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It was Alfred's first day in class when they first met.

They had been told to practice some simple cooking techniques to judge the level of competency in the incoming class, and the blonde haired upperclassman was charged to walk around and help whoever needed it. Alfred was on top of it though. Everything was prepared well when the young man came by, which earned him a small bit of praise.

Alfred's heart fluttered.

The second time they met, it was farther into the year. Alfred had been moved to higher classes, having already a strong understanding of the basics, and he was paired with him for a project. He learned a lot about him that day; that he was French, that he was diligent and exact, and that he was an artist in his own right. That's how he learned his name.


They worked well together and Alfred, the Hero who always did more than his best, couldn't help but press to do even better around him. Francis did most of the main dish, Alfred worked on dessert. They did really well, though it was only when Francis praised his work that he glowed at all. That was when he felt like he succeeded, even though he was being taught under high-class chefs.

They ended up working together a lot. As they became more familiar Alfred called him Frankie, despite the blonde's laughing protests. Alfred became his Petit Américain, but he had no complaints. He just insisted and Francis trying his food first and always smiled when he tasted it afterwards, the food all the better knowing that the other's lips had touched the silverware before him.

The first time they kissed was in the kitchen. It was fitting, seeing as to who they were. Alfred had asked Francis to come because he had something he wanted to try, and when he arrived, he gave Francis a little plate with three perfect truffles on it. Homemade, down to the chocolate.

He watched as the Frenchman ate each truffle, he watched the look of bliss and happiness that seemed to wash over his face. He waited for a response.

The response was sweet.

The kiss was not a long one or a deep one. It was tender though, and meaningful. Two thin hands grasped his face, leading the inexperienced boy in, and Francis chuckled at Alfred's eagerness. It was a chocolate kiss, but Alfred would swear that he could taste Francis's sweetness through the chocolate, and when it ended he couldn't help buy crave more.

" I… I love you…" Alfred murmured gently, looking up into the others blue eyes. Francis only smiled, giving him another light kiss on the lips.

" Je t'aime aussi."