Chapter 1

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AN: just some Bella/Sam drabble.

Sam's POV

He was going to her birthday, like the doting and loving boyfriend that he was. There were going to be many people there, and with his constant pain and aches he would have loved to be at home. However, Leah was his girl and he loved to see her happy, so he went to her birthday with a present.

When he entered into the house, he noticed that there were many gifts placed on a table, and he was hearing a lot of noise. Leah got out of the living room and saw him; a smile on her face made him aware that this was one of her good days. When she had bad days, well, it was better not being there. She kissed him with aggression; softness wasn't and never would be something that he associated with Leah.

He gave her his gift and she opened it. She wasn't impressed, and he was disappointed. She opened the shawl and she just saw a hand-knitted shawl with a forest motive, she politely thanked him, placed it on the table and got back to her guests.

Sam was burning inside, a burning darkness that snarled and growled, he was confused, and he didn't know what to do, but he knew that he had to get out of there.

He leaned on the wall and closed his eyes, after a moment the door opened and closed again. For a moment he wished that it was his Leah, but somehow he knew that it couldn't be.

A soft voice whispered, "The shawl is beautiful, the wolf in the forest between the foliage is amazing."

Sam opened his eyes and he recognized her, it's Isabella Swan. Jacob's Bella Swan. She wasn't looking at him; she gave him her back and was watching the dark road. He took a moment to study her features, she wasn't conventionally beautiful but there was something about her that was alluring.

The burning darkness in him demanded that he got closer. He was behind her, not touching her yet, but his chest was almost attached to her back. He was surprised that she saw the shawl's details, and he liked her kindness.

Roughly he said, "She didn't like it much." And it was an understatement, somehow he always managed to piss Leah off and in all the time that they were together never got a present right. That had to mean something didn't it?

A sigh escaped from her lips, "Sometimes people have expectations that you don't meet. I personally think that it would be better not to expect anything at all, so when you get something you're never disappointed that it isn't what you wanted but surprised and happy that you got it."

He didn't like the depth of their talk; her words were too close to the crux of his problems with Leah. The burning darkness in him demanded to take, to taste; Sam wondered what 'it' wanted. Before he could stop, his hand shoots out and he took her arm. She looked startled and she turned to look at him. Soft and startled brown eyes met his black ones. And the battle was lost.

He put up his other hand and entwined it in her hairs, she was watching him carefully with what looked like shock and mild interest, but he was quick and a second later he crushed his mouth on hers.

The darkness needed, wanted, tasted and it was finally appeased. When finally Sam managed to rein in his assault he let her free, without a further word he walked away from Leah's birthday party and from Jacob's Bella Swan. He wouldn't care if Bella told Leah, he didn't care that he didn't know why he kissed her. The darkness was back, stronger than before, the pain and the aches too.

Sam was lost.

Bella's POV

His kiss was a surprise; she didn't expect him to assault her. All she could feel was his warmth, a scorching heat that burned her body, her mind, her soul. When he abruptly left, she stayed there shocked and envious.

In that moment she was happy that Edward couldn't read her mind. She envied Leah, because Sam had passion. The way he took her, the way her body responded. It was too much and at the same time it wasn't enough. She watched the road where he walked away for a long time although he was long gone. Leah opened the door and asked her, "Have you seen Sam?"

Bella shook her head, "No." Leah walked back in with a murderous loo, and this was the first lie that Bella told. The first lie of many.

That night she was snuggled into the cold arms of her doting and loving boyfriend. She had showered so that he couldn't smell another man on her body. He talked and listened to her with his usual pose.

Bella likes him, maybe she even loves him. But tonight her mind was not with him, tonight she still felt his scorching hands on her, the passion that she experienced today was something that had unsettled her.

She didn't know that today she had touched Sam's soul, but she was aware that something had irrevocably changed in her. The craving of heated flesh and burning passion was now embedded in her desires. Because now she knew how passion felt, and definitely it wasn't something that Edward has ever given her. She recalled what she told Sam, that people shouldn't have expectations because more times than not people would disappoint you, this was one of those times.

Edward's chaste kiss didn't help at all. "Are you happy love?" He asked her.

"Yes." It was her answers. And this was the second lie. The second of many.

And Bella was lost too.

Bella's POV

It had been three days since Leah's birthday; Bella had tried to pretend that what happened between her and Sam meant nothing. Most times than not she could lie to herself, other times when she was alone with her thoughts she still shivered thinking of his touch and his kiss.

