Chapter 23: Drama at Drum Island Part 2

"Danger," Emerald said. Ruby rolled her eyes at her sister.

"I know that," the red member of the Straw Hats said, thinking about the manga where the crew just landed on Punk Hazard and during the anime, the Fishman Island arc. There was, also, a movie that was rumored to come out. "Anything else?'

"Sometime the sea changes," Emerald said, mysteriously. "It laterally splits apart and up. IT would shallow a ship whole!"

Ruby blinked and just decided to move on. The sisters talked about everything – what the family had been up to, whose better looking Zoro or Ace, clothes, and the other young woman things.

Ruby yawned, covering her mouth with her right hand. Emerald looked as tired as she felt. Ruby looked around the kitchen and heard her stomach. Emerald looked amused before her stomach rumbled in hunger, too. Ruby chuckled as Emerald's face turned as their hair.

"I'm gonna fix breakfast," Ruby said. She glanced at Emerald. "You wanna help?"

"I'll burn things to a nice, crispy black that spices couldn't help to make to taste better," Emerald said.

Ruby walked to the refrigerator. She pulled open the door and peered inside.

Sanji usually kept the frigate packed, in case they were stranded for a bit and longer trips between islands, but unforturenely, the crew was unable to stock up on the various foods that Sanji liked to keep. Ruby did see in the almost bare frigate, three dozen eggs, ten packages of bacon, and a gallon of milk. She grabbed those and put it on the counter.

Ruby quickly located the skillets and a cookie sheet.

"Hey, Em," she said as she set two skillets on the range. She lit the gas stove. "Could you go wake Sanji?"

"He's still up in the nest, right?" Emerald checked. Her chair scarped against the floor as she got up.

"Yeah," Ruby said as she moved to the coffee pot. She filled the pot up with water, got the filter with a scoop of coffee grounds, put everything in the coffee pot and let the water run through the system.

Ruby placed her hand over the skillets, feeling the heat. She turned down the heat before she sprayed the skillet and started to crack eggs. Sanji hurried in and moved her out of the way. She walked back to the table. She blinked, slowly, "Where's Em?"

"I think she went to bed." Sanji said.

"That Bitch," Ruby muttered. The blond cook chuckled.

Ruby passed a cup of hot chocolate to Usopp. He took it as he paused in making repairs. Ruby moved to the rope ladder. She balanced the one cup of hot chocolate she took off the pan. Once she was at the top, Sanji took his.

"Thank you, Ruby-chan," Sanji cooed.

"Welcome, Sanji," She replied. She started back down.

"Hey, have you notice it's been cold every day, lately?" the blond cook called out.

"Yeah," Usopp said. He hammered a nail into place.

"It's kinda hard not to notice," Ruby commented, "My nipples been hard every time I wake up."

"RUBY!" Vivi yelled in chock. She came out of the Kitchen to hear that."

"What?" She yelled back, "It's the truth."

"Still, you cannot say those things," Vivi scolded. "It's unlady like."

Ruby rolled her eyes. She really didn't care. She changed subject. "The temperature has stabilized."

"It must be more of the fickleness of this place, the ocean, the Grand Line," Usopp said.

Vivi looked ahead. Ruby's feet touched the railing and she jumped off, grabbing her cup of hot chocolate.

"Actually, that might not be the case. It probably means we're close to an island," Vivi said. "Sanji, concentrate on watching the horizon." There was a pause. "There's a Winter Island around here, I'm sure of it."

Usopp yelped in pain. Ruby glanced over to watch Usopp glared at his right thumb. She snorted. Usopp glared at her.

"In meteorological terms," Vivi explained. Ruby mimics shaking in her boots. "The islands of the Grand line are classified into 4 types: Summer Island, Spring Island, Fall Island, and Winter Island."

Usopp flip the bird at Ruby. She returned it by acting like the she blowing up a balloon. Usopp threw the hammer at Ruby. She ducked. The hammer flew over her. Usopp gasped. Ruby hears a splashing sound before she roared with laughter.

"And each of these types of Island has for season of its own," Vivi explained. Usopp glared and ran at Ruby. The red head grinned and stepped out of the way, tripping the lair. She darted away.

"Navigating through the Grand Line you must at the very least endure from the summer of a summer Island -" Vivi said, ignoring Ruby running away from Usopp.

"Hot as Hell," Ruby interpreted as she flipped over Usopp. She landed on her feet, bouncing.

"To the winter of a winter island," Vivi finished.

"Icy cold ass tits!" Ruby rolled out of the way of Usopp's would be punch.

"A range of 16 seasons," Vivi said.

"Even worst in the Grand Line," Emerald said, seemingly to pop from nowhere as she walked from the kitchen. Ruby screamed in surprise as Emerald stopped walking in front, without seeing Ruby. The two sisters fell to the deck. "Ruby, I'm gonna kill you!"

"I'm sorry," the older sister shrieked. She dodged Emerald's first punch, nearly backing into Usopp.

"Hey!" Usopp protested.

"Watch it," Ruby called out.

"Stop moving!" Emerald yelled.

"No!" Ruby roared. She danced around Usopp. Emerald matched her steps. Ruby swung her upper body beneath Emerald's right hook. Emerald growled and tossed her left leg up. Ruby back hand spring backwards off the upper back deck. Emerald stepped back. Ruby's feet nearly kicked Emerald's jaw.

