This is an AU and contains Mariya as a boy—so therefore he will be referred to as his original name Shizu Shidou. It is not the twin sister Shizu transformed into a boy—it is still Mariya, but since his original name was Shizu before he switched places with the current female Shizu, I am calling him Shizu in this one since that would be what he be called if the whole switching places plot never occurred. Everyone understand? Also Kanako is not going to be a lesbian in this story. She will still be scared of men but she will be a little smarter.

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It was just another normal day at Ame no Kisaki catholic school. The birds were chirping happily in the trees. The sky was bright blue and the sun was shining brightly as usual. Overall it was a beautiful, peaceful day.

However that wasn't going to last long as a girl shrieked. "What do you mean your Grandmother; our headmistress is going to turn our school into a mixed school."

"It was my b-brothers idea Kana-Chan." Said a shy blond-haired girl answered.

"Your twin brother Shizu!" the first girl exclaimed.

The first girl was none other than Kanako Miyamae.

"Yes Kana-Chan, since there was a fire at Mihoshi no Mori. Everything is meant to be lost and Shizu thought it would be a good idea to join the two schools together. Grandmother agrees." Mariya explains shyly.

Kanako thinks about it for a moment and thought to herself. 'What is Shizu up to the last time we met he was really mean.'

"Kanako-Chan! Mariya-Chan!" an orange haired girl called.

Both blond and bluenette turned and saw their friends approach them.

Sachi Momi the girl with the orange hair. The girl on her right with brown hair was Yuzuru Inamori and the last girl with the glasses on was Kiri Nanami.

"Hey Sachi-san, Yuzuru-san and Kiri-san." Both girls replied.

Sorry its short if I'm going to continue this story i will make the next chapter longer.