Everything Burns

By Miss P

Summary: Losing her brother was the only thing she couldn't stand... Jane, oneshot.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters.

A/N: I listened to this song, everything burns, and I just had to write this story.
It seemed so perfect I couldn't resist it :)


She sat curled up in the darkest corner of her room, hiding from everything and everyone.
Those who dared to come close would burn with the same intense pain that had overtaken her heart and soul.
She didn't eat, didn't speak, only one melody seemed to go on repeat as she hummed it softly to herself.

Life had proven to be too much, even for Jane Volturi. She had coped with everything life threw at her. Taken all the pain and grief,
dealt with empty promises and shattered dreams for several centuries, until the one thing she couldn't stand had happened.
Alec was dead. Killed, taken from her right before her eyes. She hadn't been able to save him. Without him she had nothing.

Pain seemed to be closing in on her, threatening to suffocate her, anger pushing its way through from the inside, demanding to be freed.
Her body shook, fingernails digging into her palms, but she kept on humming that tune. She couldn't let it go. It was theirs. It was all she had left of Alec.

Aro had tried to talk to her that day; she had used her power on him for the first time, the same she'd done with Demetri.
It was all an act. No one cared for her. She was alone, now and for the rest of her existence.

Her mind exploded with pain and it seemed to manifest into something tangible, leaking from her and stretching all through the castle.
She heard screams from all around. Her power had captured the whole Volturi coven, burning them all with the illusion.
She could feel their pain as they crumbled to the floors. It didn't even surprise her that her power had gone beyond incapacitating simply one;
it was what she had expected. The pain had to go somewhere.

She smiled, humming the lullaby so softly, while screams echoed all around her.


"And she will sing, 'till everything burns, while everyone screams
Burning their lies, burning my dreams

All of this hate, and all of this pain
I'll burn it all down, as my anger reigns."

The End