Ruby bounced on her feet, waiting, on the middle deck. Emerald glared at her. The two women made eye contact. A cocky smirk graced Ruby's lower face. Emerald grinned. They charged at each other.

"STOP THAT!" Vivi roared. Ruby tripped on air and fell into a roll. Emerald lost her balance. The two sisters landed in a land of limbs. They rolled into Usopp and he landed on the women. "Off!" Emerald horsed out.

"Usopp!" Ruby roared.

"Watch where you are putting you -Ahhhhhhh!" Usopp screamed. Ruby and Emerald froze.

"I'm sorry, Usopp," the sisters chorused. Ruby pulled herself out of the pile, first. She helped Emerald out. Usopp curled up in a ball. One of the sisters got him good. Ruby looked at Emerald. Emerald shrugged. Ruby shrugged and stepped over Usopp before Emerald did.

"Some friends, you are!" Usopp whimpered. The two sisters didn't say anything.

"Emerald," Vivi said. "How it is worst in the New World?"

"Every Island is different," The Whitebeard Pirate said. "For example, one island has a Constance shower of lightening,"

"Well, that island had a shocking personality," Rub said.

Emerald snorted. Vivi sighed.

Usopp commented as he lay on the deck. "I got it and since there's so many of these islands crammed close together. The sea in between them couldn't possible hold a steady climate."

"Right," Vivi smiled. "Therefore, when the Log post becomes stable, it usually means that you are close to an island."

"LAND-HO!" Sanji roared. Ruby smiled; finally they can get Nami to Chopper and Dr. Kurehea. She glanced at the other woman and men on deck before she winced. All that horsing around did a number on her broken body. Her ribs felt, they were on fire. Her injury was a numbing, throbbing cold. Bruise, hidden, by the bagging clothes, formed and darken ugly. She'd been taking Ibuprofen, that was in her book bag, to help with the pain, but she would need stronger med. That would be very-

"Whoa!" She gasped as something ran by her, causing her to spin like a tap.

"Sorry, Ruby!" Luffy cried out. He had been Watch-Duty for Nami. She thought she had seen Zoro disappear downstairs. Maybe Zoro had let Luffy go?

Ruby walked dizzily. She swayed side to side. She stood on one foot bouncing to the railing. She collapsed, holding on to the white rail, looking green as a cumember.

"White! It's so white," Luffy cried out. As her stomach settled and her balance leveled out, Ruby tried to be mad at her childish captain, she couldn't. Sanji climbed down the rape ladder.

"I bet its snow! An island of snow!"

"Oi, Luffy," Sanji cut in. "I shouldn't have to tell you this, but we can't go on an adventure this time." Sanji looked at Luffy. The Straw Hat Captain stared ahead with excitement. "We're here to find a doctor! After we have one look at Nami, we're gonna be leaving right away." Sanji paused. He noticed Luffy was not paying attention to him. "Oi, oi, oi Luffy!"

Ruby walked up to the front deck. She commented to Sanji, "He's not listening you know."

"I know, my love," Sanji said. Ruby caught of sight of Usopp.

"Hold on now, it this safe?" Usopp walked up. He started stutter. "If-if th-th-there's sn-sn-snow, couldn't there be sn-sn-sn-sn-snow mon-mon-monsters or something?"

Ruby rolled her eyes, turned her head.

"We don't even know, "Usopp to reason with the stubborn captain."If there's gonna be people here nor not, isn't that the biggest problem." He paused, going stiff. His expression changed into one of horror. "Oh no! My must not get on this island disease is acting up again" The lair finished.

Ruby sighed. Sanji looked annoyed.

Luffy ignored the trio and talked nonsense at least to Ruby it was, "Snow... I love snow 'cause it's so white."

"Guess, I'll go prepare to dock," Sanji sighed and left.

Ruby watched as the Going Merry sailed into a small river that flowed inland. She noticed a small waterfall at the head of the small river.

"So much snow," Luffy mumbled in joy. "I'm so happy."

Ruby sighed, still ignoring the pain. The cold was not helping.

"This place," Sanji said. "Is something else? Get a load of those mountains."

"They are beautiful," Ruby said. She wanted to sit down and just relaxed. Her ribs felt like they were liquid fire. Her leg was a blocks of ice. She couldn't sit down and relaxed. Zoro would be riding her ass about her injuries.

"By the way," Usopp cut in. Vivi walked onto the front deck. "Luffy, aren't you cold wearing just that?"

Vivi noticed what Luffy was wearing and gasped. "The temperature in -10C, at that temperature, bears start getting ready to hibernate!"

Ruby knew 0C equal 32F, so -10C equaled 22F. That was not too bed. She had been in (winter weather chills equaling below 0F) colder temperatures. Russia and New York could be a bitch during the winter months.

Vivi's words had an effect on Luffy. If Luffy was Android 19, he would be saying something akin to 'Analyzing' or 'computing, computing...' Why on Earth did she think of that? Oh yeah, she watched to Team Four Star's version of Dragon Ball Z with Emerald last night. She had downloaded a copy of the videos from YouTube. Thanks to Tony's help.

"It's cold," Luffy shudders and he jumped off the figure head.

"COULD YOU BE ANY SLOWER?" Usopp and Sanji roared.

