Duncan's P.O.V





"Ugh," I let out a groan, determined to obliterate whatever was making that noise.

"Time to wake up dude," I heard a rather cheerful voice announce. I slowly pried my eyes open as memories from last night flooded into my head. The fight with Gwen. Maybe I was a little harsh with her, and this shit actually means something to her. But… I guess the news was all too sudden, that I reacted the wrong way.

Moaning from the abrupt shine of light that was hitting my face, I looked over to Geoff, who was openly allowing light to enter through his room pushing away the baby blue curtains.

"Come on dude, we have combat practice today," he explained, stretching out his limbs.

I let out a sigh. "What time is it?" I asked the cowboy hat wearing blonde.

"4 am," he simply shrugged it off like it was nothing.

Oh hell no.

I groaned rather loudly, catching his attention. "You've got to be fricken kidding me." Geoff let out a laugh.

"Nope, sorry dude, this is life now. But, you know, you'll get used to it after your body clock adjust."

Geoff took time to get himself ready, first finding a clean pair of shorts, and tank top. It was at that moment that I realized that I had no clean clothes whatsoever and smelt like shit. Geoff scanned over me as if he was reading my mind, and let out a hardy laugh.

"You can borrow some of my clothes dude," he smiled, pulling out a white wife beater, a plaid blue button down shirt, and a pair of jeans.

"Thanks man," I replied, throwing on the wife beater and plaid shirt, leaving the buttons… un buttoned. I scurried into the jeans and just threw on the pair of red converse that I was wearing. I must admit, I looked pretty good. I fixed my Mohawk so that it was in a standing position and just threw on some of Geoff's hair gel.

"Ready to go dude?" Geoff asked, coming out of the bathroom.

Just as I was about to reach for the handle on the door, it shot right open.

There before me was a beautiful girl with a black Pan!c at the Disco T-shirt, ripped jeans, and black vans. She was wearing little make-up today. Only just a little eyeliner and clear lip gloss if you consider that make-up. But, she still looked as beautiful as ever.

"I um…" I trailed off, feeling hot in the face.

She rolled her dark eyes at me and paid her attention to Geoff.

"Geoff, you and Bridgette are on control panel duty." She explained, being blunt with the sentence.

"Cool, can I bring my man Duncan with me?" he staggered over to my standing position, and pat me full on the back.

The goth took a moment to scan me, still maintaining the blank look on her face.

"Whatever," she uttered out exiting the door. I found myself following after her.

"Wait, Gwen," I jogged ahead of her, making the small frame stop in her path back to who-knows-where.


The look that she gave me, it was of pure disgust. I have received a lot of 'looks' throughout my course of life, but this one… bothered me the most. I felt, hurt.

"I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for the way I acted last night. I regret my behavior."

She looked at me for what seemed like forever.

"Yeah, I regret it too."

My eyes widened to the size of kitchen plates.

"That's all, you're not going to say that you're sorry back?" I questioned, catching up to her again.

"I only say sorry when I mean it." That was her only response as she walked ahead leaving me in her dust. Confused, I sighed running a hand through my green Mohawk.

"Chicks," I muttered under my breath. You can't live with them, but then again they're something that you can't live with out. I re-entered the living room to see that everyone was coming out of their respective rooms. To my surprise, they either looked o.k., or cheery at 4 a.m. in the morning. I couldn't help but notice the diversity of these people. They looked nothing alike, well except for the Kaki barn twins dressed in pink, and seemed to have interest in everything that the next person didn't.

Jocks, Nerds, Surfer Dudes and Girls, Crazies, Wannabes, Popular Girls and Guys, Outcasts-

It was like a whole high school compacted into one tiny group.

"Hi, you must be Duncan, I'm Izzy," the red head greeted me rather jittery. I took a moment to scan over her. She had kiwi green eyes, sported a slim, green tanktop, two green wrist bracelets, a leaf skirt, and a small pair of green sandals.

"Um, nice to meet you Izzy," I mumbled through the vigorous shaking of my hand.

"Devon Joseph, but you can just call me DJ," a muscular teen with dark skin introduced himself.

"Hey man," I smiled, doing the casual bro handshake.

"Owen," a rather chubby blonde managed through the chewing of a potato chip.

"Canadian?" I asked him, taking note of the maple leaf printed on his shirt.

The eating machine smiled and nodded at my comment.

