Chapter Six

Akito and Tsuyoshi fell asleep feeling good. After pulling off a bank job and eating a good meal,the two young criminals fell asleep with full stomachs,and two hundred dollars,under the stars. They woke up the next morning at gunpoint.

Akito stared at the man standing over him. He was older than Akito. His facial hair was short and scraggy. It looked like it would itch. His clothes were covered in so much dirt and dust,like he had just bathed in dirt during a sandstorm.

The gun he was pressing against the back of Akito's head was a six-cylinder standard revolver,much like the one Akito had. The hammer was cocked back,ready to fire.

Akito couldn't move. He didn't dare to. He could feel his gun in his hip holster,and could easily grab it. But from the look on the man's face,he was more than willing to shoot Akito's head off. Akito's heart was racing,thumping in his chest. He stared into the eyes of the man over him,not blinking. If it was just him alone,he would have risked taking the man down. But it wasn't just him.

Taking a chance,Akito quickly glanced over to where Tsuyoshi was laying the night before. Tsuyoshi was kneeling in front of another man. That man was just as dirty as the man in front of Akito. With a gun pressed against his temple,Tsuyoshi looked scared. His right cheek was red,and his glasses were on the ground,knocked off during a short struggle.

Akito looked back to the man in front of him. He glared,angry at his predicament. Akito's heart still pumping,he took a deep breath.

"Get up." the man said. Akito looked up at the man,a little surprised. He laid there still,not moving. "Are ya deaf? Up." he jabbed his gun into Akito's head. "Now."

Moving slowly,Akito got up. He went from being on his side to being on his knees. Akito then noticed a third man. He was taller and skinnier then the other two,but just as dirty. The third man grabbed the saddlebags Akito used as a pillow. Opening them,he found money.

"Well well." the third man said. He took all the money out,showing the other two. "Look what we got here." he smirked. "This is quite a lot fer just two guys to be carryin' 'round." He put the money back in the saddlebag. "Guess it's ours now." Akito assumed this man was the leader,by the way he was talking to the other two.

"You bastard!" Tsuyoshi shouted. Akito glanced at his friend. He had never heard him swear before. The leader dropped the saddlebag and walked over to Tsuyoshi. He crouched down so that they were at eye level.

"Beg pardon?" he asked. "Could ya repeat that fer me?"

"You bastard!" Tsuyoshi said again. He spat at the man in front of him. The leader stood back up. He swung his hand and struck Tsuyoshi's already red cheek. Then he kicked him in the gut.

"Say whateva ya want." the man said. "It don't change nothin'. Ya'll are still at my mercy." He walked over to Akito. "What are the chances,huh? There we were,me an' my friends,lost and stranded in the middle of no where. No food,no water,no hope." He smirked at Akito. Akito glared. "But then,we stumble across two little campers,with money,food and horses. What luck!" He smiled.

The leader walked over to Akito's horse. "So,we'll be takin' ya'll's food,money,and horses." He looked at Akito and pointed at his horse. "This one yours?" Akito still glared. "Well,she's a beauty. Wonder how fast this one gets. Guess I'll find out then,huh?"

He laughed and patted the horse's haunch. Akito's horse suddenly kicked the man. He was knocked down and landed with a grunt. Akito's saddlebag hit the ground and flew open. The money spilled onto the ground,some blowing away in the wind.

The man on the ground groaned in pain and anger. "Don't just stand there." he said to the others. "Get the money!" The two guys by Akto and Tsuyoshi left their side. One scooped up the money by the bag,the other chased after the money that was flying around.

Glaring,the leader stood up and drew his gun. He cocked the hammer and pointed it at Akito's horse. "Stupid animal."

Akito took his chance. He stood up and charged at the leader. Akito ran into him with a grunt,both of them falling to the ground. The gun skidded across the ground. The other two men turned and saw Akito. They ran at him. Tsuyoshi,still on the ground,laid flat and stuck his leg out. The two men tripped and stumbled onto the ground. Tsuyoshi stood up and kicked the men. Tsuyoshi took his gun and hit them over the head with it,knocking them out.

Akito wrestled with the leader. The leader was laying on the ground,his back to the dirt. Akito was on top of him. The man reached out to Akito,scratching his face. The man got his feet under Akito and kicked hard,getting Akito off of him.

The both of them stood up,and the man swung at Akito. Akito ducked,sending the man into an uncontrolled spin. He swept at the man's feet,causing him to fall,but onto Akito. He punched Akito in the face. Akito could taste blood. The man moved to hit him again,but Akito smashed his head into the man's face.

The man stumbled back,trying to stand up. Akito stood up and grabbed the man's shirt collar. Akito punched the leader,dislodging a tooth from the man's gums. He punched him again. Then the man kicked Akito's knee,bringing him down. He grabbed Akito's arm and flipped him over. Akito landed on his back,the air knocked out of his lungs.

While Akito laid there,struggling to breath, the man kicked Akito's side over and over. He then got down and punched him in the face. Akito bit his tongue,and the taste of blood increased. The man went to punch him again. Akito spat at him,covering the man's face with saliva and blood. Mostly blood. The man,blinded,tried to wipe the stuff out of his eyes. Akito slammed his head into the man's skull again. The man slumped backward onto the ground.

Akito stood up,breathing deeply. He wiped his mouth with his arm,some blood staining the sleeve. Akito stared down at the man. With the fight over,and the adrenaline wearing off,Akito's wounds began hurting. Beaten and bruised,Akito let out a sigh. His head throbbed in pain from not one,but two head-butts.

Panting,he walked over to his discarded saddlebag. Akito got out his water and drank almost all of it. He picked his bag up,along with some of the money on the ground, and walked over to Tsuyoshi. Akito's heart continued to pound in his chest,blood still pumping fast through his veins. His head throbbed in pain with each step,and the bright,beaming morning sun did nothing but made the pain worse.

Reaching his friend,Akito and Tsuyoshi fist bumped each other. Akito continued to breath heavily. He walked over to his horse. Akito petted his horse's head,looking into her eyes. "Good girl." Akito said. "Thank you."

Tsuyoshi packed everything up. He picked his glasses up off the ground and cleaned them off. He put them back on his face,relieved that he could see better again. Tsuyoshi then searched his saddlebag. "What are you looking for?" Akito asked him.

"Just...something." Tsuyoshi said,stilling looking. "Ah. Found it." He showed Akito his book.

"All that worrying over a book?" Akito asked.

"Hey. I like this book." Tsuyoshi said. He sighed and laughed a little. Akito chuckled a bit.

Looking around,Akito took out his water and drank the rest. "Come on. We should get going." He climbed onto his horse. Tsuyoshi nodded,and after checking to make sure they had everything,he climbed onto his.

"What about them?" Tsuyoshi asked,nodding at the three defeated men.

Akito glared at them. "Leave 'em." Akito started trotting off. Tsuyoshi shrugged and followed Akito toward the nearest town.


The leader,who had slipped into unconsciousness,groaned and muttered. "Damn...Spider..."