Luffy didn't answer as he bolted. Ruby wondered down to the bathroom. She popped open the medicine cabinet behind the mirror. She spied the Ibuprofen (or at least this time period version of it) and something a lot stronger and it could pass as Vaccine. Ruby grinned.

That would work and then some. She giggled. She picked one pill from the bottle and chocked it down and three glasses of water. Blah! She hated taking pills. Natasha often said she (Ruby) couldn't be a duggie if she was complaining about the size of pills. God, she missed her mom.

Ruby shook her head. There was no time to think about Mom and the Avengers. Nami's fever had rising another two degrees over night. If Nami survived (Ruby knew she would, but there was a chance something wrong would change everything), the Navigator might have some brain damage. Ruby sighed.

Ruby blinked in the bright sunlight and tried to hide a groan. She raised a hand to cover her green. She blinked, rapidly.

"Okay," Zoro called out. "Someone has to go look for a doctor. Actually we' better find some people first."

Luffy immediately volunteered to go. Sanji was next to volunteer. Emerald and Ruby chorused, "I'm going."

"Great," Usopp said. He smiled big and joyous at the fact he didn't have to go. "Get going!"

Ruby heard snow crunching. Her hands flew toward her sword.

"That's far enough, Pirates!" a native yelled.

Damn, if these native wanted them dead, they would be. Ruby could already hear both her mother and Mother Fury chewing her new one.

"Oi!" Luffy didn't bother by the fact the native sneak up on them or he had noticed, but negated to act. "There's some people."

"But," Usopp paused. "They don't look very happy to see us."

A man wearing a green coach spoke. "Pirates, we demand that you depart this shore, immediately."

"We came here to find a doctor," Luffy said.

"We have a sick person on board!" Vivi nearly yelled.

"And a very injured idiot," Zoro commented, dryly.

"Excuse me!" Ruby turned, growling.

"What did you just call Ruby-chan?" Sanji (flat out) growled.

"Ruby, you are an idiot," Zoro said.

"I'm gonna kill you," Sanji roared. He charged at Zoro. Zoro waited till the second then knocked Sanji into the mast with his word.

"What the hell, Zoro!" Ruby yelled. Vivi gasped. Luffy turned to them - Zoro and Ruby.

"You have not recovered from what happen at Little Garden," Zoro growled.

"Neither have you, Mr. Brilliant-plan-of-chopping-off-my-ankles-to-fight." Ruby growled back,

"You think your tricks works on us, you filthy pirates," a guard yelled.

Ruby looked at the security forces with a raised eyebrow and thought about what the guard. She couldn't help it, the damn quote went from her brain, passed her filler a Nappa style screw you and flew through her lips. "But Vegeta! Tricks are for Kids!" she whined, Nappa style.

Once Ruby process what she said, she buried her face on her hands, muttering, "Goddamnit, Nappa!"

She could have sworn the guard just muttered, "How the hell did she know my name?"

"This is our island! We've not gonna let a bunch of pirates land here and invade," Another guard yelled.

A third guard behind the straw Hats yelled, Now, take up you anchor and be gone! Otherwise, we'll blow your ship out of the water."

Sanji walked up (strategic to protect himself and others) a stood up by Vivi. "They really hate us and we've only just met."

"Probably been invaded by pirates before." Ruby said.

"Blackbeard," Emerald hissed.

"Shit," Ruby breathed, she, not only had pervious knowledge on the traitorous bastard, but hearing it from her sister's firsthand experience, she was highly pissed off. Personally, she could not wait until the Straw Hats Pirates arrive in Mock town.

It was either the Vegeta guard or a fourth guard that exclaimed, "Keep your mouth shut!" then his shaking gun fired.

"They fired," Usopp cried.

"Why, you!" Sanji growled. "You'll regret that, bastard."

"Sanji, wait," Vivi cried out. Sanji tensed, started to run to the railing. Vivi darted in front of him, holding him back.

'STAND DOWN, SANJI!" Ruby roared. Sanji paused. The second mate didn't brother looking at the crewmates. She knew they were ready to fight. Her attention was on the Vegeta guard. He already shot once. He was ready to do again. His gun shook. Ruby's eyes darted where it aim - Sanji and the Princess. She already made the decision. The gun fired. She slide in front of the duo.

Blood flew through the air. Ruby's world was nothing, but pain.

"Ruby!" Emerald, Luffy, and Zoro shouted. She heard them. She exhaled, slowly.

"Stop sacrifice yourself for others, you dumb bitch," Emerald screamed.

Ruby raised her left hand with extremely difficulty and flipped her younger sister off. Emerald laughed in relief. Ruby sat up. Time had passed. Luffy was in a traditional bow with Vivi. Emerald knelt beside her and someone's leg stood against her back. She glanced at the owner - Zoro. Damnit all to hell.

Zoro glared at her. She felt her lips twitched into a painful smile. He crossed his arms. She looked down at her left shoulder.

"Well," Ruby said, dryly. "That will be gonna be a bitch to dig out."

Zoro scooped her up and carried her below deck. He sat her down on a box. Ruby sent a confused looked at Zoro. A stinging pain rippled through her check, her head turned, her eyes widen, and she landed on her right elbow. She hissed in pain.

