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Summary: The search for the survivors of the plane crash is underway. Ironically, two of the survivors are also searching for something they didn't even know they were looking for. Based loosely on LOST. DxE

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Damon Salvatore stood in line, impatiently checking his watch. This was taking too long; he was going to miss his flight. He couldn't miss this flight. He needed to go to New York to finally meet the father that had abandoned him before he was even born. He'd finally gathered the courage to do it and now it seemed maybe fate was interfering to make sure it didn't happen. The first plane had been delayed for three hours before it was cancelled and then they found that there was an exhaust failure on the second flight he booked and so here he was again, waiting to book his plane to the Big Apple for the third time in the past ten hours. To say he was tired would be the understatement of the year; he was completely shattered.

"No, I don't think you understand," said the man in front of him, speaking to the woman booking the flights. "We need to get on this flight, it's urgent. If you're finding this tiny job too hard to do then I guess I'll take it up with the guy in charge." The woman next to him cringed. It was then that Damon noticed how beautiful this woman before him was. She had dead straight chocolate strands of hair and beautiful brown doe eyes that pulled him in. Her complexion was olive and without a blemish in sight. All he could think was: 'stunning'.

The attendant behind the desk sighed. "Let me see. There are a couple seats available in first class but it is going to cost you a lot more,"

"That's not a problem. Did you hear that, Elena? First class, bet you've never flown first class before." Damon couldn't help but feel that the man with the desirable woman sounded a little condescending. But Damon was all too happy to just focus on the fact that he had discovered the mystery woman's name in seconds. "We'll take it."

A few minutes later, after the attendant had booked them their tickets, the couple strolled towards the gates and out of Damon's mind. He had other less trivial issues to worry about.

"Hey," Damon said in his flirty voice. He couldn't stop himself. The voice would just come out sultry whenever he was in the presence of a hot girl and the lady behind the desk was indeed hot.

"Hi, how can I help you?" she replied, her voice breathless but inviting at the same time. Damon grinned at his instant effect on this woman.

"I just wanted to make sure that my seat was booked on this flight. The name's Damon Salvatore," he smiled cockily. He didn't know where he was getting all this energy to flirt from. The woman smiled as she tapped away at the computer to make sure that his booking was correct.

"There's been a problem with the seating. We're going to have to move you to first class. I'm sorry if that's an inconvenience." Damon smiled knowing that she was talking bullshit. There was no problem. Oh the perks of flirting and having a hot body.

"Oh that's no inconvenience." Before Damon could see if she could spare five minutes to have a romp in the washrooms he was interrupted by a pesky blonde behind him.

"If you guys are done flirting, I'd really like to book my ticket," she snapped. Damon narrowed his eyes at her. This girl was mighty fine too. What was this? The hot girls parade in an airport day? He wouldn't hit on this one though, she'd cockblocked him and so she didn't deserve to be the object of his affection.

"It was nice to meet you," Damon said smiling smugly at the woman behind the desk and realising he had no idea what her name was. He looked to see if she was wearing a name tag but alas she wasn't. He shrugged his shoulders realising he didn't care either way. He started making his way to gate 24. Maybe he'd be lucky this time and actually get on a plane.

He sat in an uncomfortably small, plastic airport chair, impatiently waiting to board. He glanced at his ticket; he was really going back to America to meet the man that abandoned him his whole life. It was surreal.

"Now boarding British Airways Flight 494, first class." The voice rang over the speaker, and Damon stood eagerly from his seat all too happy to finally get on a plane. Standing in yet another line, he waited to be let onto the plane. The line passed much more quickly than the last few he had been in – it seemed everyone was eager to just get on the plane. He quickly found his seat and was glad to see it was by the window.

He saw the annoying blonde girl a few rows behind him struggling to lift her suitcase into the above compartment. Feeling like being a gentleman he quickly took it from her and easily did it himself. Not waiting for her to thank him he walked back to the fourth row and took his seat. It was in a row of three, and he just hoped that whoever was beside him wouldn't bother him.

He barely contained a groan as he saw the overprotective boyfriend with his timid girlfriend walk up to the row he was seated in. The brunette made a move to sit next to him but was held back by the moody bore.

