Writing the twins is hard but that was just too much fun. Thank you Katzztar for being my first reviver and for giving me some wonderfully evil ideas sadly I can't use all them. If anyone wants to drop me a few ideas in a review I promise to read them and take them into consideration. I'm making this up as I go I have some loose plans but those can change if you want to suggest something I'll at least try adding something similar to the story.


While Harry was reading the twins letter the burrow was having its most quiet and unnerving afternoon ever. The residents of this humble abode were waiting terrified. The silence from the two more rambunctious of their ranks scaring them more than anything else had or could. Waiting for the terrible retribution they were no doubt planning. Meanwhile the two in question were doing nothing more than sulking angrily in there room.

Two sets of cobalt blue eyes blinked up at the ceiling moodily.

"Forge" spoke the first red head after a looming silence.

"Yes Gred," the other replied rolling over to face his brother's bed.

"We may have to choose between them" Gred whispered almost afraid of saying the words.

"Yes, yes it would seem that way" Forge answered solemnly.

Turning to face each other the two twins frowned seemingly sadly at one and other. But as sad as there frowns were they were nothing in comparison to the twin terrifying grins that replaced them.

"Well Forge where do you think we should begin" Gred purred. The only response he received was a terrifying laugh that echoed through the house and down the spine of each of its future victims.

The next morning the twins came down to the kitchen with their usual smiles as if nothing was wrong, as if there mother hadn't taken there wands and locked up there friends owl. Sitting at the table and eating there food as if the other occupants weren't staring.

The rest of the family were all discreetly checking their food for anything out of the ordinary. The Weasley twins had been surprisingly well behaved after being grounded and having there wands as well as their WWW order forms confiscated. They hadn't heard a single noise come from there room all of yesterday afternoon and it was unnerving to see them siting there acting as if nothing had happened.

Mrs. Weasley was especially suspicious being the one who grounded them. She stared at them with a shrewd eyes trying to find any hint of mischief but finding nothing out of order.

"Boys is there something you'd like to tell your mother?" Mr. Weasley asked in what he thought was a commanding voice. Fred and George looked up from their food and smiled innocently at their Father.

"Why yes-"

"Dear father-"

"There is-"

"Something" They answered together. The twins finishing and continuing each other's sentences had often been compared to a tennis mach.

"Well?" Mr. Weasley asked with steadily growing unease.

The present Weasleys all leaned forward to hear the twins reply. The few Weasleys that were at the table being the younger generation Ginny and Ronald Weasley followed by the monarchs of the house hold Molly and Arthur Weasley. Percy was obviously missing having made a break for it and moved out as fast as humanly possible much like the two oldest of the family had done.

The twin smiles faded into smirks causing the family to jump back but it was too late. An explosion of pink gas came wayfaring into the kitchen from the stairs. It filled the room making everything it touched shine with a sticky trail. It soon had the entire Weasley family covered in the pink substance. As quickly as it had come the pink fog had soon faded the problem was the sticky goop it left behind was still there.

"WHAT HAVE YOU TWO DONE TO MY KITCHEN! WHEN I GET OUT OF THIS YOU'RE BOTH GROUNDED FOR LIFE AND THAT'S ONLY IF I DON'T STRANGL YOU!" Mrs. Weasley was shrieking so loud you could barely here the twin's laughter.

"Ha ha you…you…h-have no idea h-how h-hilarious you look right now" George was having trouble talking through his laughter at the scene before him and his brother wasn't doing much better.

The Weasley family minus the twins of course were entirely covered in what looked like pink bubble gum. The kitchen didn't look much better even the fan on the ceiling was covered in it and had stopped working. Mrs. Weasley was glaring murderously at the two she was more than likely thinking up horrible punishments.

"Mmmf mmf mm" Ron appeared to be trying to talk through the weird gum like substance witch had somehow made it into his mouth.

"What was that Ron?" Fred asked grinning wildly.

"Jimmy fell down the well?" George continued.

"Noooo not Jimmy!" Fred cried before bursting into more laughter at the look on Ron's face.

"Augh! I can't believe you two we didn't do anything to you and what I think Ron is trying to ask is why you aren't covered in this stuff to" Ginny snapped while trying to reach up and pull some of the gunk out of her hair.

Fred pulled out a white spray can with the WWW logo stamped on it and the words prototype written in black on the side.

"This" George replied "Is the Pink Puff Poof fog repellent."

"WELL use it to unstick us!" Molly hissed still looking ready to commit murder.

"Ah ah ah" said Fred waving his finger in front of them.

"Now where would the fun in that be" George continued.

"Besides" Fred grinned "this only works if you use it before the Pink Puff Poof is used"

"Boys I need to get to work" Mr. Weasley begged.

"Nice try we heard you and mom talking last night you have the day off" George had a matching grin to his brothers.

"Now then I think it's time we grabbed our wands and return Hedwig to Harry" Fred said now glaring at his family.

"I quite agree" George replied fallowing his twin out of the kitchen ignoring the shouts from the other Weasleys. Neither one could wait to see the side effect that particular product had on there family. Grinning both of the twins knew that they'd be in a lot of trouble when they got home but the both silently agreed it was worth it.