'A - angel? Is this you?' Christine asked between two sobs.

'Oh Christine. My Christine, how I missed you all those years...'

'Let me see you.'

He doesn't say something, he keeps silent.

'Erik, please.'

She turns around, slowly, his arm slips of her shoulder. This man was diffrent than the Erik she remembers. He was thicker, older and yet, he was more beautiful. His white mask fills one half of his face. His dark brown eyes are staring at her with love and sorrow. Christine has to swallow

'You are so beautiful, my Christine.

'You too are beautiful.' She replied with a tear over her cheek. Erik wipes it away and brings his fingers to her hair.

'Finally. You don't know how much I...' She doesn't finish her sentence.

'Go on, I love your voice.'

'You wouldn't believe me.'

'I always believe you, my love.'

'I going to leave Raoul.' She grabs his hands.

'I want you...Erik, I love you.'

He looks at her. Christine knows this must be very confusing for him but the last 5 years were clear for her.

'I've never been more sure of anything. Erik...please..say something.'

'Oh Christine...'

She doesn't let him speak another word. She leans forward and press her lips upon his.

She kissed him! Not out of fear but out of love.

Erik's hungry hands caressing her body. They keeps kissing passionately. He leaves her lips and goes down to her belly press little kisses over there and goes back to her beautiful face. He kissed her now. Christine loses her breath. She undoes the buttons of his shirt and lays her hand on his heart. She sings the sentence Erik sung for her long ago.

'Erik...I love you.'

Erik was taking back his breath after their kissing looking at his one true love.

'Oh Christine. My christine.'

He can't control himself and starts kissing her again. He opened the buttons of her dress. She gets out of her dress and pulls her arms around Erik. Kissing again and again. Erik bumps to the bed. He lifts Christine up and lays her down on the bed, he crawls to her and lays down beside. They undress eachother. Their love and passion comes to the highest point when he enters her. The groaning of pleasure fills the room...

Christine wakes up first. Erik lies beside her, his arms around her. She wakes up of coldness. She searchs her underwear. When she finally founds it she get back into the bed. Erik wakes up of her movements, he smiles.

'Goodmorning, my Angel.'

'Goodmorning my love.'

'I'm so happy Christine, here with you.'

'Me too, I feel...perfect.'


'What's wrong?'

'Are you leaving me?'

'What? No, oh no! Why would I? Not now I finally found you again.

'What about Raoul?'

That wasn't something Christine have thought about, she wants to stay here with Erik.

'I'm not going back! I'm staying, here, with you. My One True Love!

They seal their love with a long, long, long kiss...