She didn't know why but he was hunting her mind, she was slowly burning in desire, she wanted to see him again. Edward had just left, and Bella, not making any decision lest Alice found out, took the truck and started driving.

If she couldn't see Sam, because really which excuse would she give if asked, then she was going to Jacob's house, Jake was really attached to her and she loved him, not the way he wanted but still…

As soon as she passed the La Push sign, she took a deep breath. Now nobody could stop her, while driving slowly she saw a man walking towards the Res, his profile when she passed was unmistakable.


Her heart started beating wildly, and her palms were sweating. She stopped the car. "Hey Sam, do you need a ride home?" She asked, not knowing where she found the courage to stop and talk to him.

His dark eyes met hers, she shivered. "Thank you." Slowly he went to the passenger's side and sat. Bella started the truck again, "So where do you live?"

"It's the last house in the Res, just keep driving and you'll see it." He replied, Bella was trying her hardest not to look at him.

She was recalling the way his mouth had pried hers open, and the passion, and his hands on her body. Her blush was reaching monumental proportion.

"Why didn't you tell Leah?" he suddenly asked and she was startled.

That was a good question, she wasn't sure she could give him the right answer. "I didn't want you to be in trouble with her."

"Well, I kissed you against your will. Why would you want to save my ass?" He said.

Bella bit her lip; she didn't know how to deal with him. Edward was a fierce avoider of confrontations, he always let things slide so she never had to justify or explain much. It was different with Sam, refreshing.

"You initiated the kiss, I kissed you back. I could have pushed you away but I didn't." It was the most honest answer she could give him and the only truthful one.

"Thank you." He whispered.

"You're welcome, besides you were disappointed about Leah's reaction. If you're upset you do things that you might regret later. I just… gave you the chance to still be with Leah if you wanted…" She told him, surprised that she liked to talk to him and wanting him to talk to her.

"Did you tell your boyfriend?" He asked.

A sigh escaped from her mouth. "No."

"Why?" He was unrelenting in his questioning.

"For the same reasons I didn't tell Leah." She muttered. "And why did you kiss me?" She finally asked because she couldn't take his attitude anymore.

"I don't know… it was something I hadn't planned. It took me by surprise too." He replied, and at least he was being honest with her.

Sam's POV

Bella Swan was a mystery; she had answered all his questions with honesty. Not once she had tried to hide or lie. It was refreshing to talk with someone who was as honest and straightforward as he was.

The burning darkness that during the kiss had fallen silent was back with a vengeance. Now in the small enclosed space of her truck all he could smell and feel was Bella. And 'it' wanted, craved and desired her.

"It made me think." She said and he was startled out of his brooding.

"What?" He asked.

"The kiss you gave me. My… boyfriend isn't… that passionate. And I was wondering… if it was me who didn't inspire him or if it was normal to be always so in control… you took me by surprise too." She whispered, and she hadn't looked at him since he got into the truck.

"Well, I don't know what is his problem, but you're beautiful and desirable, any warm-blooded male would want you." He told her trying to reassure her that she was indeed attractive. Which kind of boyfriend wouldn't want to have her in his arms?

Bella sighed and blushed some more. That blush of hers appealed the burning darkness, it craved more, but he was tightly caging it in. Right now wasn't the best time to go and kiss her senseless.

"Turn left here, and that's my house." He said, she parked the truck near the porch and looked around.

"It's quiet here, secluded and beautiful." She whispered darting her eyes around, but still avoiding looking at him.

The burning darkness smirked, she was its prey and it wanted her. Without his consent, his hand took her arm and she turned to look at him with her deep eyes. Slowly he pulled her closer, giving her time to pull away from him but when she didn't with his other hand he caressed her cheek.

She closed her eyes and it knew that he had won. She wanted him and he wanted her. Before he could think straight he was kissing and crushing her into him. Her hands were in his hair pulling him closer.

He didn't know how long they stayed there kissing and tasting each other. Finally the need to breath pulled them apart. His eyes met hers, he was confused. Sam Uley loved Leah Clearwater, and Bella Swan loved her boyfriend.

So what the hell were they doing?

"I better get going… thanks for the ride." He said still with his eyes on her.

She nodded and looked away.

Sam opened the door and then got down. "I… goodbye Bella."

Bella swallowed and then turned her expressive deep eyes on him again. "Bye Sam."

He closed the door and watched her until the truck disappeared from his sight.

The burning darkness had relented its hold, but still Sam wanted Bella. And that was something he wasn't ready to admit or accept yet.