Chapter 1: It all begins

The Rise of the New Whirlpool

First of all, this is my third job in making a fanfic and the very first i intend to finish, also this is a test for myself, maybe you will notice later as the story goes on, if there is some bad grammar, then is because my English sucks, if that is the case please help me correct it, that will be very appreciated.

Now as for the story, this is part of Shadow's Challenge, and it will be a NaruHina, with harsh Sakura and Sasuke bashing.

Finally, I don't own Naruto or the character's that appear in this fic. Now let's start with the story.


"YO!" –Talking

"Kit" – Bijuu/Summon/Jutsu

"Hmm" – Thinking

EDIT – Revised version! Fixed some grammatical errors and tried to give a better impression for this first chapter.

October 10

Naruto was running through the streets in the night, but not because it was fun, you know, he was running for his life, there were a lot of villagers with torches trying to kill him, "Demon!" "Return my brother bastard!" "Go to hell already!" "Monster!" were some of the things the people yelled at the poor kid.

Tired, Naruto tripped, the mob caught him and the senseless beat started, between the screams of the people you could hear the little kid pleading for them to stop "It…hurts…I beg you… stop! IT HURTS!"

Meanwhile, in the shadows witnessing all, was a man that halted his escape from the village and the sin that he had just committed, although he knew the truth of his actions , it didn't make it any easier, he was about to leave, when a piercing scream filled the air.

One of the villagers was about to deliver a fatal blow right on Naruto's chest, when a kunai went sliced his throat, just when the lifeless body was about to fall, a smoke bomb was set out, and once everything was clear again, the rest of the villagers saw that the blonde was nowhere to be seen, and that, in its place, was the corpse of the man that was about to kill the boy, panic raised and the villagers screamed in fright thinking the demon escaped and had killed the man, no one was willing to share the same fate by standing there, so they all ran away from the place.

The next morning Itachi was walking towards a cave between the border of Wind and Fire Country, after rescuing Naruto, he decided that leaving him there would be cruel... letting the boy die at the hands of the villagers, once inside the cave Naruto started to come to his senses, after a few blinks he noticed Itachi.

"Who are you?" Asked the boy with fear in his eyes and trying to crawl away not wanting to get hurt, after seeing this Itachi just put the hands up showing him no weapon or ill intention towards him, "I'm the one who saved you from the villagers, Naruto-kun, and I don't intend to hurt you, after all it will be stupid to do so after saving your life" said Itachi.

Naruto thought about this, and after some time, he just decided to believe him, after all it couldn't be worse than being tortured by the villagers "I see, thanks for saving me… hmm, may I know your name?", Itachi was surprised by this, Naruto had just decided to believe him? "I'm Itachi Uchiha…" Answered the man poking Naruto's forehead just as he used to do with his little brother.

He wanted to believe that Sasuke would be fine, but the hell that he had just put his brother into was not something that anyone would survive and he was aware of that, shaking away the memories he just stared at Naruto who said "Thank you for saving me, Itachi-nii" and answered "you are welcome, Naruto-kun"

X Konoha X

Meanwhile in the Hidden leaf, the Hokage was dealing with the elders that were demanding to find the boy and kill him in the spot, "He killed Kou-san, he must pay" said none other than Ran Haruno, representative of the civilian's council, "And don't even think we don't know what happened to the Uchiha's, I'm pretty sure it was the same demon who killed them" said the head of the Inuzuka clan, Tsume Inuzuka.

Sarutobi just massaged his temples; this whole ordeal was just too much for his old body, "Naruto was not responsible of the Uchiha's massacre, that can be confirmed by Sasuke who was the only survivor, and from the information that Inoichi could collect, the culprit was no other than Itachi Uchiha", the elders went into shock, neither of them were waiting something like this, "Then he must be killed" said the always stuck up Hiashi Hyuga.

"I have already sent a hunter's nin team, they should be able to arrest him in a few more hours, after all they got a fresh trail, they couldn't have gone that far away" said Sarutobi, aware of the outcome of this, as he already knew, no one would find Itachi, "Returning to the main topic, we must find Naruto and kill him, there is no wonder what he could do otherwise" said once again Ran; she was beginning to be a pain in Sarutobi's ass, not as if he was going to tell her that, at least no yet, "We will not kill him, there is no wonder what would happen if we do" said the third Hokage trying to make them desist, but Hiashi talked again "Then we must put him into the bingo book, he is a missing ninja after all."

Sarutobi's blood was boiling; these people were just trampling in the fourth's wish as if it meant nothing, "He is just 8 years old" argued Sarutobi, his old teammate Danzo decided to play his card in that moment "Then this must be submitted to a vote, whoever wishes that the kid is put in the bingo book as an S-rank thread, please raise your hands" The majority in the hall raised their hands with the exception to Yamanaka, Nara, and Akamichi.

"Then is decided, Sarutobi, by the order of the council, the kid is going to be placed in the bingo book as a S-Ranked thread to the village, with an order to kill in the spot, even if you are against this decision" with this de council dismissed itself, leaving a furious Hokage in the room.

X Naruto X

Itachi and Naruto were walking through the forest, "Itachi nii-san, when are we going home?" asked Naruto while holding his stomach, this didn't went unnoticed by Itachi, "Listen Naruto, we are not going back home, because the people there want us dead, they hate us" Naruto was confused by this, he knew he was hated, but Itachi?, that was strange for the boy, "why are you hated, nii-san?" Itachi looked at the boy, "because I did something very bad to my family, because it was needed".

Naruto didn't understand well enough, but something was very clear, Konoha was just a hole filled with shit as people, he could not understand why they would hate someone as good as his nii-san, but if that was the case then maybe that place didn't deserve them, maybe never going back was for the better..."sometimes we need to keep going on" mumbled the blond for himself.

Itachi looked the emotions that passed through Naruto's eyes, and knew that the boy was not happy with the village, "Naruto, do you want to eat?" said trying to get whatever he was thinking away, he didn't want let the boy feel so much hate at such a young age, perhaps, he could train him, and turn him into a strong and capable ninja, and a better person, someone that didn't let his emotions get the better of him.

"Yeah, I'm kind of hungry" answered Naruto, Itachi then stopped and started to set up a camp, "Naruto, I'm going to teach you how to be a ninja, and the first lesson you are going to take, is how to survive in the wild, so, if you want to eat, you must catch your own food"

Naruto's face went pale at that, it looked like it would be a very long night, "okay, I can do that" said Naruto while walking to the river that was near the camp.

"The first thing that you need to know is that we are ninjas, we need to feel the nature around us… Try getting something from the river" Naruto was confused by this, feel the nature? What the hell was that?

He tried to get some fish but after half an hour with no success, Itachi decided to give some pointers, "You need to feel the flow of the river, ninjas must learn to be a part of nature, sometimes it will help you conceal yourself... and sometimes it will let you be discovered, but that only depends on you" Said Itachi walking into the river, closing his eyes and hitting quickly the water, getting three fishes in one try, Naruto closed his eyes too and tried again but noting, it went like this for another five minutes then he muttered to himself, "this is going to be a very long night"