Hey guys, this is a new story, apart from my other Sherlock stories but is purely a test for me. This is written in 2nd person, as you may have already guessed so you the reader are the star, I'll try my best to make it unisex just so anyone can read it with ease. I would love it if you guys were in control of this story, a sort of decide your destiny story for you all thing is I need yous on board. As in I need you to click on the review button and tell me what you want to happen. It would take 2 minutes to do so that is why this is a test, I may not get feedback and if I don't this story will stop. I'll do about 3 chapters without feedback but after that I'll stop writing this story, I'm not trying to sound mean at all, I love everyone who reads my stories but I wanted to try something new, so I would LOVE it if you all were on board and helped :) anyway, here's the first chapter enjoy! Xxx

It's about mid-afternoon when the moving truck finally pulls up outside your new flat. You had gotten it cheaper than you expected for a city flat and you couldn't help but agree to the landlady and but it there and then. For one thing it was just a five minute walk from your job and there was a nice cafe just outside. Granted it was the basement flat and it did have quite a bit of damp but a friend of yours said they'd sort it for a good price which you agreed to instantly.

Standing outside your new front door, with a box in your arms you smile as the landlady comes to greet you.

"Hello dear, nice to see you've arrived safely from...where are you from again?" Mrs Hudson, the lovely old lady asked.

You tell her happily where you came from, telling her traffic was bad which is why you're a bit late.

"Oh nothing to worry about as long as you're here safe, come in come in, I have the kettle on" she leads you inside and to her flat.

As you walk to her flat, 221A, you hear a violin playing above and someone shouting.

"Who's that?" you ask.

"Oh just the boys who live in 221B, you'll meet them soon enough, don't worry" she explains "how do you like your tea? Or would you prefer something else?"

You tell her what you would like and she sets about getting it for you.

A little while later the movers have moved all your boxes and furniture into your flat and you get the keys off Mrs Hudson.

"I do apologise for the damp again dear" she says.

"That's no problem Mrs Hudson, my friend is coming round the day after tomorrow to sort it out" you say.

"Oh that's good then" suddenly there's a knock at the front door and a male voice can be heard.

"Mrs Hudson?" the old lady goes to answer the door letting a middle aged man upstairs. He looks very suave and handsome, aged well you observe yourself. The man nods slightly at you to acknowledge you then runs up the stairs to the flat above.

"Who was that Mrs Hudson?" you ask.

"Oh just DI Lestrade wanting the boys" she explains simply, not at all worried.

"A DI? As in the police? Are they in trouble or something?" you ask confused as to what's going on.

"No, no nothing like that, Sherlock helps the police, oh what does he call himself again?" she's about to answer herself when three men come running down the stairs "Sherlock? John? What's going on?"

"Murder Mrs Hudson, will have to meet that new flat tenant later" a tall man, with black hair says briskly as he leaves the flat behind the DI. A smaller man comes down soon after.

"Sorry Mrs Hudson, you know he doesn't mean it" the shorter man says, apologising.

"That's ok dear"

You stand there feeling a bit like a lemon but a bit nervous to introduce yourself when he seems in such a rush.

"Sorry, you must be the new flat tenant yes? I'm John Watson, sorry about Sherlock being so rude, why don't I come down later to talk properly , sorry have to rush, nice to meet you!" and with that he's out the door without another word.

You look at Mrs Hudson, very lost and confused which she picks up on.

"You get used to it" she toddles away into her flat and you stand in the hallway still completely lost.

"What the hell just happened?" you ask yourself and head back into your flat to unpack properly.

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