"Rachel, as much as I love shopping I need to ask. Why are we in the mall for the fifth week in a row?" Kurt stopped in his tracks. He dropped the bag he was holding for her and crossed his arms over his chest. The brunette turned around towards him. He gestured his hand, signaling her to explain. "And please don't tell me you're trying to impress some guy; you just broke up with Finn."

"No, no. It's not that at all," she spoke. "It's actually a bit embarrassing," she admitted, her cheeks growing a slight shade of red. She twirled a lock of her hair thoughtfully around her finger for a few seconds. Her eyes darted around. No eavesdroppers seemed to be present. Rachel bit her lip, but then went up to her best friend and whispered into his ear, "My clothes have been going missing." Kurt tried to suppress his laughter, but failed. He let out a snort. "That is not funny, Kurt!" she gave him a light swat on the arm. She took the bag he dropped and went off.

Kurt quickly regained his composure and gave chase. "Stop. Rachel, stop." Without even looking she knew he still wanted to laugh. "I didn't mean that." She stopped and spun on heel. Her lips are pursed. She dropped her bags and crossed her arms over her chest. Her left foot began to tap on the floor. "I'm sorry I laughed," he said, rolling his eyes. Her foot started to tap more aggressively. "I'm sorry, really."

"Better." Rachel reached out to pick up her bags. Kurt went over to grab the one he was previously holding. The pair of then went off to the next store. Kurt fell back a step when he noticed that Rachel was going in a different direction in comparison to the past four weeks. His eyes widened comically as he saw where her trajectory was taking her. A giggle escaped his lips. "Kurt!"

"I'm sorry but this is hilarious."

"Kurt there is nothing at all funny about my clothes and," she brought her voice down to a whisper, "my underwear going missing." She let out a huff of indignation and turned away from him. "Even worse," she continued, her voice now at its normal volume. "I'm starting to think someone is stealing my clothes." She heard yet another muffled laugh.

"Honey I'm sorry, but who exactly would steal your clothes?" He received a pointed glare from his best friend. "Sorry, sorry," he apologized once again, throwing his hands up in defense. "Please explain. How can you be sure someone is stealing your clothes?" Tired of walking throughout the mall, Kurt walked over to a bench and took a seat. He tapped the spot next to him, calling Rachel over. She took her seat, crossing her legs and flattening out her skirt.

"What else could it be?" Her legs began to swing absentmindedly. "Why else would my clothes just be gone like that?" she questioned with a snap of her fingers. "Besides I've never lost anything in my life," she said proudly. "And even if my clothes could just disappear, why is it that whenever my," she dropped her voice again, "underwear goes missing I lose both the bra and matching panties? Someone is stealing my clothes, Kurt. I'm sure of it."

"And you haven't been able to catch this thief, why?" Kurt asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"I- hm, you're right. I shall start planning immediately." She got up and grabbed her bags. "But for now I still have some shopping to do." She gestured for him to follow. Kurt let out a sigh coupled with a face-palm. Rachel was doing awful things to his love of shopping.

Hours later, Rachel was finally done. Kurt drove her home and waited in his car the same way he had in the past few weeks. Rachel exited and quickly, but thoroughly, scoped out her house. Before long the pint sized diva was back. "Quick, my dads are still gone. Let's get this stuff inside before they come home." Kurt was already prepared before she can finish. He lugged the four bags that he'd been carrying up to her room. Where she gets the money for all these clothes, he doesn't know. But she has to run out at some point, sooner better than later. He's gotten tired of this routine.

Rachel plopped down on her bed, and Kurt escorted himself out. Rachel was fairly exhausted. She had six bags of clothes. They're fairly small bags and none of them are full, mind you. She had just gone to several stores, you see. She couldn't just buy whatever she wanted, and she truly wished that she could. Her friends wouldn't notice if she had some new clothes, and if they did it only result in a compliment or possibly an insult.

But her dads on the other hand were a completely different story. It was bad enough that Rachel was forced to sneak her new clothes into her house, but she had to make sure that these new clothes matched her old ones. And that was painful at times, almost as painful as having to once again reorganize her closet. Letting out a sigh Rachel got up. She opened her closet and rummaged through her clothes. Everything looked to be in order except… Oh no.

"No," She started to flip through her clothes at a dangerous pace. "No, no, no, no, no." She let a shriek, not at all caring if by chance her dads had already come home. It was gone. Her favorite shirt was gone. Her Wicked shirt. This thief had gone one step too far. Well technically this thief had gone too far when they had decided to steal all but a week's worth of her underwear but still, nobody gets between Rachel Berry and her Wicked. She was done being Little Miss Nice Berry. This meant war.

