloody slag; I'm the next Lady Potter. I have a copy of the contract to prove it," Ginny screeched as she raised her wand and let fly one of the Bat Bogey Hexes she was infamous for.

Three things happened at once; Kenzi spun out of the path of the spell and disappeared with a pop – only to reappear behind the petite redheaded witch. Bo ran around to the other side of the table to keep Molly from interfering, and Harry raised his left hand then cast a small circular Shield Charm with the focus ring on his offhand which he used to bat the curse safely up into the ceiling. There was a pregnant pause as the minds of the original inhabitants of the kitchen caught up with the action. It was in that pause that Kenzi pushed her advantage when she thrust out her right hand and grabbed a handful of Ginny's long locks that she conveniently wrapped around her fist.

"Oh, you didn't just shoot that brownish green shit at me, Beyotch! Time to show ya how we do things Downtown," the Russian Gypsy witch seethed then drove the younger girl's head into the top of the kitchen table five times. After the last time, she yanked back on the hair hard and tossed its owner onto the floor before she pounced on the prone girl.

Molly Weasley looked like she was about to raise her wand to curse the witch that was hurting her little girl in the back when Bo rushed past her. Nobody but the Fae noticed the succubus' hand glow as she trailed it along the side of the pissed off mother's neck. Unfortunately, everyone but the two witches on the floor heard Molly's lustful moan then sharp cry as her body was overcome by an orgasm then fell boneless into her seat. Bo had just reached the cat fight when yet another shock was thrown at the room.

Bellatrix Black had been having a really bad time of it these past few weeks. For her, one minute she refused to marry some inbred poncy twat and openly declaring her sexual orientation. The next, she's in the middle of a duel with her parents and aunt – a duel she was winning, thank you very much – when she was hit by what she thought was just a stunner. When she opens her eyes again, she finds she wasn't out for a few minutes to an hour but for over a decade and the three members of her family that she'd fought had done some of the most heinous things magically to her. She'd been placed under a Stasis Charm in a secret room with variation of a Prisoner Ward that siphoned off her magic and transferred it elsewhere. In fact, her magic was being given to a Doppelganger the bastards had made of her so nobody would know she was now a prisoner. To make matters worse, the three fuckers died and nobody had known what they'd done. She'd still be in a magically induced coma in that room if it hadn't been for a couple of horny teenagers.

And then there were those Fuckwits in the Wizengamut that wanted to up and throw her into the cell that once housed her Evil Twin as the doppelganger dissolved once Bella had been removed from the room and her magic couldn't be used to sustain the creature. If the Old Families hadn't forced the issue then the temporally displaced fae witch would've gotten an all expense paid vacation to the lovely Azkaban Resort and Spa, permanently. On top of that, she was under a great deal of stress trying to readjust to what basically amounted to a new world, and then there were the tsunami of emotions that made her a psychological mess – anger, fear, depression, loneliness, and hatred with bouts of happiness and satisfaction. The younger women in residence at Grimmauld Place threw themselves into helping her but there were times when it was all just too much.

It was during one of those bad moments, when Bella had been down in the basement Dueling Chamber blasting away at practice dummies to vent her anger that Fleur successfully wore the older fae witch out. The French Veela had offered a chance for a proper duel and Bella jumped at the chance. The match ended before it ever started, the younger half-fae had tapped into her veela powers and tossed a fireball at her unsuspecting opponent that literally turned her top to ash. The little minx then pounced on the older woman before she'd had a chance to react. The sex that followed started out angry but slowly transformed into playful; it was just what the Frost Giantess needed at the time. The pair hadn't had another tryst since, mainly because Fleur spent most of her time in Nymphadora's bed as both girls were Bi. Bellatrix could've probably joined them but little Dora was her niece, and that was just one line that was too creepy for her to cross. The three teens sort of fell into the same category in her mind as well, so they were out as potential bedmates. If she were into cock, the twins might've made fun bedmates.

