Gamzee was setting in the ER again for the third time in two weeks. All the nurses and the doctor knew him as soon as he came in.

"So what was it this time?" asked bandaging up his forearm.

"there was this motherfucking cat with three legs running along the road and I was trying to help it and this motherfucking car just hit me." He said waving his other arm to illustrate his point.

"Are you sure you weren't just seeing one of your miracles?" The doctor asked knowing of the boys 'Special' activities.

"No man this cat was as real as you and me. Poor little kitty I hope it's okay." He said pouting.

"The cat is fine it's your broken radius we need to worry about." The doctor said finishing up on his arm. One of the nurses poped into the room.

" is here." Said said sweetly. All the nurses loved Tavros because they thought he was a cutie.

"Come see my again in three days and until then no more chasing after miracle cats okay Gamzee." The doctor said writing something down on his clip board.

"Will do doc!" Gamzee said giving him a thumbs up. Tavors rolled in looking upset and flustered.

"Gamzee I told you to be careful!" He said flailing his arms.

"Aw calm down Tavbro." Gamzee said jumping down of the table and walking over to his boyfriend.

"Gamzee this is three bones this year!" Tavros yelled not caring about the people outside.

"Please don't be mad Tavors." Gamzee said wrapping his arms around tavros's neck. Tavos blushed lightly and sighed.

"I'm not mad." He said and kissed Gamzee on the cheek.

"Good I can't stand having a motherfucker up and all being upset at me." Gamzee said smiling.

"Now let's go home before Karkat explodes." Tavros said laughing. The nurses watched Gamzee wheel Tavros out the door and sighed.

"I wish I could have a love like they have." One said. The doctor scoffed.