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Chapter 1

It started as any other day, really. Kagura walked home with Sakaki, talking the whole time about mountain bikes and swimming, while Sakaki listened patiently. Kagura really don't know why Sakaki agreed to walk home with her every day, but she was glad that Sakaki never turned down an invitation. Kagura admired the strong, silent girl. She was everything Kagura wished she could be. Kagura thought of it in a similar way to how she looked up to the big name sports stars; an admiration of skills and character. Kagura returned home, went up to her room, collapsed on the bed, and stared at the ceiling, exhausted from another day of Yukari's antics. As she lay there, her mind began to wander, and Kagura couldn't help but to reflect on her walk with Sakaki. Kagura noticed a lot of new things today, like Sakaki's graceful walk, the way the sun glinted off her raven hair, the sadness in her delicate face when Kagura scared yet another kitten away...wait, delicate face? Raven hair? She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"What the hell am I thinking?" Kagura cursed herself mentally. "Sakaki is a friend. My best friend. Sure, we're a little different. But our differences complement each other, right? We should be together."


Kagura cursed again. She stood up and let her head fall against the wall with a dull thud, in hopes that this would drive the thoughts from her head. Why was she thinking this way? She didn', she couldn't...actually LIKE Sakaki, could she? No way, she told herself. Naturally, Kagura did the only thing she could do. She pulled on some exercise clothes, walked out the front door, and ran.

Meanwhile, Sakaki was having thoughts of her own. Kagura had dropped her off, like usual, but their farewells seemed off today. Kagura looked as if she was having trouble forming sentences. She avoided eye contact like the plague, grinned sheepishly, and rubbed the back of her head anxiously, ruffling her short brown hair. Sakaki was much more observant than Kagura, and had noticed, on multiple occasions, Kagura looking at her. Just the thought of Kagura looking at her like that, her deep brown eyes looking over Sakaki, taking in each detail, made Sakaki blush. Sakaki was not a stranger to being looked at. But there was just something different about the way Kagura did it that made it replay over and over in Sakaki's mind. Unlike Kagura, however, Sakaki didn't give it much thought. Kagura was Kagura, after all, and as strange as she could be, Sakaki was glad that someone was not intimidated by her.

Kagura returned from her run. She had ran much farther than she had anticipated on going, and was regretting it now. She showered and got ready for bed, skipping dinner all together. She wasn't hungry, even though she had every reason to be. But now was not the time to be eating. And although she was physically drained, her mind raced, leaving her sleepless. Kagura hated feeling like this. She felt so many things at once; so many that she felt ready to explode. For one, she was confused. Why the hell was she even thinking like this anyways? She was afraid. What would people say? Her parents? Their friends? Classmates? She was upset. Why did this happen to her? She was excited. Sure, she had noticed guys before, but not like this. She was a bubble of emotions, ready to pop at the slightest touch. But she was Kagura! She was a competitor. She knew that somehow, she'd have to raise to this challenge, and conquer it. She always did, after all. "I gotta get this figured out," she beat herself mentally, trying to figure out the best way to approach this. "Who knows, today could have just been a little more tiring than usual. Tomo was particularly hyper today. I'm probably just not thinking straight. I'll just have to test this tomorrow...somehow..." and from there, Kagura developed a plan, a way to test just how much she noticed Sakaki. With this plan written out, Kagura was able to drift off to sleep, ready for whatever the next day of school could bring.