The fae witch had only started to get her emotions under control and the near constant drama caused by Headmaster Dumbshite and his Order using her family's home as their base of operations wasn't helping. All things considered, she felt like she was holding it together rather well. Today was supposed to mark another change in the frost giantess' life; only this one was for the better because her runaway cousin, Harry Potter was coming home and after all the stories she'd heard the ebony haired woman looked forward to meeting him.

The Black Heir's well timed entrance had put a smile on her face for all of ten seconds before all of her being focused on the dark haired goddess that bore a passing resemblance to Lily Evans. Even if she hadn't already known the other woman was a succubus, Bella still would've known. The moment the goddess walked into the room the frost giantess not only felt her nature, the fae witch's magic and her very soul cried out for the other woman. There were only vague flashes of what happened after the newcomers' entrance; shouting, a curse, a catfight and a fat old ginger bint having an orgasm. Nothing really mattered except her pale violet eyes tacking the succubus as she ran around the table. Bella smirked the other fae touched on the edge of her aura. It was pretty obvious that the succubus didn't have a clue about what was happening to her. Chances were that not even Harry knew enough to warn her of the possibility.

All thought shut down as the living embodiment of sexuality straightened up then launched herself at the ebony tressed fae witch, her eyes glowing blue. Bellatrix Black felt the missing piece of herself slam into place as the athletic body connected. Magic pulsed and then flared after the pair's lips crashed together as the Soul Bond snapped into place. The second they were able to fully consummate the bond, Bella would teach her soul mate how to do the Fae Wife bond. Where the former was a phenomenon of the Magical World, the latter was purely a Fae thing. The combination of the Soul Bond with a mutual Fae Wife bond would bind both halves of Bellatrix's nature to her mate. The only down side to the whole situation was that monogamy and Succubi really didn't mix so Bella was going to have to share her goddess with others. However, by the nature of the twin bonds meant that she'd get the final say on those other lovers.

Bella mostly lost in the kiss but still had enough presence of mind to use one hand to hold her lover's head so that nobody would see the Chi the succubus took from her. It was unfortunate that reality decided to crash their sexually charged moment.

Kenzi stopped with her beat down of Little Miss Ginger Snap after she heard a male voice mumble, "That's hot." It took a second to process that her girl, Bo, was getting on with some witch she hadn't seen yet. That brought everything into perspective for her and she cast a sheepish glance at her hubby. The silent apology was waved off as he smiled then waved uncomfortably in the direction of his aunt. The witch knew just what to do.

"Hey, BoBo, I just dealt with the Fire Crotch and realized we sort of interrupted breakfast. Now do I need to come over there and Cuff your Muff or are you goin' ta cool your jets so we can kick back, make nice with the Vanilla's and have nosh," the Russian woman commented in a loud but teasing voice.

Bo ended the kissing and pulled back from the stranger just enough to look at human witch with a silly smile then glanced at the body on the floor. The younger woman was pleased when traces of her friend broke through her blissful haze.

"Whoa, Kenz, looks like Ginger got snapped," the succubus commented drily.

"True that, BoBo, but that's just the way the Cookie crumbles. Especially when she thought that fake ass contract gave her any kind of claim on my Har-Bear," Kenzi shot back and earned laughter from at least part of the room.

The two friends made their way back over to Harry and the former street rat had to giggle when she looked back and noticed that Bo still had a hold of her Special Friend's hand and practically dragged the unknown woman behind her. That seemed to be the signal for the people around the table to come back to reality. Mr. Weasley got up then went to help his daughter as his wife was still out of sorts. Other Order members went back to their breakfasts. The Family all rose as one then properly greeted the three Canadians. Kenzi was happy to put faces to names from her talks with Harry, especially Bellatrix because it looked as though she might become a regular feature in their lives. Too bad that wannabe Gandalf had to open his trap and spoil the good vibes from her husband's reunion.

"Yes, yes, I think it best if we all have a seat and cool down from the recent misunderstanding. Alas, I fear that I am partially to blame as I had not yet had the opportunity to Marriage Contract with Harry yet," the geezer stated but Harry cut him off.