Then anger - anger at Zoro, who had the balls to backhand her, anger at herself for being weak,

"Ruby," Zoro's voice sounded strained like he couldn't or didn't want to believe. He had hit the one he cared deeply about. She knew she didn't love Zoro and he didn't love her. Maybe with time, they could love each other, passionately, especially the chemistry they had. "You are weak and you will stay weak until you are healed. Tiny Dick can handled a bullet and protect the princess. You need to stop sacrificing yourself."

Ruby opened her mouth then closed it. She couldn't argue with Zoro about her weakness. Tears welled up in her eyes. She looked away. He knelt beside her.

"Once you are healed, I'm going to train you," Zoro sighed. "I would've dragged your ass out of bed if you didn't have life-threatening injuries."

"Awww, you do care, Zoro,' Ruby teased, looking up from under her eyelashes. He chuckled and stood. He helped her to her feet.

"Don't go telling everyone," Zoro glared, softly, at her. "It will ruin my repartition."

Roy giggled. "Yeah," she agreed. "Can't let everyone you are big softy."

"Love birds," Emerald yelled. "Are you done, yet?"

"The Bullet is staying in until I can get to a doctor," Ruby said.

"No!" Emerald and Zoro said. Zoro pinned her down Ruby struggled under Zoro as Emerald tried to dig the bullet. Ruby cussed through the entire process.

Ruby stared at her phone. That gut feeling was back. The one that always told her to do something. She sighed, not exactly how good a useless phone would be. Well, she did have a compass app maybe that well be useless. She could always active app her JANVIS app. That be a laugh - seeing what Luffy and Sanji would do. She grabbed it.

Emerald and Ruby landed on the snowy shore. They turned and waved at Zoro. He scrawled at them He had to guard the ship.

Ruby spotted footprints.

"Em," Ruby said. "Come on."

Ruby sprinted following the footprints. She stopped every so often to double check they were going the correction way. Ruby heard Emerald from behind her. "A town."

"Hopefully the doctor is there already," Ruby said, eyeing with glee.

"Yeah," Emerald agree. The duo sprinted into town and surprise enough; Vivi, Usopp, Luffy with Nami on his back and Sanji standing outside.

"Hey!" Ruby yelled. She caught their attention. The sisters slowed to a stop. "What's going on?"

"The Doctor is at the top of the mountain," Luffy said, "We are going up the mountain."

"I'm coming then," Ruby said to Luffy and Sanji. They nodded.

"And I'm staying," Emerald said. "My boyfriend should be here on the Island."

"Awesome," Ruby said. "Have fun searching for Hot-head."

"Want us to meet you at the base of the mountain," Emerald asked.

"S'up to you, sis," Ruby shrugged.

"I've had it," Usopp said. Everyone looked at him. "As soon as the captain say something, the navigator goes along with it"

"And?" Ruby asked, stretching her head.

"You have no room to talk!" Usopp shouted, pointing at her. His teen pointed into sharp points. Ruby rolled her eyes.

"Do you know what kind of condition you're in right, now, Nami," Sanji asked.

"Will you really be okay," Vivi sounded worried. "This trip may take hours."

"Old man, gimme some meat," Luffy said. Meat!"

Ruby wanted as the others meaning Luffy and Sanji got ready. The trio going up the mountain had to travel light. Worst, Ruby hated running and didn't have the greatest endurance. Oh, well, she has to tough it, out. Music will help. She had picked Zoro's pocket for her IPod.

On a whim, she also activated her phone in the first time for two –three months. The trio stood outside, ready to go.

"Listen here, Luffy," Usopp began. Vivi knelt, double checked the knot securing Nami to Luffy's back. Usopp turned to the Straw Hat Captain. "If you trip or fall even once, Nami will die."

"Not even once," Luffy questioned. Usopp nodded.

"Wait, stay still for a moment," Vivi ordered. "I need check this knot again."

"Vi," Ruby said. "It was tight before. It is still tight, now." She tried to refrain from rolling her eyes.

Vivi chewed her lip and nodded. She stood up and stepped to one side.

"I'd only slow you down if I came along," Vivi said.

"Me too." Usopp quickly agreed.

"Got it. Okay, Nami hold on tight," Luffy grinned, ready to depart.

"If you're really set on going, I won't stop you," Dalton said. Ruby looked at the guard captain. "But climb up on the other side so that you can avoid the Lapins on this side."

"Lapins?" Sanji questioned.

"They're fierce, carrivous rabbits. If you run into a pack of them, you are good as dead."

"Really, rabbits," Luffy said, disbelief. "We gotta get up there. We'll be just fine, right?"

"Yup," Sanji nodded.

"I'm looking forward for a couple for coat," Ruby smirked. "I have get at least 7 -8 -9 -10! 10! Ten fur coats - 1 for each of my sisters, 1 for ma, 1 for Nami, 1 for Vivi and should I get two or three more for any other female nakama?" She thought out load.

"Get as many as you can carry," Luffy said with a glint in his eye.

"I'll carry them for you, my dearest love," Sanji cooed.

Dalton looked both amused and somewhat horror. Vivi sighed. Usopp shook his head.

"Thank you, sissy," Emerald glommed Ruby.

"I haven't them, yet," Ruby protested. "Thank me when I have them."

Emerald nodded and let go of Ruby. Everyone chuckled as Ruby stumbled backwards. The oldest daughter of the pirate Emperor Shanks stuck out her tongue. Dalton stared at the trio who in his opinion were insane enough not to care about being killed by pack lapins.

