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Kem had to be careful as she watched over Harry. She feared that Petunia would see her and alert Dumbledore, causing the old wizard to once again hide came as often as she could, noting when Petunia's husband would be at work and when Petunia was distracted by soap operas. When she could, she left trinkets for Harry to find, such as toy soldiers or colouring boiled her blood to learn how Petunia treated Harry. When she saw the nearly five year old boy washing dishes as his uncle yelled at him, it infuriated her. Kem stood behind a tree, under a camouflage glamor, watching as Harry was being teased by his much larger tripped over a toy car. Kemhad long deduced that the boy had poor eyesight. She bought a pair of magical eye glasses which changed prescription based on the wearer,she tried to put them somewhere so that Harry could find them.

"Dudders! Tea time, love!" Petunia called out. Harry's large cousin ran back into the house. Nearing Harry, she tossed the glasses in front of waited on bated breath, hoping he would notice them.

"Where are you Potter?" Petunia screeched, scanning the garden. Harry hurried along, stopping when he heard a crunch at his feet. Kem held in a groan at seeing the glasses were broken. Harry looked around before trying out the round spectacles. Kem was relieved when she saw her godson smile.

June 1985

Lyle emptied the contents of a small vial into a miniature pewter cauldron and with a wooden spoon he stirred the potion. Severus smirked as he put the finishing touches to a batch of Wolfsbane. Since Severus' return from Hogwarts Lyle had a habit of joining him in the basement to make potions. At only six years of age, Lyle had mastered almost half a dozen first year level potions.


"Yes Lyle?" Severus replied.

"Can I be an owl?"

"Why an owl? Just yesterday you wanted to be badger."

"I saw grandma Oluchi turn into an was really tiny. I want to be a big owl, like Draco's owl."

While continuing to stir the potion, Severus looked over at Lyle.

"When did you see this?" he asked.

"Um...I think about nine days ago. Ayo asked me to get his wand and I saw grandma Oluchi turn into an looked like a caramel cream," Lyle finished with a giggle.

"Did you tell your mother about what you saw?"

"No, mummy's bad at transfiberation. She got really pissed when she couldn't change a napkin into a teddy for Cammy."

"Language young man," Severus said firmly, "And the word is transfiguration." Severus removed the cauldron from the flames.

"You mustn't tell your mother what you saw."

"Why not?" Lyle asked, puzzled.

"I think it would make your mother sad if she knew," Severus answered.

Lyle frowned. "Init bad to hide things from people?"

"Sometimes,"Severus began, "We keep things from people, so they won't be upset."

"Do you hide anything from mummy?"

Severus paused. He was rarely hard pressed to answer one of Lyle's questions.

"Do you remember the time your mother baked a treacle tart?"

Lyle turned up his nose and stuck out his tongue.

"Well,instead of telling her it tasted worse than lint, we fed it to Jake. Your mother's feelings weren't hurt and we didn't have to eat the rest of it."

Lyle thought for a moment. "You're right," he smiled at his father.

"Can I have some pumpkin juice?" Lyle asked, not giving the conversation another thought.

Severus gave a single nod. He watched his son hop off the stool and head up the a ladle to fill vials with Wolfsbane, it did not go unnoticed to him that he had lied to his child for the first time.


"Oh Severus, dear, stop fussing," Kem said as she playfully slapped Severus's hand from his hair. He grimaced. Severus hated wearing his hair pulled back in a ponytail, but on this rare occasion he acquiesced to his wife's more he hated to attend the elaborate soirée the Malfoys held every for whatever reason, Kem insisted that they went.

"Now now, don't look so dour, it's a Christmas party," she teased. Severus only grunted in response. They entered the ballroom of the manor, Severus stiffened with his head held peered over and immediately noticed a change in Kem's demeanour. She gave a small smile, careful not to show any teeth. She adopted this mask when dealing with other elite pure bloods. Her social decorum forever surprised Severus. Not one of them would guess that the poised woman snorted when she laughed or swore like a sailor.

"Oh Narcissa darling, those robes are an absolute delight," Kem said. Severus managed to get away before the women began to found a nice comfortable corner to avoid as much interaction as he could.

For a while his plan succeeded. Besides watching his wife play the social butterfly, he catalogued the other attendees. Most were high ranking Death Eaters, the others he surmised were Ministry officials.

"Oh Severus, there you are," a drawling voice said. Severus cursed his luck as Lucius neared him.

"Lucius," Severus greeted curtly.

"I'd nearly thought Nkemdilim had left you behind for the evening."

"Yet here I stand, before you," Severus replied.

"Come now, there's someone I'd like you to meet," Lucius continued,ignoring Severus' tartness.

Severus followed Lucius across the room. "This Severus, is Jeremy Turner," Lucius gestured to the young black man.

"Of course I know who this is, Mr Malfoy.I think I'd remember my favourite teacher. It's nice to see you again, Professor Snape." Jeremy extended his hand to Severus, who declined it.

"Mr Turner," Severus said flatly. Jeremy gave a weak laugh at the rejection. Lucius picked up on the tension causing him to smirk. When Jeremy tried to make small talk, Severus looked away, uninterested.

"Excuse me gentlemen, I'd like to borrow my husband," Kem cut indelicately. She nudged Severus by the elbow, taking him aside.

"What's the matter? You only make that face when you talk to Xenophilius," Kem remarked.

"That man with Lucius, that's Turner," Severus replied.

"Surely you don't mean," Kem looked over casually. "Did he say anything about Lauren? Camellia? What does he want?" she said in an almost panicked voice.

"He only prattled on about a position in the Ministry,"Severus answered.

"He can't have her. He can't take our girl from us," Kem spoke more to herself. Severus placed a hand on her shoulder.

He could not remember a time when she had been so worried.

"Shall we adjourn for the night?" he suggested. Kem nodded after taking a deep breath.

Upon returning home, Kem brushed the green flames from her dress, as quick as she could before hurrying to Camellia's room. Kem kneeled next to the sleeping toddler's bed. She softly caressed Camellia's chest, careful not to wake her.

Severus came into the room, hearing Kem murmuring to Camellia."No one's going to take my girl away from me. Not again,"Severus heard her say.

"You mustn't wake her," Severus said. A tear rolled down Kem's nodded and allowed Severus to help her up.