"Listen up, Old Man, if you're going to keep shoveling Dragon shite like that then at least let us transfigure our pants to hip waders before it gets too deep," the fae wizard interjected then continued hotly, "Before you further show just how much of a Decrepit Senile Manipulative Lying Thieving Bastard you really are, allow me to educate you.

"Let me first start off dealing with the outright lie you were stupid enough to just spew. While you may have conned the Wizengamut into declaring you my Magical Guardian after you illegally sealed my parents' Will, you have never had the authority of that position as long as Sirius still drew breath. And even if that weren't the case, you still couldn't enter me into any Marriage or Betrothal Contract because you are not the Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter or its Regent. Now that that's out of the way, I think I should cut off your next argument before it starts.

"Thanks to my good friends, the goblins, I had advanced warning of that pesky little Law that the Wizengamut recently passed with your tacit approval. They were worried and made sure that the Lordship rings of the Houses I had claim to, minus Black, were secreted away with my possessions before I went to find my real family. The day after I found them, and after a lengthy discussion to weigh the pros and cons, I claimed those titles (Harry held up a hand to show the two Lord's Rings and a smaller one). Then after Sirius knew where I was and what I'd done he sent me the Black Heir's Ring, as you can see.

"This is where things get funny. On the same day I received the ring from Sirius, a panicked missive from my new Proxy arrived about the proposed law that the goblins had warned me about. The letter also included the full text of the new legislation. Once I stopped laughing my arse off when I finished reading it, I sent a reply for her to vote in favor of the Bill. Do you want to know why?

"Besides being inbred, the Purebloods are nothing if not predictable. Part of that predictability comes from the fact that they use very precise language; especially when it comes to making Magical Oaths and Contracts for the simple reason of giving themselves room to maneuver around them once they become inconvenient. The new Heir's Law requires the Heirs of Noble Houses to wait for two years past their majority to Ascend to their titles if the Family has no current Head so that they might be mentored by a Senior Member of the Wizengamut to understand the responsibilities in regards to the Government.

"Another form of predictability comes from the fact that wizards – purebloods in particular – are fundamentally lazy creatures. The fact that no law passed by the Wizengamut has ever been removed from the books, just in case they might prove useful at some point in the future, puts paid to that fact. That's how the Inheritance Law of 1645 came into play when I was forced to compete in the Tri-Wizard Tournament and I was able to claim my birthrights.

"This brings me back to the point I made about language and why the old Inheritance Law applied to me and the new Heir's Law doesn't. That's because the former specifically references Heirs of Noble Houses or Higher and the latter only talks about Heirs of Noble Houses. As I was the one that killed Lucius Malfoy, in self defense mind, on the night of Voldemort's Resection there's no way I'd want his son to take his place; which is why I had Mrs. Tonks vote for the Heir's Law, now Draco can't claim the title or access the Malfoy Family Vaults until he's nineteen. Ultimately, that means that he also can't help fund Tommy-boy's little Blood War."

The room fell into stunned silence as the teens words soaked into their brains. What none of the three new arrivals knew was that Harry had just helped to widen the rift that was already splitting the Order of the Phoenix apart. Kenzi watched her hubby look around the room before his eyes locked on the Weasley patriarch. She knew that he still had a great love for that family and wasn't surprised when the fae wizard chose to offer up an olive branch to the older man.

"Mr. Weasley – Arthur – I know you didn't sign the Contract between me and Ginny. That was strictly your wife and Dumbledore's doing. I also doubt you knew that the tuition to put Percy, the twins, Ron and Ginny came straight out of my Trust Vault as part of the Bride Price. Nor that you knew that both of your youngest children or wife received a monthly stipend from my vault as well. I have nothing but respect for you, Fred, George, Charlie and Bill because each of you provided me with support when I needed it. You, by showing me what a father should be like; the twins for keeping me laughing when it seemed like the world had turned against me; Charlie, for helping to smuggle a dragon out of Hogwarts; and Bill for just showing up to support me during the Tournament with Mrs. Weasley just because he knew I could use it.