"You can't be serious," he said, shocked.

"Sirius is dead," Ruby grinned. "C'mon, boys."

She heard Luffy commented to Sanji. "Hurry it up, Sanji before Nami dies." He ran ahead.

"Don't say stuff like that idiot," Sanji yelled. "Do you want to jinx us?"

Ruby laughed.

She didn't know how much time passed. The snow had gotten deeper. The wind blew in her face with a blistering cold. She had to work harder to keep up with Luffy and Sanji. Her leg, shoulder, and ribs felt like fire. Worst, she got to thinking.

Zoro's words hit home - "You are weak and you will stay weak until you are healed."

Ruby was the weakest of the Avengers. Loki, an Agurdian, God of Lies and Tricks, exploited that. He was not the first one.

She also was raped at 14 - her innocence stolen at the hands of a cruel, evil man. He wanted information about the Black Widow, Hawkeye, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Even with the day dreams of Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji rescuing her, she spilled some information about Black Widow, Hawkeye and S.H.I.E.L.D. Then Ruby healed, that took better part of a year. Natasha took time off and thoroughly kicked Ruby's untrained ass out of her depression.

Natasha Romonva would agree with Zoro then processed to kick Ruby's trained ass so hard that Ruby would wish she was stilled injured.

She sighed.

"Ruby!" Luffy shouted in her ear. She jumped, startled. She turned her head, glaring. Luffy blinked at her and his danger alert activated. He tried to get away, but Ruby had already grabbed his rubber left ear. It stretched as he ran. Sanji cracked up, laughing at Luffy's misfortune.

"DON'T SHOUT IN MY EAR, LUFFY!" Ruby roared. Luffy whimpered.

"My ear," Luffy rubbed his ear. Nami gave a small tired smile. Sanji rolled in the snow, laughing. "Meanie!"

Ruby rolled her eyes. Count on Luffy to cheer her up.

"Why did you stop?" Luffy asked. She blinked in confusion then realized he was right. She stop did running.

"I guess I was lost in thought," Ruby confessed. "I didn't mean to stop."

"What were you thinking about?" Luffy asked. Ruby saw a worry glint in his eyes.

"Nothing too important," Ruby half lied. She grinned at Luffy and Sanji.

"It feels like it had gotten a little colder," Luffy said. "The wind's picking up."

The trio were in knee-deep snow. Ruby pulled her scarf over her nose and mouth. Her lungs burnt, both in need of oxygen and the cold air. She listened to the boy's conversation.

"Put on some shoes," Sanji said. Just seeing your feet is painful."

Nope," Luffy grinned. "It's my police."

"Policy," Ruby corrected.

"Thanks," Luffy said. "Anyway, did you know that people in snowy countries never sleep?"

"Bull shit!" Ruby exclaimed. "The human body can only be awake for if trained 3 or 4 days at a time, 5 days, max before the body shut down, no matter what climax."

Oh, Ruby swan," Sanji did his noodle dance. "You are so knowledge."

"Really," Luffy said. Ruby nodded. "But someone told me in the pub a long time ago"

"Who," Ruby almost sneered. "Yasopp?"

Ruby jumped, suddenly. Something white passed under her. She raised an eyebrow.

"How did you know, Ruby?" Luffy asked.

Ruby rolled her eyes and commented, "Like father, like son."

Luffy dodged the blending in with the snow fur ball. Sanji jumped over it. A crunching sound reached Ruby's ears. She glanced over at the tree line.

"Timber," She called out. The three straw Hats watched as the tree landed in front of them. They leaped and landed on the other side.

"Did you know women in snowy lands all have silky-smooth skin?" the cook said.
Ruby stopped running. She stared at him. She shook her head, sending her red hair flying around her head. She pushed forwarded.

"How come?" Luffy asked.

"Isn't it obvious," Sanji said.

"I'm surrounded by idiots," Ruby muttered to herself.

"I'll explain," Sanji continued, "When you're cold, you rub your skin to warm it up, right. It is always freezing cold in snowy countries like this one so the women keep rubbing their skin all the time and it becomes all white and silky over time."

"Okay then, how come it's white," Luffy asked. Ruby wanted to bury herself in a snowy hole like a snowy hobbit hole and re-think her decision on joining the Straw Hat Crew.

"Because the snow, it's constantly falling all over, so it dyes their skin white," Sanji finished. Ruby jumped over the white blur. She loved the idea of joining the pirate crew white she was sitting on the couch or curled up in bed, all warm and safe. Then her powers transported her into One Piece and so far lived out a fan's dream of being a member of the crew.

"Another bullshit story," She called out. Number one reason why she was re-thinking her decision was her crewmates' stupidity. "One, the local women probably uses lotion to keep their skin silky smooth. Winter is harsh on skin. Two, there's no sunshine here. The snow clouds black the sun. That's why the women's skin is so white."

"Really," Sanji sounded surprised. "The lack of sunshine has caused the women's skin to be white."

"Gosh, Ruby, you are smart," Luffy exclaimed. Ruby jumped. Sanji paused in mid-run, swung his leg back. The baby lapin had no chance. Sanji's leg swung forward, powerfully.

"And you are becoming a pain in my ass," Sanji roared. The baby flew through the air.

"Really! What was with that thing?" Luffy said.

