Chapter 4

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Bella's POV

While driving towards his house there were millions of questions that she wanted to ask him. At the same time she knew that if she looked at him they wouldn't make it to his house. The burning passion was back with a vengeance and she was shocked at how much she wanted him.

Would it feel better after she had assuaged her need to drown in him? Would her desire of him be ever quenched? She shook her head, never before she had wanted and craved something so much.

In the small cabin of her truck his scent was all she could smell, it was earthly and woodsy. It reminded her of Forks and the forest.

When she reached his house she turned her truck off and got out, he was at her side so quickly that it almost startled her. When he captured her lips with his, she lost the fight with her sanity, she pulled him closer and all she could feel was him.

She didn't remember the walk from her truck to his bed, she didn't remember that they took each other clothes off as soon as they entered his house, she didn't remember him laying her down on his bed.

What she could remember was the feel of his tongue in her mouth, the roughness of his hands on her body, the softness of his skin when she touched him. And most of all his eyes that burned into hers while he tasted and claimed her as his.

She had imagined her first time so many time, but nothing rendered justice to the reality of it. She was sure now that only him could have satisfied her, only Sam could make her feel like the world started and ended in that bed.

There was no doubt in her mind that now he was Bella's Sam.

Sam's POV

Tasting, licking and touching. That was all he could think in that moment, the burning darkness that at the beginning had overwhelmed him, now was lying dormant while Sam made Bella his.

Her eyes were the mirror of her soul, she was looking at him with so much desire that he didn't think he could stop from having her in that very moment. He knew he was going to be her first, so he took his time in coaxing her body into readiness for him.

She was amazingly soft, the scent of her body was something that drove Sam crazy and at the same time he knew he would never tire of it. The whiteness of her body was such a contrast with the darkness of his, he was the yin to her yang. They fit and balanced each other.

Her sigh brought him back to her, he dove once more for her mouth and they were lost again in waves of lust and desire for each other. Nothing existed but his bed and the woman in it.

Never in his life anything had felt more right, and for the first time he understood the meaning of soul-mates. He knew now that only Bella could satisfy the deep hunger that he had inside. With her, he didn't feel scared to let go and just feel.

She was made for him, her body fit exactly with his, her warmth was encompassing and everything he had ever craved.

There was no doubt now that she was Sam's Bella.