"As Lord Potter, I want to formally assure you that I hold House Weasley in the highest regard and any blame for crimes perpetrated against either me or my House rest solely on the individuals responsible for them. No charges will be filed against House Weasley as there is little doubt in my mind that you shall punish the offenders accordingly. The only actions that have I have authorized are the seizure of the perpetrators' personal vaults and the termination of tuition payments for you two youngest children after the coming school year. Nothing more will ever be said of this incident and offer House Weasley my hand in continued friendship," the young Lord stated officially as he offered his hand to the older wizard.

Arthur Weasley was a proud man, honest to a fault and had spent the better part of the past thirty years building a safe little world for his family. It was a world built on a strong work ethic, a deep seeded respect for life and most importantly love. They might've been hard up financially but they always managed to pull through in the end. The mild mannered wizard wasn't a complete fool, he knew that that world had developed cracks over the years but it still held together. The revelations of the past few minutes had brought his carefully constructed world crashing down. But then the young Lord across from him gave hope; instead of taking action against his family for the crimes of a few of its members, he was leaving the punishments up to Arthur and offering his continued friendship. The respect he had for the younger wizard increased a hundred fold at that moment.

"Thank you, M'Lord, while we may no longer hold the rank as Head of the former Ancient House of Weasley I accept you friendship," the balding ginger man stated formally as he shook the proffered hand.

"No thanks are necessary because it was the right thing to do. And for future reference, Arthur, there is no need for titles among friends," Harry replied.

Amelia Bones-Black had taken the day off to be home when her godson arrived. She'd watched quietly as events unfolded after the lad's arrival and then was subdued once the Family gave him, the young woman that was apparently his wife and his aunt a proper welcome. The reason for that was the near crippling guilt over the knowledge that she was never there for the boy even though the fae witch wasn't responsible for that and the Fury in her cried out for justice against the one who was. It hadn't been until the night she'd met with Sirius to discuss his innocence that Amelia learned there was something wrong with her. The first thing her husband demanded after the official talk was over had been to know why she'd never done anything for Harry while he was away.

Naturally, Amelia was shocked by that and that was what set the first warning bells off in her head. When it became clear to Sirius that she had no idea why he was so pissed off about her abandonment of their godson, he'd called his cousin – Andromeda – to come over and give her a complete check up. Everyone's anger only increased when the Healer discovered Amelia had been Obliviated. Memory Charms were a very complicated piece of magic and whoever had cast it on the DMLE Head was a Master.

Despite the Charm's complexity, it had a fatal flaw which made it potentially dangerous. Due to the nature of brain, memories were not stored individually but in interconnected clusters. This meant that while an Obliviator might target a specific memory, the Charm would affect one or more clusters thereby creating very noticeable memory gaps. Because the Memory Charm's focus was spread out over a larger area, the spell would start to degrade over time and the missing memories would slowly return over time; but there was no telling how long complete restoration would take. Ironically, the ideal candidates for Obliviation were those who practiced the Mind Art of Occlumency; the branch of magic used to shield one's mind from intrusion. The first thing an Occlumens had to accomplish before they were able to build shields around their minds was to Sort their memories; break up the clusters so that memories could be stored individually and eventually protected. This is why Occlumency was requirement for all Healers and Aurors.

With Andromeda's help, Amelia was to break through barrier that surrounded the memories specifically about Harry and her relationship to the boy. She was also able to find the one that dealt when the Memory Charm took place. The Head of the DMLE had been severely injured during a Death Eater raid earlier that fateful Halloween and had to spend the night in St. Mungo's. Because she was hopped up on potions the fae witch's mental shield had been down. At some point during the early morning hours, something woke her up and she saw a white wand thrust through her door but she was too groggy to move out of the way before the spell that left it struck her. Her primary suspect for the Charm was Dumbledore but the bastard was safe because she never saw her attacker's face.