"I hope that was not a baby Lapin," Ruby muttered. They ran in silence.

"Miss Ruby, Tong Stark is calling," JANVIS said. Ruby jumped in surprise. She felt her ankle snapped to the side. She hissed pain. She stumbled forward. She stood and shook the pained ankle. "Tony Stark is calling you, Miss Ruby. Please answer the phone."

Luffy and Sanji stood and looked at her breasts, wide-eyed.

*"Why is your chest talking," Luffy asked.

"Ruby-swan's beautiful bouncing breasts have the most wonderfully voice I ever heard," Sanji swooned.

Ruby blinked at Sanji. She decided it was the very best to ignore the cook and not to tell him it was an AI male's voice. She fished the cell phone out from her bra. She swiped her right thumb over the screen and held the phone to her ear.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Ruby Romanva, where the hell are you," Tony Stark roared into her ear. Ruby winced. She pulled the phone away from her ear.

"I'm currently running up a mountain side with Sanji and Luffy to take Nami to see a doctor," Ruby explained. "I see you finally made a program, to call other people in other realms."

"Yes," Tony replied. "It's me. You didn't surprise. Were you surprise? Running a mountain side to see a doctor? What kind of doctor lives up in the mountains?"

Ruby slowed to a stop. Luffy and Sanji stopped as well. She waved them on.

"I'll catch up," she said. Luffy nodded. "Tony, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," he sounded strained. Ruby bit her lower lip, thinking.

"How's Pepper?"

"She's good, still CEO of Stark Enterprises," a pause then, "She moved in with me, a couple months ago."

"Really? That's awesome. So, how have you been?" Another pause.

"Ruby, I can't sleep." Tony sounded like he was about to cry. Tears welled up in Ruby's eyes.



"Well, Tony, it is understandable. You nearly died back in New York. If it was for the Hulk scaring the life back into ya, we would have a different conversation." Ruby paused. "Did I ever tell you I was kidnapped and was raped by my kidnappers to get information?"

A grunt.

"I was. When S.H.I.E.L.D finally came, I was too lost in my mind. It took me months to recover and get over the fact I was raped. Whenever I was around men, I panicked. I thought I was gonna get raped again. Mom did train me, but to me that wasn't enough. I had nightmares every now and then. You will get over what happen with New York. You will get stronger, mentally." Ruby heard Tony panted, heavily, like he was panicking. "Hey, are you okay."

"I will be." Tony said.

"Oooh, oooh, Did I tell you where I am? Tony, I couldn't believe it. I'm in One Piece. You know that show I was obsessed with, the one about pirates and the rubber man. Right now, I'm in the Drum Island Arc if you want to look it up." Ruby explained. Her eyes glued to the backs of Luffy, Sanji, and Nami. "And I find out who my father is, Tony. I'm Shanks' eldest daughter. I have 6 other sisters. They are identical to me. I have one little brother." Ruby paused. "How's mom?"

"Still raising hell to find you," Tony said. He sounded calmer.

"Could you give her a message for me," Ruby asked, unsure.

"Of course, I'll have JANVIS record it," Tony said.

"Alright," Ruby nodded. The snow blew around her. "Let me know when you two ready."

"I'm ready when you are, Miss Ruby," JANVIS said.

"In 3-2-1, Hey Mom, its Ruby, I'm alright. I'm safe. Do you remember that anime show I used to watch a lot – One Piece? Well, I'm actually born there – on one of the island, ma. I ran into the Straw Hat Pirates so yeah, I am safe with them. They will protect me.

"I found my father, ma. I think you two would look cute, together. Anyway, my dad's name is Shanks, the same one who gave Luffy the straw hat. Before we met, ma, I ate a Devil Fruit – That's why I get into water. The devil fruit allows me to jump or hop to different dimensions like Thor's does – only my way of travel doesn't leave marks behind. I haven't tried it yet. I love you, mommy, and I miss you." Ruby finished. "Luffy needs me to catch up. I'll talk to you later, Ma. Tony, hmmm, talk to you later, gotta go, bye."

Ruby ended the connection. She spirited to catch up.

"Hang in there, Nami, a little longer long. We're gonna get you to a doctor, right?" Sanji said.

"Snow's getting deeper."

"Hey, Luffy, run smoother," Sanji bossed. "You're just making harder on Nami."

"How on this snowy, cold ass Island can he run smoother?" Ruby asked. Her throat was dry. It hurt to talk. Her lungs burnt from the cold air.

Luffy slowed to a stop. Ruby nearly ran into him. She shot him a glare then she followed his gaze.

"What the…" Sanji glared at the Straw Hat Captain. He came to a stop and looked forwarded.

One by one, a group of furry white creatures popped up. They remembered Ruby one of the abominable snowman from the classic Movie Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer which in turn made her think of Chopper.

"What are those things," Sanji questioned. Nami moaned. Ruby tilted her head, one ear toward her navigator and the other ear listen the Lapins.

"What?" Luffy murmured.

"We have to…..hurry…..Alabasta," Nami whispered.

"Just rest," Luffy said. Ruby shook her head. Nami must be having a fever induced dreams if she talked in her sleep. Personally, if Ruby was ever that sick, she would not be talking. She would be too busy snoring. "Never mind that," Luffy continued, "We'll worry about that later."