"I'll sit next to the guy," he said sternly. The girl just nodded in agreement and let her boyfriend walk in front of her. Damon looked out of the window. He smiled; just his presence made guys go overprotective on their girlfriends.

At least sitting next to a guy meant that he wouldn't get distracted by the scent of the girl. It wasn't the sickly sweet smell he usually got from girls that piled on their perfume. It was more subtle and natural.

Damon felt the plane begin to wheel around the runway. It was happening. He was going to fly over to the States again, for the first time in five years and meet a certain Giuseppe Salvatore. Damon relaxed into his seat as the plane took off into the air. His ears had already begun popping and it reminded him of exactly why he wasn't a fan of flying.

His peace was interrupted after an hour or so by the annoying guy seated next to him asking if he'd 'watch' his girlfriend whilst he went to the toilets. Damon had almost forgotten that the couple had been seated next to him. They hadn't said a word to each other the whole flight. Damon had been in a relationship for quite a long time but he did remember that not talking to you girlfriend for an hour despite sitting right next to her meant trouble in paradise. Maybe now would be a good time to make him move.

"Hey, I'm Damon," he said stretching his hand out for her to shake. Elena looked up startled that he was speaking to her. She looked at his outstretched hand before wearily taking it in her own hand and shaking it.

"Elena Gilbert," she said in the sweetest voice Damon had ever heard. It was soft and gentle. Damon pretended to be surprised by her name and it seemed like the girl bought it.

"So, overprotective boyfriend, huh?" Damon asked. One of Elena's eyebrows rose. He was getting pretty personal for a guy she had only exchanged names with.

"Depends on what you class overprotective." Damon chuckled at her response.

"Well then I class him as overprotective."

"And I class him as caring," Elena bit back.

The plane they were on started jerking side to side and the movement caused Elena to grip onto her seat until her knuckles turned white. Her eyes had widened in fear.

The turbulence caused the flight attendant walking down the aisle to stumble and then regain her balance.

Damon over heard the flight attendant that had fallen down speak to another attendant in a panicked voice. "I just spoke to the captain and he said that we're over a thousand miles of course!"

"What?" the other one screeched.

"We moved off-course because there was too much fog…" Damon couldn't hear anymore as they walked away, further down the plane.

"Please fasten your seatbelts," the pilot's voice rang out. "We've just hit a bit of turbulence, but we should be through it in no time."

Damon quickly undid his seatbelt and stood up to move to the seat next to Elena. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt and was quickly trying to find the two ends but before she could the plane jolted backwards causing Damon to fall into the middle seat and Elena to fall into his lap.

"Sorry!" she exclaimed, blushing furiously. He smiled at her, trying to reassure her.

"It's okay." She struggled to get up, the pressure that was continually increasing in the plane getting the better of her. Damon gingerly grabbed her wrists, trying to help her up. He got her into her seat where she quickly fastened her seatbelt and he followed suit.

He quickly grabbed Elena's right hand and gripped it hard. Elena smiled gratefully at him before she suddenly remembered her boyfriend.

"Stefan!" she shouted and looking backwards to see where the toilets were.

"Hey, hey! Calm down, okay? He's probably sat down at a seat that is close to the toilets," he said trying to comfort the now trembling women whilst his insides were all messed up with fear. He could see the tears beginning to cascade down her face as the plane's turbulence only got worse. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw luggage flying out of the compartments, one hit a window causing it to smash. There was no surviving this.

Damon held onto Elena's hand and used his fingers to gently brush across her knuckles whilst taking deep breaths. The plane was going to crash. It was heading south. Elena shut her eyes tightly whilst Damon took a quick glance behind him again to see if he could spot the girl's boyfriend but to his utter horror what he saw would never be erased from his mind. The back half of the plane had torn completely apart from the front.

It was only then that the oxygen masks fell from overhead. Damon was relieved to see they had finally come down. Elena still hadn't noticed that the back half of the plane had gone. The two of them fumbled to put masks on. Their hands remained separated. Damon distantly heard the pilot's voice over the intercom, telling them to remain calm and he scoffed… had he not seen what had happened to the plane? It was the last thing he could remember listening to before, with one final lurch of the plane, everything went completely black.

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