I turned my attention to the couple who were arguing in the corner of the room. One was a girl, with onyx eyes, short raven-like hair wearing a maroon colored tube top, shorts, and wedges; Asian, I'm guessing. The other was a male that had slick brown hair, a toned, muscular chest, white undershirt and red button up shirt over it. He had a faded sort of green eyes, grey pants with a buckle and a pair of boots. The male was notably Latino.

"Heather and Alejandro," DJ uttered out,

"Other known as the star-crossed lovers. These two have been crushing on each other forever, but hide the truth with their ongoing 'hatred' for each other," a large African American girl interrupted.

"I'm LeShawna," she bellowed, "been in this biz for as long as I can remember," she chuckled. LeShawna was a very pretty girl, a very confident one too. She had her hair tied into a ponytail, wore a kumquat T-shirt, capris, and a pair of brown sandals.

"Really, first one into the team?" I curiously questioned.

"Second," she corrected me, "you know, not including Gwen. Bridgette was the first one that joined the 'club,"

I nodded, taking in her information.

I proceeded to look around.

"Ha, you look like a little kid who got lost in a candy store," she snorted,

"perhaps, you need a whole introduction to the team. Those are the Kahki Barn twins over there," she motioned to them with her thumb,

"Katie and Sadie. Sadie is the paler, larger one. Katie is the skinnier one. They do EVERYTHING together, and I mean EVERYTHING."

"Uh… Interesting," I responded, raising an eyebrow at the twins.

I looked over to a geeky boy who seemed to be flirting, and failing, with Gwen.

"Cody, he's had a crush on Gwen ever since he got recruited to join the Survivors," DJ explained.

"Really… how'd you find him?" My eyes never turned away to look at DJ. They were somehow glued to Cody and Gwen. She rolled her black eyes at him. You know… she looks kind of, cute when she gets mad.

"The poor little white boy was in the midst of a mental breakdown during a horrible thunderstorm. Tyler found him while we were on a hunting mission. DJ, Izzy, Eva, Bridgette, Tyler and I were in the same group." LeShawna continued.

She then pointed to a guy with brown hair and a red track suit. I'm guessing that was Tyler.


She absentmindedly pointed to a girl jock who was lifting weights.

"So, you guys travel in packs?" I questioned, turning my attention back to the duo. DJ and LeShawna exchanged looks.

"Well yeah… even though we're a few of the last humans on earth, doesn't mean that there aren't any other creatures that are still alive, lurking the forest. Believe me, we've seem them, and they're not such a pretty sight." LeShawna went on. My blue eyes scanned the room to face my new acquaintances. There were only 16 of us. I let out a snort.

"This is impossible," I mumbled under my breath, maintaining the smirk plastered onto my face.

"What's impossible?" Izzy questioned me, suddenly joining the conversation. I let out a deep sigh.

"There's only sixteen of us, do you really think that we alone can start up the whole world's population?"

Izzy shrugged. "You're not really supposed to know this unless you are deemed an official member of our group, but there are a few other organizations that we've been trying to compromise with for months now. They also have a few people who survived, but not much. Maybe 10 in each. They're only 3 others. But, we've been trying to come together so we can re-nourish the Earth. But… they have their own ideas planned… like making the world into a new era." The red head rolled her eyes at the thought.

"But, I think we're getting along. If Gwen asks, you didn't hear that from me," she smiled, walking off to some other place.

"The crazy girl speaks the truth," LeShawna shrugged.


I didn't know there was so much to this predicament.

"Oh," I let a single word escape my lips.

"I should probably start breakfast," DJ mumbled, rushing to the kitchen.

LeShawna smiled, "DJ, the best cook you'll find within miles."

I looked to her smiling face and sensed a loving look.

"Um, I can tell you two are close," I uttered out.

"Well," she started.

"Of course they're close, he's LeShawna's brother," Izzy burst out throughout the room.

No fricken way.

"Wait, you said that you were recruited into the group before DJ," I stared wide eyed at the girl who was now revealed to be DJ's sister. LeShawna smiled.

"I was. DJ and I were separated at birth. Gwen and Bridgette found me and took me in like I was their child. They helped me find my brother and he became apart of the group after Geoff, the 4th one in." She smiled at the heart-warming memory of finding her brother again, "I guess you could say faith brought us together?" she laughed.

I smiled at LeShawna. "Well, I'm glad that you got to find your brother again."


There was a small silence.

"So, now you've met everyone, just make yourself comfortable and breakfast will be ready in a few,"

I took a seat on the giant plush couch and observed how everyone that I didn't formally meet before at least semi-welcomed me.

You know, maybe this place isn't so bad after all.