"She's not even worried about her own life," Sanji glanced at Nami, "Just hang in there just a little bit longer, Nami."

Ruby snapped her attention to the Lapins. She chewed on her lower lip, thinking.

"We have to go to that castle where the doctor lives as quickly as possible," Sanji said.

"I might be able to create a platform or a portal to get us on top of the mountain," Ruby said. "I don't know if I can do it."

Sanji and Luffy nodded.

"Move it," The blond chief said, "You damn bunnies.

Ruby sensed it or it was common sense. Luffy apparently did, too. "They're coming."

"Yeah," Sanji agreed. Maybe he started sensing few things this early in the series.

"They aiming straight at us," Ruby said.

"Listen, Luffy," Sanji spoke.


"I don't want you fighting these guys, alright."

"Why not?"

"Idoit! Because Nami will be able to feel every move you make. She's too sick to handle something that. It will be too much. She could die." Sanji explained.

"What?" Luffy stared at Sanji.

"He's right," Ruby put in her two cents. The Lapins roared and jumped – all at once.

"Okay, geeze," Luffy said. He ducked under a claw. "I won't fight them at all, but what do I do?"

Ruby draw out her sword, blocking a claw aimed her face.

"What can I do?" Luffy cried out.

"Just Dodge!" Sanji instructed, "Dodge, dodge, dodge, and run, but don't retreat."

"THAT'S A LITTLE DIFFERCULT!" Luffy cried out. Ruby laughed out a loud, and nearly earned another injury. She sobered up.

"Flanchet Shoot!" Sanji tried to kick a lapin.

"Dodging," Luffy ran around.

"Dimension Slash," Ruby called out, slashed her sword down. A black wave race forwarded. The Lapins jumped out of the way. Ruby scrawled at them.

"Dammit! In this snow, I can't kick properly," Sanji growled.

"RUN!" Ruby yelled. Sanji ran ahead of Luffy who followed him. Ruby brought up the rear. Luffy's hat flew off. She jumped, grabbed the hat, flipped, landed on her feet with a winced and dodged the lapins.

"Into the forest," Sanji called back.

"Ok," Luffy said. Ruby nodded.

"Go left. We'll head to the mountain," Sanji said. "We'll need to shake them off somehow. It would take hours to fight them all off, but how do we shake them, now? These snow mountain bunnies sure are tough. We're at a big disadvantage."

"More running, less talking," Ruby panted. She summoned her dome as Lapins rain down on top of the four Straw Hats.

A lapin flew through the air toward Luffy. The rubber man reacted, ready to kick.

"Don't," Sanji snapped. He kicked the lapin. "Idiot, I told you not to attack! Just leave to Ruby-swan and me."

"Sorry," Luffy mumbled. He ran ahead, dodging the Lapins. Ruby followed him.

"This is not a good time to be fooling around," Sanji said. Ruby slashed at another group of lapins. She tried to clear a path It didn't help. They just refilled the space.


She turned, ducking under a flying lapin and saw Luffy by a small cliff.

"Sanji, we can go up from here," he said. Ruby nodded. She made her way to the pirate captain.

"Go on head," Sanji ordered. A lapin jumped in front of Luffy. He used the lapin as a spring broad. Sanji scooped Ruby up. She squeaked in surprise. "Don't worry, my love, I will carry you to safety."

Sanji jumped on top of the already dazed lapin and bounced off. He landed on his feet. He bent down, allowed Ruby to put her feet on the ground.

"Thanks for the lift," Ruby mumbled, embarrassed. He heard and smiled softly at her. She blushed. Luffy screamed.

"They're coming!" He ran around then shot off. Ruby and Sanji glanced over the cliff. Ruby ran. Sanji darted. The duo quickly caught up to the panicking captain.

"What the hell did you do, Luffy?" Ruby questioned Luffy.

"I stuck my tongue out at them," Luffy explained. Ruby hit the back of Luffy's head. She saw his eyes widen as his head flew into the snow. It popped out a second later. Nami still slept on Luffy's back.

"You didn't need to taut them like that," Sanji said. He shot a glared at Luffy.

"I'm sorry."

"Head to the top of the mountain," Sanji ordered.

Ruby didn't know how long they had been spiriting from the lapins. She hit her knees. She felt her hot breath stroking her dry throat like a fire stroking dry wood. She was nearly ready to throw up.

"Are they," Luffy breathed hard, "coming?"

"No," Sanji said, breathing normally. Ruby glared at him. She grabbed some white snow and stuck it in her mouth. "Doesn't look it."

Ruby felt the snow slowly melt in her mouth. She closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt the water moved through her mouth. She swallowed. The water rehydrated her throat.

"Alright," Luffy grinned. The second mate stood up. The corner of her wind burnt lips lifted. "I guess we lost them."

"No," Sanji cut in. "We haven't yet."

Ruby and Luffy followed the cook's gaze. A pack of lapins re-appeared.

Luffy exclaimed, "They are persistent!"

"Bastards," Ruby growled. She watched as the Lapins started jumping.

"Why are they jumping up and down," The Straw Hat Captain asked. "Are they irritated cuz they're hungry?"

"I don't think, so," Sanji said. He thought about it. "Wait a second; don't tell me, they're….oh no!"

"Yes, we need to run," Ruby confirmed it. Sanji's cigarette dropped from his mouth.

"We're running again," Luffy said, "But where to?"

