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The next day, you still have no idea who put the fake eye in your bookcase. Mrs Hudson wouldn't, it's just not her. You're sure John wouldn't but what about Sherlock? Moriarty? Sat at your kitchen table thinking, you eat some dry toast, wondering if you should go upstairs and ask. Before you can even stand up there's a knock at the door. Sighing, you answer it to Mrs Hudson.

"Hello dear, I was just, making sure you were ok, John from upstairs suggested I check on you" she says sweetly.

Had John put it there after all?

"I'm ok Mrs Hudson, promise, why do you ask?"

"John was a bit worried, he didn't say why"

"I'll go up and tell him Mrs Hudson, you just relax" You smile and head upstairs, the eye in your pocket.

Gently you knock on the door, which John answers. He looks worried but suddenly relieved when he sees you. You smile in greeting.

"Hey, Mrs Hudson said you were worried about me, is it because of this?" you bring out the eye "did you put it there?"

"Oh no I didn't, Sherlock did, I only found out last night that he put it there" he replies, not sure if you've taken it as a joke.

You laugh to reassure him.

"Why on Earth did he put it in my flat?"

"As a test" Sherlock says from inside the flat. John let's you in, clearly relieved you've not taken it offensively, he was obviously the kind of guy who hated domestic like fights.

"A test? Why a test?" you ask.

"To see if you were made of stern stuff, pretty simple really" all the time he speaks he doesn't look at you once. He's lying on his sofa in his dressing gown, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully. "Switch your phone off please"

You hesitate but do it when John gives you an encouraging smile.

"Thank you, don't want Moriarty listening in" You stare at him, how did he know about Moriarty? Well, the whole texting and ringing thing at least. You're about to ask when he explains "you see, that fake eye you have in your hand is my little spy camera, Moriarty has been trying to get my attention for a while but since I've been ignoring him he's gotten restless and found you for entertainment. Those texts and phone calls are for fun, he's not looking for a partner if you were hoping. He's trying to pull the wool over my eyes, so to speak, make me look the other way by getting close to you, make me focus on you, meaning he can get away with murder...literally"

A little lost you finally get to speak.

"So, I'm just a distraction? To distract you from Moriarty's stuff? But why the camera?"

"Some good questions, one I is worthy enough to answer, the camera is so I can keep an eye on what Moriarty is saying to you without actually being around you. I'm surprised you haven't found all of them"

"There's more?"

"Of course, I need several different angles so when you're texting I can work out your replies"

"An eye though?"

"Like I said, test. If you screamed and panicked I would know more about you, you didn't scream or shout, you stayed calm and knew instantly it wasn't a real eye. How?"

"Just knew it wasn't, it has the right texture and proportions but it's just a really good model of an eyeball" Sherlock smirks briefly.

"And you said you weren't smart enough for anything Science related" he jumps up and goes to get changed.

"Where's he gone?" you ask John.

"To get changed no doubt, I'm sure you can go now" John says politely.

"No I need her!" Sherlock shouts from his room.

"Maybe not" John chuckles.

"Why does he need me?" you ask. Sherlock comes out and grabs his coat and scarf, turning the coats collar up.

"Need you to look at some photographs" he says.

Sherlock takes you to St Barts hospital first, but only he goes inside and is back in the taxi after ten minutes. He tells the driver to go to New Scotland Yard.

"What photographs do you need me to look at?" you finally ask.

"Crime ones, need confirmation" he explains simply.

"Confirmation on what?" you ask.

"I'll explain at the station"

For the rest of the journey you just listen to Sherlock and John talk away about stuff you don't want to understand.

Pulling up at the station you hop out and wait for John to pay, even though you offered to half it he still pays it full himself.

Sherlock leads you inside and up to Lestrade's office. You smile a greeting to Dimmock and enter the office.

"Got the photos I want?" Sherlock asks firmly.

"All here for you" Lestrade says, no hesitation whatsoever.

Sherlock steps to the side and gestures to the pictures for you to look at. You walk over to the table, John behind and you look at the pictures. All of them are of a gruesome nature but it doesn't faze you. Sherlock smirks, knowing that you'll ask questions any minute.

"What am I looking for?" You ask.

"How photos have been taken. These are supposed to be taken by a professional crime scene photographer"

"You say supposed"

"You tell me if he's professional"

Knowing what you're looking for now you look back at the photos. The angles are terrible and so is the lighting. Something's aren't being shown and others only show half of the injury. You tell your findings as you go to Sherlock, his smirk getting wider the more you say. Lestrade looking a bit annoyed in turn.

"Didn't I say that the photographer needs sacking?" he says to Lestrade, then turns to you "What else do you see?"

"Hang on" suddenly you remember studying a particular artist that had a weird style for his work. You rearrange the photos, guessing at the start but soon work it out. After a few minutes you've completely rearranged the photos to make one big one.

"Lestrade, I believe you have a spy and Moriarty is clearly having fun" Sherlock says once he's inspected the newly arranged photos.

In front of you is a large picture of a message written by the injuries inflicted on the victim, it saying 'Let's Play'.

Ooooh :P haha hope you liked it, question is for you guys, name of the killer Moriarty is helping and what his motivation is, for example, what's the killers goal? :) I'll mix all your answers together to make one killer, or maybe a few depending on how different your answers are my dears :) xxx