Rated: K+

Show: The Legend of Korra

Pairing: Mako x Korra

Summary: "So Korra…do I drive you crazy in a bad or good way?" Based on the new clip released!

My first Makorra fic so please be gentle XD I was so nervous but the idea wouldn't leave me alone!

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: TLA or Avatar: TLOK. If I did there would be no such thing as Kataang or Borra ;)

As Jinora and Ikki airbend and I prep myself for the upcoming breeze. As I see the flaps move fast that's my cue to start.

I take off and remember what Tenzin told me. As wind flows throw my hair, my skin, and my clothes. Not only do I feel wind but I feel energy and I almost lose focus due to my happiness of finally being able to nail this.

I leave the contraption and take a breather as I see Jinora and Ikki look at something beyond me.

"Oh he's cute." Huh?

"Korra is that the handsome firebender boy that drives you crazy?" Wait—she couldn't mean!

I look behind me and sure enough! Ah! Mako! The girls are definitely going to say something embarrassing! Gotta think fast…

"Does he drive you crazy in a bad way or like you like him"—whoosh! I silence them with a swift earthbend that sends them hurling upwards and turn around to see Mako…trying to keep my cool.

He eyes me and I speak up and hope my voice doesn't show my embarrassment "Oh...hey Mako…?"

"Hey…" He says back.

I hear Ikki and Jinora snickering behind me and I curse myself for not knowing airbending right now so I could just blow them away.

"So Korra?" Mako says and I snap my attention back to him.


"Do I make you crazy in a good or bad way?" He smirks

Oh crap.

Please forgive me if it was crap but like I said…this idea would not leave me alone! DX

Grrr I've been fan-girling so much for these two! XD Mako is just so hawt! And Korra is just so awesome! It's hard not to ship them! And I am willing to go down with this ship! XD

Anyways thanks for reading this little oneshot and I hope you didn't hate it too badly.