Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter if I did it would have a better ending.

Summary: Harry's life just took a rather confusing turn. Four years of school and friends turn out to be a horrible plot secrets are revealed lives are forever ruined and Harrys Adventure has only just begun. Loosing friends left and right Harrys Slytherin side is about to take a step into the light.

Enemies of the heir beware

Hello all welcome to my first ever fanfic YAY me. This story is going to be long I mean really long so if you don't like waiting for updates please wait until it's done to read it. I will only be updating once a week so plz don't bug me about it. This is an AU and a reading the books story so if you don't like don't read. Everything up to the fourth book is Canon after that I'm unleashing the monster that is my imagination so beware. Even though this is a reading the books story it won't only be about that there's going to be a lot going on between the chapters and books and were only reading to the fourth book.

WARNING- This will contain SLASH eventually it will not have lemons. This is rated M for swearing and possible blood and gore no sex. There will be dark Harry and a lot of bashing (of almost everyone light related with only a few dark supporters) you have been warned.

'Clink, clink' the sound of rain continually hitting glass had become a regular occurrence for the people of private Drive. It had been a dreary almost completely sunless beginning to the summer holidays. To any normal boy this would be considered the worst way to start the summer, to any normal boy this would be disappointing, but not every boy is normal and not every boy cared to be.

"BOY!" Harry jerked awake at the hideous sound of his aunts screeching. It was like being woken by a banshee. Sitting up in bed harry had to take a moment to get his bearings. He'd had a horrible nightmare 'wait, no' Harry thought frowning, 'not a nightmare that had all happened. The cup being a port key, Cedric dyeing and Voldemorts return.' Harry sat there frozen going over the events that had caused his nightmare. Trembling slightly Harry took a deep breath and reminded himself that this had all happened a week ago and was not happening now.

Taking another deep breath he through his legs over the side of his bed and looked around. Harry's room wasn't anything special in fact it looked incredibly boring with its white walls and plain furniture. The only things to suggest it was out of the ordinary was a plain black trunk that looked oddly out of place sitting at the end of Harrys bed and an empty gold bird cage. Starring at the cage Harry felt a pang of sadness before anger took over.

Harry hadn't been back a full day before deciding to write his friends he'd decided to ask Ron when he could go to The Burrow that summer. What Harry got was a short reply with Pig, Ron's over excited owl, saying it wasn't safe for him to write and that the Weasleys would be taking care of Hedwig for him for the rest of the summer. Harry had been livid the lights had flickered and the room had shuck for a whole minute before he managed to calm down luckily the Dursleys, Harry's family, hadn't been home.

Taking yet another deep breath to calm his anger Harry looked purposefully away from Hedwig's cage and at the dresser itself. Harry quickly got dressed and slipped out of his room and down the stairs. Stepping into the kitchen Harry wordless took the pan from his aunt's outstretched hand and proceeded to make breakfast.

"And don't burn anything!" aunt Petunia snapped before turning to fuss over her obese son.

Harry was mentally gearing up for it to be another one of those days. Wondering for the millionth time how he could possibly be related to these… people? Harry set the table gave his uncle the morning paper and his coffee grabbed his breakfast and all but ran up to his room. This had become the morning routine for the last week it usually ended with him hiding in his room for the rest of the day to avoid the Dursleys. They hadn't been horrible since he got back from Hogwarts but they hadn't been friendly ether and after the end of the school year fun he'd had he didn't have the patients to deal with them.

Taking out his first year text books Harry leaned back and prepared for a boring day. Harry had taken to reading his books now that he had access to them and found them a lot more interesting after four years of schooling. Even potions were a lot more enjoyable without Snape's usual pile of homework looming over him. That's not to say that Harry was suddenly a super genius but Hermione might not have as much trouble getting him to do his homework anymore.

Hermione… Harry wasn't sure if she was in on the whole steal Hedwig fiasco but if she was well Harry wasn't sure he could forgive her this time. Ron had already lost any chance at forgiveness the way he'd treated Harry at the beginning of the year combined with this it was just too much.

Letting out a sigh Harry closed the book he'd been skimming and looked out the window. It was raining not surprising it hadn't stopped all week. Smiling weakly Harry thought the weather fit his mood nicely. Getting up and walking towards the window harry sat in the old rickety chair that went with his desk and stared board out the window. Harry was about to continue his perpetual mopping when he saw a shadow in the distance heading rather unsteadily towards his window…