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Chapter 1


It was 9:10 p.m. The average-sounding, punk rock opening band The Wolves had just played their last song in a sweaty London venue to a muted response by the audience. During their set, the crowd had started to thicken as people tried to grab a good spot for Monster's appearance. Roadies were carrying off The Wolves' gear and bringing out new, expensive-looking guitars and amps. The atmosphere started to feel electric with the knowledge that they would be up next. Hipster types in obscure band T-shirts mingled with starstruck female fans with their camera phones at the ready. I was neither of these, so I hung back on the sidelines, sipping a pint of beer from a plastic cup. My room-mates had dragged me along to this show but were both still at the bar. I wasn't really into Monster myself but was curious to see for myself what the fuss was about.

"Bella!" Alice said as she bounded over. "I can't wait for you to hear how good they are. This is one of the last chances to see them at such a small venue, this time next year they'll only be playing at stadiums on sell out tours." Alice spoke quickly, she seemed even more enthusiastic and excitable than usual, and that was saying something. "Nice to see you in a dress for a change, is it vintage?"

"Yeah, I got it in a shop someplace near Camden market," I replied, smoothing down the green, flared out skirt of the '50s style dress. I had teamed it with black-and-white Vans for comfort (high heels at a crowded show were not my thing) and vampish make up: blood red lips and smoky eyes. I wore my hair down.

Jasper stood beside Alice, smiling, as he quietly handed Alice her drink to her. It was nice knowing some fellow American students over here in Britain, so the three of us had bonded quickly. I didn't feel awkward with them despite the two of them being in a relationship.

Suddenly a ripple of applause and cheers erupted from the crowd. Monster was coming onstage! First off, Jacob, who took his place at the drum kit with a grin, then hulking bassist, Emmett. Finally (to even louder cheers) lead vocalist and guitarist, Edward Cullen swaggered out confidently, with a silver electric guitar.

"Hello, London! How are you all feeling tonight?" he spoke in his English accent into the mic, giving an almost irresistibly dazzling smile, then ran his hands through his unruly, reddish-brown hair. It seemed to be a habit of his. He was wearing dark jeans, a simple, black T-shirt and a black leather cuff on his wrist. He was kind of pretty: I had to admit.

I'd read Cullen's interviews in the NME though and had already made up my mind about him and his inflated ego. He would say dumb, random crap or badmouth other bands just to make a good headline. The paparazzi photos of him leaving clubs with a constant stream of interchangeable beautiful, skinny blondes, didn't help his case either.

However, my thoughts on him mostly evaporated when they began to play – there was no doubting his talent or the band's. They were indie in style: mostly rocky and energetic – except for a couple of songs where they slowed the pace down, and the vocals were prettier and more romantic. I only knew a few of the songs which had been released as singles. For one of the slower songs, the others left the stage, and Edward sat down and played solo on an acoustic guitar. I think it was called "Never Think". His vocals for this were more bluesy and raw than for the rest and seemed more heartfelt. At one point he was looking into the audience, and it seemed as if he was looking right at me.

"You'll learn to hate me

But still call me baby

Oh love,

Just call me by my name"

He sang tenderly, then looked back down to his guitar chords. Looking at me? Don't be stupid, Bella. Every girl in this room probably wishes the same, I chided myself.

Then Jacob and Emmett came back out and it was back to electric guitars, and the glimpse of a softer Edward was over.

An hour and a half later, Monster had finished their set and played an encore then left the stage. The lights came up, and the crowd gradually starting dispersing. We were still finishing our drinks though, so we didn't rush off yet.

A tanned, well-built guy with a round tribal tattoo on his arm came up to us, and touched me on the arm.

"Hi Miss, would you be interested in coming backstage to meet the band? They've requested I come ask you, well, Edward Cullen has actually."

"Wow, really?" Alice answered before I could speak.

"Um, no," I scoffed, "I'm not planning on being one of his groupies, thanks." Hmm, perhaps he actually was looking at me earlier.

"Oh, Bella, but I could go with you," she tried.

"No, come on. We're leaving now," I replied, grabbing her arm and linking it in mine to march her out, leaving Jasper to tag along after us. We made it out of the main hall and into the entrance area, but then Alice stopped and began rifling through her purse.

"I think I must've dropped my cell phone, it's not here."

"Well should we go back and look for it?" I asked.

"Don't worry; you wait here. I'll go and ask someone if they've had one handed in." We waited as she went back in. I checked my watch to see how late it was. We had a couple of changes to get home on the Underground, should be fine though as it ran until late. I had a shift in the morning though; I hoped I wouldn't feel too rough.


"She refused?" Somehow that only made me want her more; it wasn't often I was rejected, and she intrigued me. The dark-haired girl wasn't my usual type but stood out from the crowd with her moody good looks and quirky dress sense.

"Yeah, sorry Edward, you must be losing your touch or something."

"Did you find out her name?"

"Belle... no wait, Bella, I think it was."

Maybe I should've gone and tried speaking to her myself. This way I'd probably never see her again. Unless she was a regular at my gigs, but she's clearly not a Superfan, or she'd have wanted to meet me. Shame.

"Hey," the girl speaking was petite with short brown hair. She was escorted in by a bouncer now that the doors had been shut to the public. "I thought you might want this." She handed me a piece of paper with a few words scribbled on it. "Great show, by the way!"

"Um, thanks. Glad you enjoyed it," I said.

"Sorry mate, she said she was looking for her mobile," the bouncer said, shaking his head and walking her back out of the doors.

I unfolded the paper, and read:

Bella Swan, The Coffee Place.

Not a number, though. Well it was something to go on. I resolved to find this Bella. It was kind of exciting, a challenge. I was bored of being handed girls on a plate, and it usually only led to one-night stands – it was kind of hard living up to their expectations for longer. Well, generally a night was probably all they expected anyway. Sex with a rock star to be able to tell their friends - or the tabloid newspapers, in some cases. I'd had my share of kiss-and-tells. The girls were fun, don't get me wrong, but something more once in a while would be nice. It was hard getting to know a girl when they thought they knew all about you already from the press.

But now it was late. Finding Bella would have to wait, and I needed something to work off the tension. Or someone. I sighed and unlocked my iphone to scroll through some of my "hottie" female contacts (with photos). Hmm... who would the lucky lady be tonight?

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