The recently revealed Lady Black was impressed with how Harry handled first Molly's outburst and just now with how he dealt with Arthur. Merlin, she was even impressed with the little spitfire that was the new Lady Potter. Contrary to popular belief, Lily Evans hadn't been above using a bit of the old ultra violence to get her point across; this dark haired young woman reminded her a bit of dead friend. She noticed Albus rise from his chair and Amelia had a feeling the next Act was about to begin.

Harry wasn't in the mood for anymore shite at the moment; in fact, his shite quota for the day had been already been reached. No matter how hard he'd been practicing over the past few weeks, he still had trouble controlling his powers and the long plane ride followed closely by tense situation in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place were not helping at all. When he saw Dumbledore stand up, the incubus knew he needed to put an end to the situation soon or he was liable to kill the decrepit fucker.

"Harry, my boy, we seem to have gotten off on the wrong footing this morning. In spite of whatever you have been lead to believe, I have always only had your best interests at heart. While I admit that at first I was apprehensive about you claiming your titles, the way you conducted yourself with Arthur has soon me that you have the level of maturity to see past whatever issues might exist between us. However, I must ask that Miss Czigany relinquish the Lady's Ring because without consummation, your marriage is invalid," the sheep shagging reprobate began with his blue eyes set on full twinkle.

"Trust me that ship has sailed many, many, many times over. And let me say my man really knows how to put the motion in girl's ocean," Kenzi interjected grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Harry was smirking himself but nearly lost it when Tonks, Hermione, Susan and Luna spit out the pumpkin juice they'd been drinking. Thankfully, Arthur had given his wife a look that ended the tirade she was about to unleash.

The Headmaster cleared his throat uncomfortably then continued, "Ah… yes, well then I suppose we should move on. While I am deeply disappointed that you chose to run away and with this most recent revelation, it is as they say – water under the bridge. Now that you have returned and safely ensconced in Headquarters we no longer have to worry about Death Eaters tracking you down and the Order can focus all of its efforts on planning to counter Voldemort's forces. Once you are back at Hogwarts we can consider the possibility of arranging some private lessons."

"In case you didn't get it the last time you opened your mouth, I don't give damn if I disappoint you or not. I've got a pensieve full of memories and enough evidence from the Gringott's to see you in Azkaban or Kissed; and the only reason you not in prison or, better yet, dead is because you might have information that's useful to bring down the Dork Wanker. One would think that you to shut the hell up because every time you speak you just prove how delusional you are. Case in point being that instead of wasting resources looking for me you should've been working to counter Voldie's forces from the moment I returned from the graveyard on the night of the Third Task to tell you that the snake faced bastard had been resurrected.

"Then there's all that shite the Prophet's been printing about the two of us. You're the bloody Chief Warlock of the Wizengamut for Merlin's sake – head of Legislative and Judicial branch of the government – you could've used your position to bring that rag to heel but you chose not to. Hell, after what the Aurors found in the graveyard in Little Haggleton, you had Fudge over a barrel by his short and curlies and made him do it if you wanted to not get your hands dirty. Again, you chose not to do a damn thing.

"And let's not forgot your arrogant presumption about me going back to Hogwarts, let alone that I'd do so and settle for some vague hope of private lesson? Listen carefully, Old Man, because I'm only going to say this once. The only reason I returned to the Inbred Backwater of a Magical Nation is because my Dogfather back there summoned me to a meeting of the Old Families; no doubt to discuss the war effort. We (he waved a hand at himself, Kenzi and Bo – who seemed to think Bellatrix's lap was a seat) are in town for seven days; just long enough for that meeting and to take care of some personal business then we're on a flight back to Canada for my birthday. As far as my continuing education goes, well I haven't decided if Hogwarts is the place for me. In fact, I'm leaning more toward St. James' School of Magic in BC," Harry stated scathingly.

"Something which will be discussed by the whole family before a decision is made," Sirius felt the need to interject at the same time an older member of the Order thought it was best to put his two knuts in.

"Listen here you little brat, who do you think you are to speak an elder with such disrespect? That's Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore for Merlin's sake! He defeated Grindelwald then later lead the fight against You-know-who; he's the Leader of the Light and will show him the respect he deserves then do exactly as you are told."