"Anywhere, as long it's far away from here," Sanji said.

"No, we need to get high up," Ruby said. Luffy's eyes darted between his two nakamas.

"What are the bunnies doing?" Luffy asked.

"Thanks to them," Ruby jerked her thumb toward the bouncing Lapins. "There's about to be an avalanche."

"What's an avalanche?" Luffy asked. A rumbling sound echoed. The snow slid forwarded.

"I'll explain later, okay," Ruby said. Luffy nodded. She spun and spirited back down the mountain side. Her eyes scanned the terrain for a decent place.

"Aaahhh," Sanji screamed – like a little girl, Ruby mused. "Damn those overgrown bunnies. They are not getting away with this – I'm gonna kill them."

"What we are supposed to do? How do we get away from this snow," Luffy questioned.

"No clue," Sanji shouted. "All I know is the first priority is Nami, the second is Nami, the third is Nami, the fourth is Nami, and the fifth is Nami, got that Luffy! Protect her even if it kills you!"

"Oh, I feel loved, Sanji," Ruby muttered. She lengthened her stride as she spirited.

"Got it! But how do I do that," Luffy whined. Sanji gazed at the snowy terrain. He saw it.

"Over that that cliff!"

Ruby saw the cliff. "It's not tall enough," She explained. "But I can make a hole for us."

She changed course. She grabbed the hilt of her sword. She pulled it out, yelled, "Dimension slash!"

The attack flew forwarded. It cut into the rock, leaving behind a cave. Ruby smiled. She glanced over and the wall of snow race closer.

"It's coming," Sanji roared. Luffy, Ruby, and Sanji jumped forwarded. Ruby turned her body so her shoulder took the blunt of landing. She closed her eyes. Pain erupted in her shoulder. She opened her eyes. Snow started to pile in.

"Dimension Wall!"

A black see-through wall appeared, blocked the snow from entering the Straw Hat's hiding place. Ruby relaxed, took off the bag of her back. She land down, dozing. Sanji and Luffy moved around.

"Ruby, darlin', wake up."

She moaned and rolled over. Where the hell did blanket go? She shivered. She reached down, grabbing for a blanket her mind told her that was not there.

A hand on her felt shoulder shook her. Another moan and she rolled over onto her back, eyes blurred, but opened. Her glove hands rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She sat up. A rumbled echoed through the small cave. Ruby blinked, looked up at the heart eyed, blushing Sanji and said in a tired voice, "I'm hungry and thirsty, Sanji-san."

Sanji looked like he jizzed in his pants, again. He quickly handed her a warmed up bowl of soup and water. Ruby inhaled the soup and water. She glanced at Nami. The navigator's chest heaved up and down, still asleep. Luffy was in the process of digging a hole through the snow. Ruby grinned at the sight of the snow build up like something was blocking the white perspiration from coming inside. Fire glow lit the small area.

"Ruby, my sweet darling, your wall held up the snow very well," Sanji cooed. "It was a brilliant idea."

Luffy disappeared into the snow, still digging. Ruby waited. Sanji packed up. They waited. They sat.

"Did he get lost," Sanji asked.

"Good chance," Ruby answered. She stood up. She dusted off and she grabbed her sword. She strolled over to the wall of snow. Luffy rolled out of the tunnel he created. Ruby stepped to one side with a chuckled. She watched as the captain un-rolled and stretched out. He grinned up at Ruby. Light shone through the hole.

"Awesome," Ruby cheered.

Sanji slowly stood up, "Let's get going."

Ruby glanced up. They were nearing the bottom. In the snow, the avalanche took the Straw Hats back down the mountain. It took Luffy nearly twice as long as climb the mountain. Sanji was out during the trip back up.

Wapol should've already landed on the island by now and the avalanche should have buried him for a bit.

Ruby smiled as she saw the base of the mountain.

"We're here! We're almost at the doctor's," she cheered. She cart wheeled forwarded. Luffy grinned. Ruby stood and fell over, face first in the snow.

"My darling gem, are you alright," Sanji asked.

"That was hiliarous," Luffy roared with laughter. Ruby pushed herself up and peered at what she tripped over. A paw stuck up from the snow and a baby lapin glared – fear and anger- at her. Luffy went quite.

"Could one of you-" Ruby asked. She looked away from the lapins to Luffy and Sanji. Luffy grabbed the paw and pulled up. The older lapinb blinked in the bright light. Ruby smiled. Luffy walke don. Sanji followed. The red hair member did the same. The trio continued on thie way.

Ruby peered up the drum mountain. Luffy climbed up that in the show. It was mind blowing. She couldn't believe.

"So, how are we going get up," Sanji asked.

"Climb it," Luffy said. Sanji and Ruby looked at him.

"We can't," Ruby objected, "That's at least 3 miles high. There is no way."

"You can't, but I can," Luffy said. Ruby cocked an eyebrow at him and crossed her arms over her chest. "What if you fall?"

"I bounced back up," Luffy shrugged.

"But Nami will die," Ruby pointed out. Luffy looked horrified then he nodded. " The only way I see-"


Ruby turned and groaned in annoyance. Sanji tried to light a cigarette, but the wind was too strong.

"Who are they?" Luffy asked. He pointed at the newcomers, Wapol and couple of his goons.

"Just fucking lovely," Ruby said.


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