I am not abandoning this story.

Just getting that out there.

I have not updated for longer than is healthy and I'm sorry! I could list all the numerous reasons why but I won't because I have a feeling you don't want to hear them anyway. To cope with the terrible writers block I've been having, I created a mini-series in the Scarhead!Universe showing snapshots of their lives and backgrounds which I will have edited and published after Scarhead is finally complete.

Either way I will update as soon as possible. I will see this through to the end. This fic is my baby only right now it's going through its awkward teenage phase were it doesn't cooperate with me, work with me, or listen to a thing I say. I will plow through it and not rush and raise it to be a great fic with a fantastic ending. (Not that it's anywhere close to the ending mind you.) Just please try to bear with me and stay on the lookout for new chapters soon. (*cringes* I can't offer you one right now it's not done yet *hides in shame*)