Heeellloooo! Okay, this is my first Soul Eater story. Lately, I have been obsessed with Dr. Stein. I cannot help it! He's fricken awesome. Now, I noticed there wasn't alot of stories with Dr. Stein, or how he grew up. I am here to make my own interpretation of what happened and how he became insane.

This'll good for me because it'll get out my inner sadism. My personality is alot like Stein's, and like him, I have my own dormant insanity/madness.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater, but I wish I did.


Franken Stein was definetely not normal. When he was born, he had silver hair, and didn't cry. His eyes were open, and he remained silent while in the arms of his father and mother. Startled, his parents asked if that was normal. He didn't scream, cry, or make any cries of protest when he was in the arms of the stranger holding him in his arms (The doctor). His parents questioned about Franken's odd hair color, but the cause could not be determined. But, to them, it didn't matter at all. They loved their son.

But Franken didn't pay any attention to his parent's proud smiles or praise. While in the arms of the doctor, his mother, and father, he merely observed. Franken studied the people who were saying things he couldn't quite understand. As he took his eyes of his subjects, something caught his curiousity. He was interested in the doctor's tools that were laying on the side of his mother's cot. He smelled it too.

His mother's blood. The blood she had lost when she gave birth to Franken. It stained the white sheets, and the expression on his mother's face was... odd. It seemed like she was trying to hide her pain, and focus on the fact that she could now start a family.

He then focused on the doctor's tools. The curiousity in Franken's eyes had sparked when he saw a shiny, clean, stainless steel, scalpel. It was the first instrument he had laid eyes on.

He giggled. And he grinned.

And his curiousity grew.