Franken Stein sat in his room, and began hugging his knees. He was alone. An only child. Small, unused toys were scattered across the room, the bed wasn't tucked in, and the boy sitting in the room, had nothing to do. He had no one. He had no friends. Was it because he was too quiet?

He wore only a white coat, that went a little past his knees. His silver hair was uncombed, and was ruffled.

A small knock on the door startled him. A woman walked in slowly, staring at her son with a small smile. A smile that wasn't right.

"Franken," his mother said gently as she entered the room with a sweet smile. "I coming in... sweetie, you haven't come down at all. Are you alright?" she asked.

He looked up the woman. He looked nothing like her. She was a brunette. She seemed so sweet and approachable. Franken did not. She closed the door, and kneeled down to her son. Only for him to hide his face in his knees as she got closer.

"Mommy, am I weird?" the child asked, still burying his face into his knees.

She layed a hand gently on Franken's shoulder, causing him to look up at his mother.

"Honey, everyone is different," she said, causing Franken to hide his face again. "But, don't think that you're weird, because you're not. You're just..." she paused.

"Just, what...?"

His mother sighed.

"You're just shy. That's all. Now, why don't you go play outside?"

Franken looked up. He picked himself off the floor, and walked past his mother. He went downstairs and looked atop the staircase to see his mother smiling. But, somehow, he knew that face from somewhere.

That fake smile. The one he had seen somewhere before.

He opened the door, and the sunlight almost burned his eyes. He shielded his eyes with one arm, and walked over to a shady tree. Franken lay back against the thick trunk. He took his arm away from his face, and looked around the neighborhood. The laughter of children could be heard. Their faces were bright and happy. Brothers and sisters were teasing each other, best friends were running wildly about.

Why wasn't Franken happy? Was it because he was lonely? Or because he was too... shy?

Something snapped the silver haired boy's thoughts when a small thud of a red ball bounced just at Franken's feet. He blinked.

"Hey kid!" he heard a boy's voice call.

Franken looked at the boy who was running from his driveway to Franken's yard. The silver haired boy studied the boy. He was sweaty, he could imagine his heart pumping wildly from running and playing around his yard. His breaths were deep, and all Franken did was study him. He had short black hair, skin that was tan, and he was slender.

"I think my ball bounced over here- oh!" the boy caught a glimpse of the ball that was near Franken's feet.

Franken looked at his own skin. A pasty white color. While studying himself, he saw a curtain flicker from a window of his house out of the corner of his eye. His mother was staring.

"Hi, I don't think I've seen you around," the boy said, picking up his ball. "What's your name?"

Franken's eyes went from his mother, then to the boy. He let his mother stare, and decided to answer the boy's questions.

"Franken Stein," he answered simply. "What's your's?"

"Rowan," he said simply, while fiddling with his ball. "Do you want to play with me? I'm bored, and got no one to play with."

Franken simply stared. And before he could answer, he heard the door of his house open. It was his mother. She walked into the yard.

"Hello, what's your name?" Franken's mother asked.


"Well, Rowan, I'm sure Franken would love to play with you, but Franken has a doctor's appointment."

What was that? In his mother's voice, Franken didn't know if she was lying or not. But, he didn't have any doctor's appointment...

Franken eyed his mother with doubt.

"Okay," Rowan said cheerfully as he bounced his ball away happiliy.

"Come on, let's go."


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