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Summary: Dimitri Belikov, famous Russian artist has been stuck on what to paint for the longest time. Dimitri has people hounding him for his next great art piece, but all Dimitri wants to do is find his lost inspiration. Will a chance encounter with a beautiful brown haired beauty bring his inspiration back?

Dimitri's POV

I pace around my art room, looking at my half completed painting with disgust. For weeks now, I've been attempting to create a new work of art, but nothing I paint seems to be good enough. I've lost count of all the half started paintings thrown in the closet, because I can't look at them; I have a feeling I will destroy them. I don't want to do the same old thing that I'm known for, I want to do something different, but I have no inspiration. I think it might have been my move to America that caused my inspiration to leave me, while in Russia I had no problems creating works of art. But here living in Montana, nothing. I sigh in frustration and after throwing my brush down I stalk out of the room and make my way to my bedroom deciding that maybe a hike would help me to clear my mind, I've always enjoyed hiking, it was very peaceful.

Once I was showered and had changed into clean clothes, I grabbed my backpack and filled it with water, food, a sketch pad, pencils, pens and colored pencils in case I saw something that sparked my inspiration; fat chance. Once I had everything ready I grabbed my iPod and left the house making my way over to my black GMC Sierra Denali pickup. I opened the door, fling my backpack inside and then climbed in. I drove till I got to my favorite hiking trail, parked and made my way to the beginning of the trail; I put my ear buds in, hit play and began to walk.

It's a beautiful day and I'm finally at peace, I know this trial like the back of my hand; one of the only things that I know for sure here without having to ask for directions. I keep walking to I get to the meadow, I sit down against a tree and after getting a drink, I pull out my sketch pad and a pencil and hope for inspiration to hit me. I hover over my pad with pencil in hand waiting and hoping for something to hit me. I start to sketch nothing of great importance just shapes, trees and other wildlife.

After half an hour of doodling, I get a feeling that I'm being watched, I look up from my sketch pad and see that no one is around. I turn my head left and nothing, but when I turn my head right, I see a pair of big brown eyes staring at me. The eyes hold me captive, I can tell that they are human not animal so I don't have the fear of being eaten. I don't know if it's all a dream or reality, the brown eyes don't look away from me and I can't look away from them. I slowly start to get up, grabbing my backpack in the process. I make sure to not break eye contact and begin to make my way towards the brown eyes, but that's when the owner makes a run for it.

I chase after the mystery person, wanting to know who they were and why they were staring at me. I've always been a fast runner, but this person seems to be a bit faster, soon though I'm about ten feet behind and I see that I am chasing a girl, she has long brown hair that is flowing out behind her and long legs. I almost stumble, but I catch myself and get a burst of speed so that I can get closer to her. She turns her head and a frightened expression crosses her face and that's when I realize that she is long lost Egyptian Princess Isis or someone who is a dead ringer for her.

I hear her gasp and begin to run faster, I realized that I had slowed down and so I picked up my speed again, she turns her head again to look back at me and that's when she trips over a fallen tree branch, I can tell that I won't make it to her in time to save her, but I push myself to run even faster. I watch in horror as I see her fall flat on her face, she doesn't move and I'm worried that she is terribly hurt. I make it to her side a few minutes after she falls and crouch down beside her when she still doesn't move after I shake her shoulder I know that she has hit her head. I gently turn her over and I'm stunned from the beauty of her face. I have to shake my head to clear my mind and that's when I see a tiny cut on her forehead that's bleeding, I look around her head and notice a rock near her head. I check her pulse and I'm glad to find that it's still strong; I gently pick her up and jog back to my truck.

Upon reaching my truck I shift the unconscious beauty in my arms so that I can open the passenger side door and gently place her on the seat, I put the seat belt over her making sure that she won't get injured while we are driving and throw my backpack into the back. After closing her door, I jog around to the driver's side, get in and begin the drive back to my house. As soon as I reach my house, I pull into my rarely used garage which has a door that leads into the mudroom. I get out and then pick up the sleeping beauty and carry her into my house and up to the spare bedroom, next to mine. I place her on the bed and then go to my art room and begin painting the beauty that is lying in my guest room.

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