Harry was a bit shocked that it was some ancient unknown wizard that finally spoke up. After the incubus talked back to his mother followed soon after by his sister getting the beating of her young life, the raven haired fae wizard thought that Ron would've been the first to have a go at him. A quick look around the table revealed the Ginger Prat was knocked out and Hermione wearing a rather pleased expression. It was obvious to him that at some point when nobody was looking his formally human friend had stunned the idiot. That was something else that bothered the teen; he knew for a fact that his female best friend had been completely human before he left and know he senses told him that she was Fae. It was a mystery that was going to need to be solved later because it was time to finally end this.

"I agree that at face value, the Headmaster had done a lot that is worthy of respect but what has he done lately? From where I sit, nothing – something he is really good at doing. To illustrate my point, let's take a look at the arguments you used.

"He defeated Grindelwald. That's true but it's not the whole story. Wizarding Britain cowered and refused to get involved in the war while Grindelwald and his puppet, Hitler, marched their respective forces through Europe. It wasn't until after The Blitz, when a group of Nazi bombers broke off from the main group and obliterated several manor houses belonging to Noble Houses that the Ministry and Wizengamut committed troops to the cause. Even then, Dumbledore remained out of the fight and did absolutely nothing. It wasn't until 1945, when Grindelwald had been cornered and fighting off Allied Aurors for the better part of a day that Dumbles got off his arse and entered the fray. Even then, Grindelwald still fought the Headmaster to a standstill for another two hours before blood loss and magical exhaustion forced him to make a fatal mistake.

"He led the fight against Voldemort. That's not something I'd be bragging about if I were you. Dumbledore had taught the Dark Tosser when he was in school and knew he was a potential threat. There was plenty of time between when Voldemort graduated/ went to ground and when he resurfaced and started to gather supporters for the Headmaster to at least have a plan in place but he did nothing. When the sporadic Death Eater raids started, Dumbledore could've used his status as the Hero that defeated Grindelwald to push the Ministry into action far earlier than it did. And after it became a full blown war, instead of fighting the enemy on equal terms he advocated the use of stunners and a Second Chance policy so that the Death Eaters might someday turn back to the Light. What did that get us? How many innocent lives were lost? How many families destroyed over the Headmaster's deluded idealism? The war was all but lost and the Ministry mere days from falling when that fateful Halloween night happened and you were all given a reprieve. It was an unexpected reaction of magic that ended Tommy-boy's reign of terror, nothing that Dumbledore did. So forgive me if I don't see the man's leadership as nothing more than an epic failure.

"Leader of the Light; please, that fallacy goes back to question of what he's done for us lately? In short, he's done all of dick. For over a decade, as both the head of Wizengamut and the ICW, Dumbledore could've seen laws passed that made our world a better place. Laws that granted equality to everyone regardless of blood status or species; as Headmaster, he could've been proactive in eliminating the bigotry of two generation and ensured that the Hogwarts curriculum was brought up to current ICW standards. He could've been a real force for change but again he just sat back and did absolutely nothing. In short, Albus Dumbledore is a senile fool who can't see beyond his own schemes and relies on the awe inspired by his former glories to keep anyone from seeing the truth.

"Here's something that your precious Leader never told you; there's a prophecy that say I'm the only one that can kill that snake faced prick. The problem is that with how the so-called Wizarding World had treated me since the night I was orphaned, I'm not overly inclined to fight for it. If after the meeting with the Old Families I deign to fight, it's going to be my war on my terms – no quarter asked or given. If you don't like it or can't handle it, then get the bloody fuck out," the raven haired teen passionately explained.

Once more the room fell into silence for about a minute before, first Sirius, and then the rest of his family rose from their seats and started clapping. The Order finally shattered as a sad looking Dumbledore left followed by the few who were still loyal to him. The Weasley's opted to return to the Burrow because Bill had finished putting up all the new wards around it. All the while, Harry ignored those that remained and focused on the breakfast that appeared on his plate while he tried to get his emotions back under control. As he ate, he wondered how the meeting would go tonight.

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