She already knew what she needed to do. So the following day at school she set out in search the one person she knew could help. Only problem was if she would help. It took her some time, but she eventually found her. "Lauren!" she called as she approached the larger girl.

"What is it Berry?" The ex-Gleek turned in annoyance towards Rachel. "I'm not in Glee Club anymore; you can't tell me what to do anymore. Not that you ever really could in the first place."

"I need your help."

"What with?"

"I need you to-" Rachel bit her lip in hesitation. "Help me bug my room."

"Bug your room? What for?" She asked with a bewildered look. "Actually never mind, I don't want to know."

"So will you help me?"

"You know my rates Berry, take them or leave them." Lauren said simply.

"But Lauren I'm broke." Rachel whined.

"Not my problem." Rachel huffed but agreed. She would either have to spend the money now or spend a lot more at a later date when she would be forced to once again buy more clothes. Unfortunately, she only had enough to get Lauren to bug her room for audio capture. It would be far more useful to capture some video, but Rachel had to work with what she had. Later that week, when her dads are busy, she invited Lauren over. Recording devices are placed in her closet, her underwear drawer, and just because she paid for it some are placed next to her Barbra collection.

Each day she decided to listen to the recordings, whether or not something's gone missing. You can never be too sure. And not a week later does she stumble upon something. She had on a pair of headphones, which of course were loaned to her by Lauren. Rachel may have quality headphones, but again you can never be too sure. But anyway Rachel was listening to one of the recordings when she heard… a moan? "Mmmhh." Yep, that was definitely a moan. But then she heard an inhale of air. Confusion crossed Rachel's face, for a number of reasons

1. This recording was from her underwear drawer which meant that someone's been, as far as she could tell, sniffing her underwear.

2. The voice, which sadly she can't quite connect with anyone she knew, sounded feminine. Meaning that a girl was sniffing her underwear

And then 3. For some reason Rachel can't help but feel a bit turned on by the idea that some girl out there had repeatedly snuck into her house to steal her clothes and sniff her underwear because said girl has some sort of fascination or perhaps obsession with her.

But even then, Rachel had nothing to stop this thief. She groaned in frustration before continuing with the other recordings. Nothing else holds any potential. But then again what was Rachel expecting; for the thief to dance around her room ranting about how they're stealing Rachel's clothes. Though on the bright side, the fact that it was a girl crossed Jacob off the list of suspects.

The following day Rachel approached Lauren again. "I need more," she said. Lauren extended her hand, expecting payment. "I already gave you all I have, Lauren. Can't I just pay you back?" she proposed.

"You know my policy. It's upfront or not at all."

"Please," Rachel pleaded. "You know I'm good for it."

"I do," A small smirk appeared on Rachel's lips. "But," and then it was gone. "If I make an exception for you, then I'll have to do the same for everyone. And well, that's not good business." Rachel tried to once again to sway Lauren but the other girl was already leaving for her next class.

Rachel sulked away, her eyes glued to the floor. She took careful steps. She pretty much knew how to get to her locker without looking, which proved to be a useful that day as she simply didn't have the heart to keep her chin up. "Hey Rachel." She heard Quinn call. The diva continued to look down. Footsteps approached and before long the blonde was in front of her. "Hey, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine." Rachel eyes began to travel upward. From Quinn's flats they wandered up her legs to her… hm, now that was peculiar. That skirt that she was wearing looked a lot like. "That's a very nice skirt you have, Quinn. Where'd you get it?"

"Oh, this?" She pointed at the yellow plaid skirt. "I bought it at the mall last week."

"Really? I couldn't find one," she said with a devious glint in her eye.

"Well, I guess I got the last one," Quinn replied. Her voice cracked slightly and Rachel can't help but notice that her eyes are no longer focused on her own.

"I suppose you did. It's a shame. I had one just like it." Quinn bit her lip. Rachel is forced to fight the grin trying to make its way onto her face. "But it seems to have disappeared," she pouted and watched Quinn's reaction. The blonde looked downcast for a second before recomposing herself. "Though I'm certain that someone stole it."

"What makes you think that?" Quinn asked. She sounded clam, and Rachel had to give her some props for her acting skills. It was at that moment that Rachel decided to test her resolve.

"Oh, I bugged my room and now have a recording of this individual sniffing my panties." Quinn started choke, seemingly on air. Rachel had her. She moved to her side so she could rub Quinn's back as she coughed. "Are you okay, Quinn?" She nodded furiously and immediately made an excuse to escape, and Rachel made no attempt to stop her. This just got a whole lot more interesting.

AN: So this will be a Two-Shot so it will only have one more part. I'm just not sure how exactly to follow up. I can't help but feel that it would be appropriate for Rachel to get her clothes back by… ripping them off Quinn's body, and then well you know. Except I'm not so good at writing that, so we'll see. Reviews please.